About Us

The Enabling Word started out in the year 2014 on
the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, BBM) and fully kicked
off on this platform in the year 2015. It is an online hub for personal
assessment, motivation and development.


Enabling Word is a mandate given to point out those little but crucial
things that we overlook but are capable of downplaying our relevance and
our ability  in getting to our destined points. It is an inspirational
blog that is focused on human manifestation, sustenance of their
relevance ability, and all round fulfillment.

our everyday life, we are incessantly exposed to varieties of things
that are capable of jeopardizing our manifestation, relevance or
fulfillment and in one way or the other, we swing directly to those
things probably because we are not pre-informed or we are posed with the
problem of insufficient information. Here at The Enabling Word
(www.gbengacornerstone.com) you will be taught various practical and
timeless principles needed to paddle the canoe of your life as you
journey through the fiery darts of life.

writer once said that Opportunity  +Preparations = Success, but it is
worthy of note that there is never an appropriate time in taking an
advantage of any opportunity but the propellant (THE WORD) makes every
moment to be appropriate in breaking new grounds, therefore, Opportunity
+ Preparation + Propellant (The Word)= Outstanding Success.

goal is to help you move from the realm of imaginations and assumptions
to the realization state and I will constantly do this by exposing you
to the basic truths needed to order your stepson to that desired state
in such a way that you can experience an all-round manifestation and
fulfillment irrespective of constraints.

  • Vision Statement

To become a resourceful platform where lives and destinies are moulded into perfection

    Mission Statement

  1.   Breeding of nation movers and purpose driven generals
  2.  Empowering the seeds of greatness in man for an impeccable manifestation
  3.  Equipping people for a lifetime relevance via the provision of timely and needful information
  • About the Author

Akinlere, Babatola (a.k.a. gbengacornerstone) is the founder of The
Enabling Word. I am a Business Administrator by profession and an
intending member of the Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship
Management (CICRM) and Nigeria Institute of management (NIM). I hail
from Ibadan in Oyo state, Nigeria. 

    I am the pen in the hand of God that He uses in writing mysterious
things needed to empower the seeds of greatness for its optimum
manifestation and an undisputed relevance. My utmost aim in life is to
influence the world with the rod; word, so that we won’t fall by the
sword of the world.

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