ebook: Passion and Powers by Samuel O. Kuye




Sister Esther’s beauty endears her to the Prayer Coordinator of the Fellowship, Brother Daniel as well as the President, Brother William. Both Brothers were too cautious to profess their love. But she loves Brother Daniel so much that in order to propel him into action she lies that she has a boyfriend. Daniel has been encouraged by his uncle to meet the President and confess his love for Esther –following the rules –and he’s agreed. However, he rethinks after he learns that Esther has a boyfriend. Brother William then meets Daniel to tell him a secret –that he, the Pastor, has fallen in love with Sister Esther and the battle begins with the silence in Brother Daniel’s mouth and noise in his mind. Esther’s friend, Sister Anita also gets hit by the shots of cupid and she’s advised by her roommates to tell Brother William that she loves the money-minded Bible Study Coordinator, Brother Simon; she dares the status quo that labels a woman who professes love as a whore and she’s ready to face the consequences. Soon, she falls sick and though she’s oblivious of Brother Simon’s arrest, her words before her comatose state indicate that the Brother Simon is responsible for her sickness. Rumours spread fast. Pregnant? What a shame –that’s fornication! Division happens fast and passion meets powers. Will the battle with Daniel allow Brother William to have time to treat the case of Sister Anita? Will the sects and rumours in the fellowship not scatter the sheep? Who has the right to love? This story is the first in the series, Eros & Phileo in Ecclesia.



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