Prayetude: prayer, the last resort by Samuel O. Kuye



I bless God for this message. If we know that prayer is the last resort then we must not grief too long. We cannot afford to wallow in upset. Situations may arise that we respond quick and subconsciously. When we have come to realise the helplessness and the urgency, the unpleasantness or the messiness, the trouble or the consequences we must not delay in praying. In trials, in temptations; when trouble comes, when we succeed, when we fail, when we journey, when we are burdened; when afflicted, when we gain, when we lose, when darkness looms, when the storm rages, we must always remember that we have The Name of Jesus to Call to ask anything from God the Father. And He will do it. This quickened me. And my joy is full. Hallelujah!

Actually, prayer should become an attitude that will inform a constant conduct within us. We can neither afford to stay outside of peace at all nor outside of it for too long, we must pray; we cannot wallow in grief and pain at all, we must pray; we cannot wallow in sin, we must pray.



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