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According to the English dictionary, an axe is a tool for felling trees or chopping woods etc consisting of a heavy head flattened to a blade on one side, and a handle attached to it or ancient weapon consisting of a head that has one or two blades and a long handle.

A battle axe is not a weapon of war in the hand of a novice and whenever it is engaged, it is for the sole aim of establishing victory and taking dominion. Note that there is nothing the battle axe will forcefully hit without leaving a trace or symbol of its presence because the mission of any battle axe is to break and to utterly destroy. No axe will either be used for breaking of woods or battle that will not suffer from the effect of the friction of whatever thing it’s used to hit, break or heap down. There is no instrument used as a weapon of war that will outrightly be exempted from experiencing the heat and the harshness of the battle field because they are instruments through which honour and victory can be ascertained, and to this end, they must experience the great tension of the battle and be appropriately applied by using them to tackle the battle headlong and not by keeping them in the bedchamber. The strength of any weapon of war is not only being made known on the training ground but also in the Battle field.

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Whenever God has an intention of wiping out any ungodly nation, he will not by himself wage war against them by coming down from heaven but rather make them to initiate war against the called of the lord (righteous nations) that he might through his chosen one devour and utterly wipe out their existence.

A secret sin committed on earth is an open scandal in the holy court of heaven. When there is a bus stop, there is a ‘u-turn’; when you suddenly find yourself in a strange land that you barely have little or no knowledge about, it means God is giving you a new promotion. God is not wicked by engaging his beloved that was bought with a price as a battle axe (weapon of war) to experience a tensed and a harsh effect of any battle being used for; when your light so shine before men, and they see your food works, your father in heaven shall be glorified.

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If you should allow the affairs of the world to remove your attire of prayer, you will be nothing other than a retired soldier with no guard and whom anyone can easily conspire against his fire and power even to the extent of bringing down his tower. You are not redeemed to be reduced; not born again to suffer again. Jesus did not go to the cross to put you under a new curse or place you in a cross road (confusion) but to nail the curse to the cross and give you a perfect light forever. Bear in mind that anyone that has a divine encounter with Jesus has crossed the flood of great tribulation to the kingdom of God; you cannot come out great tribulations and still be defeated.

Could it be wickedness of the highest order for God to have kept mum while king Nebuchadnezzar was about making the decision of roasting the three Hebrews (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) in that wild and wide fiery furnace that even just the flame slew the men that them into it? Does that mean he was being insensitive to the needs of his people, or he deliberately chose to make them suffer in the hands of the ungodly? Has he not come to the understanding that they were in dire need of his attention to rescue them at such a point in time? The answer to all these questions is emphatically no. God is sensitive to the needs of his people; he will never choose to suffer his people, and he always pay meticulous attention to the needs of his people but not until the obedience is complete, you might not see him in action.

The land of Babylon as at then was a land that’s full of idols and all manner of ungodliness. They hold their idols in a very high esteem and their knowledge about God was nothing to write home about and it’s high time God forcefully broke the interlock of generational chain of ignorance that has hitherto held them bound in captivity, then, there is a need for the engagement of the battle axe. In order to beat any iron into the needed shape, there is a need for a hammer, even when the iron is hot, the hammer needs to keep beating it without considering the pain of the heat coming out of the hot iron.

Whenever God delayed in responding, not to your detriment, it is only a proof that he does not work by your time zone; when he orders the wetting of the wood before setting it on fire, it is a proof that he’s a consuming fire. God allowed the three Hebrews (His battle axe) to be thrown to such a fiery furnace (that they as the battle axe might feel the heat of the battle between the minds of the Babylonian and God) because he wanted to use the event witnessed by his battle axes to lose the hold of the grip of the idols of the land that has captured the heart of both the ruling king and the inhabitants of the land and that the glory might be his. God sometimes allows a righteous man to go to prison not to suffer as a thief but because he wanted to engage him as his battle axe to break a particular life loose from the hold of the enemy and the person are at present considering given up and if action is not swiftly taken, nemesis might catch up (A case of Joseph).

God is never ignorant of the price Jesus has to pay for surrendering his life to be the sacrificial lamb for propitiation to the sins of the world which he never committed. It’s not that God never place value on the life of His dear son to have allowed him to be molested as such, greatly ridiculed, massively despised, brutally beaten, badly treated and remorselessly punished for what he knew nothing about but since he was engaged as the battle axe to break the hold of the devil that has hitherto placed the whole earth under the siege of darkness and curse, then, he also will not be exempted from witnessing the heat of the friction that might take place when the weapons of war start colliding.

Note that any time you’re at loggerheads with the devil and the battle seems tensed such that you’re almost getting weak, bear in mind that is not to either give up or give in because doing such is nothing other than disappointing God as a weapon of war in the battle field but when you remain strong and immovable, you’re invariably telling God that you’re ready to be used as a weapon of war to establish the will of God as it’s been written; to eradicate the reigning days of the ungodly.

The rising of many ungodly nations against the Israelites on their way to the promise land was never an error. God foreknew that they will rise against them, and he could have made them to pass through the link where they would have neither encounter delay nor disturbance but because he wanted to engage them as his battle axe to root out those nations as it’s been written, he made them to go through the link and the ungodly nations were eager to wage war against them. It got to a point where they were confronted by a nation that was filled with giants (Canaan) and they were sore afraid but because Joshua and Caleb knew that God said it that he was going to break nations through them, they encouraged themselves and went in that might and victory was won. Neither give up nor give in when you’re confronted, face it, you have all it takes to defeat them- you’re his battle axe. You’re not a weapon of war in the hand of a novice- God is a noble man of war, and he’s the one engaging you, therefore, you’re secured.

The proliferation of the ungodly today is a reflection of many weak battle axe on earth.

If you’re in a place and unrighteousness persist there and you’re God’s battle axe, apply yourself to establish the will of the lord there. You’re not just on earth for fun but to establish the will of God by rooting out the manifestation of the works of devil totally.


Jeremiah 51:20-24



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