Does Fasting Kill?

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Every fasting period has an elapsed time; it does not last forever, although it might tarry. For every fasting, there’s a moment of breaking and that’s why your first meal for the day, if taken in the morning, is called breakfast. The question now here is that does fasting kill?

Medically, it has been proven by many scholars that fasting is one of the essential elements needed in keeping the body away from some gradual but deadly diseases because the period of fasting helps in consuming several stored energy which might caused damage to the body if it remained. The moment of fasting is usually a time that comes up with the ability to disfigure the countenance of the one fasting, most importantly in the first few hours or days of those fasting period and even when the body is yet switched to suit the little change that has just taken place in daily intake of meals.

Note that fasting might be done voluntarily or mandatory; When an individual purposefully retract from what gives him pleasure the most is called fasting. Remember that fasting is not always convenient; it goes side-by-side with self-denial of some essential things that has almost formed a part of one’s life. It could be sleeping, playing, eating, immorality etc. Even when a man of God tells you to refrain from eating for some time to the other while you keep praying to God, it is still called voluntary fasting because you might choose not to do as you were told by the man of God.

But there is another type of fasting called compulsory fasting. No mortal strength can help to evade such fasting because it is always the last lap of any man’s journey before he’s ushered into a new level of greatness. Challenges can be resolved and problems can be conquered but compulsory fasting moment cannot fade out if it has not got to its expiration time.
Note that depression and emotional oppression are usually a product of over thinking. When a man allows the thought of a problem that his emotional expression cannot solve to dominate his thinking, then, he’s never free from being jejune for the day. No man can be emotional bastardized and think he will possess a physical exuberance for the day- never allow anyone to ruin your day via obnoxious utterances. Note that a continuous thought over what one has little or no effort over to change will only amount to a waste of emotion.
Note that your moment of fasting could be a manifestation of an unprecedented event that will forcefully sever you from the people you have so much relief upon because they are not needed (although it might be painful but the process of your manifestation might require such) and in as much as they are still with you, nothing great will protrude out of you. Sometimes it could be loss of parents or disappointment from a highly respected person.

Take the case of Joseph in the scripture for example. The glory of Joseph was to manifest in the land of Egypt but being the beloved of the father, since the mother was late (as she was the beloved wife as well) the father wouldn’t have wanted him to leave for Egypt but God had to orchestrate event that will forcefully detach him from such affinity he had with his father which is a barrier to the manifestation of his destiny and the very first day he was asked to go to the field in search of his brothers was the day he was sold and formally the journey to glory and manifestation began. God was not cruel by allowing such an event to have taken place but Joseph needed to fast his social ties with his family members for him to manifest and for that to occur, he had to be forcefully detached at that moment. Note that it is good sometimes to throw yourself away like stone (not outside the will of God) not because it is not accepted or admired by anyone but because you long to increase your value, and return as gold. For every beginning, there’s an end no matter how interesting or sour it might seem but it is only in God that there’s no end. No carnal man can reward whatever spiritual exercise given to you. Do not jump fence and yourself wounded beyond repair in order to hastily get to your desired point just because the supposed route is quite long in your sight to get there early enough. Note that the supposed route to your destined point might be long and rough but it won’t get you lost but making an attempt to go through the shortest route might get you hurt because you are making effort to jump lessons which are critical to sharpening and shaping your destiny into a full structure.

Note that irrespective of how gigantic or minute any goal might seem to be to every or any goal setter, three basic things must be uniform in their resolutions, in spite of the variableness in their goals and the calibre or quality of life of the one setting those goals. These include: 


This refers to a total concentration (an undivided attention) on the fulfilment of a set goal. If the goal setter sees his goal as his GOLD (something that is worth transitioning his destiny to his envisioned state), he will never allow anything to take away his gaze from it. Note that as a believer, if devil is not your target, you’re a target to the devil. 


 This refers to a calculative (structured) and an uncompromising zeal to achieve a set goal. A man whose attention is not divided (focus) needs inner strength (determination) to get to his destined point even when almost everything is working against him but in line with God’s plan. Placing your total attention on your goal is not only enough to get it accomplished but also getting yourself determined which is one of the major oils to your lamp. Soldiers hastily ignore pains on the battle field not because they were never hurt but because they have a target (focus) and they are determined to achieve it in spite of the amount of pains they suffer before getting it accomplished and the only target is to vanquish the enemy and safe the refugees.

Note that the only thing that empowers the devil to relentlessly come after every believer despite the fact that they’ve been conquered times without number is because of his determination.

No part-time believer can vanquish a full time devil. If you’re a part-time prayer warrior, you cannot defeat a workaholic devil. The fact that you lose your entire investment is not an enough reason to commit suicide because your personality is now being dragged in the mud. Also, the fact that you are not really moved by it doesn’t mean you’re not hurt but note that such had only surfaced to get you unfocused on your destined point (I.e. you’re determined to get there in spite of the numbers of time you fall before you get there, your attention is not shifted and you’re determined to get there). Be determined to get to the seat prepared for you at the top because generations of people await your arrival- The solution Bearer


This connotes the ability to tolerate and persevere times and seasons. Every vision, irrespective of size, quality, and/or semblances is for an appointed time.

Whatever that will stand the test of time cannot jump process- even the creation of the earth and the fullness was done in process.

If you’re focused and determined to achieve any set goal but you lack patience, you’re liable to, by yourself, demolish all you’ve long laboured for.

Do everything in your capability to preserve your destiny in line with God’s plan. If it requires fasting your emotion (sex and its subordinates), sleep, speech etc. Never hesitate to get them done. Many have been erroneously taught by professional medical practitioners to successfully go against the principles of God because the excessive knowledge of their profession seem not be sufficient to give a legible interpretation to such an event because they’ve forgotten that no mere mortal can interpret the ways of the lord except the one he has given the privilege. Many had for long-lived a life of shamelessness by sleeping around with infants or aged people, and they still publicly pride in it because they are ignorant of the spiritual implications. Note that if you’re a part-time worshipper, it will be difficult to attract the attention of the God you deprive of His daily meal; worship



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