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My Invaluable Treasures (My real essence)

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Treasures are valuables with great command of worth. Serious efforts are usually made in safeguarding them from being stolen, hence, they become hidden. Any treasure found on the surface is not real, it is just a mere bait to entice one into a hidden or unknown trap. A word definition of love is not real until it is supported by actions. When any treasure is found in any place, town or city, such a location swiftly becomes a centre of attraction to many people both far and near and even becomes a continuous and constant subject of discussion. Several people far and near will surely love to exploit it.


Nobody finds a treasure and treat it worthless, except for those that are ignorant of its value. A single treasure can change a life or many lives, all depending on how it is engaged, but nobody finds a treasure and remain unyielding; it’s existence in one’s life makes life exceptional.
Every treasure is treated with care and utmost decency and most importantly undivided attention. The size of many other things strictly determines how they are or should be treated, but when it comes to treasures, size has no influence on the way they are treated. Treasures are influential (i.e. command a great level of influence)

Everyone has value

No man is created worthless. Everyone is created with the ability to command a great level of influence, but our circle of influence might greatly different. It ranges from person-to-person, and location-to-location, events-to-events. What initiates an individual person’s influence is never the same. When a man becomes a treasure, it means his value had transcended measures; his value has gone beyond several instructions. A treasure is self-confident, because what makes up its value are not from the surrounding, but what are reposed in it. When a woman becomes a treasure to her husband, her value had exceeded ordinary sexual pleasure her husband regularly derives from her.

Make your essence too impossible for people to do away with, not via compulsion, but through a consistent effort made towards increasing your value; value counts more than years.
Everybody is important but in different quarters. If people fail to treat you with utmost respect and decency, either of these two things is involved: perhaps you are not yet in your appropriate quarter, or they are yet to identify your enablement. But note that, you are not supposed to force anyone to stay with you. Don’t allow anyone to mess up your life because you’re afraid of losing them.


Bear in mind that they will abandon you when your life begins to stink. The prodigal son never acknowledged the importance of his father – his father was becoming like a burden to him and a great hindrance to the kind of life he’d always wanted to live. He needed “freedom.” All the provision made for him by his father to protect and nurture his destiny was never satisfactory to him; he needed to explore. The father made effort in preserving and nourishing him under his fatherly canopy, but it’s never satisfactory.

He bided his father to give him his portion of inheritance, but he soon got stranded after his departure. Parental roles, care, and attention are treasures; don’t trivialize it. They are needed to nurture your destiny to stature. Jesus and Moses could have been exterminated at a very tender age by the wicked king if not for the invaluable influence of parents.

Everyone is a unique creation

Everyone is created special. You have a different configuration that is quite unique. No two of you, that is, you neither have original nor duplicate, you’re you. You’re a spiritual edifice specially built by God. You’re a special breed purposefully designed to put smile on faces, gladdens heart and mend broken lives. Your presence (existence) is capable of changing lives forever; you’re a treasure. He who finds you finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord. Your worth is more than rubies. You’re richly blessed and capable of blessing lives. Situations around you are not worthy to quantify your worth.
Heaven celebrated your existence and even Earth leaped for joy at the manifestation of your presence because the most needed (solution) arrives.

There’s something that makes you different from others and even gets a special treatment irrespective of the quarters; there’s something that makes you command attention even more than any other person; there’s something that makes it impossible for people to ignore your essence; there’s something that makes you influential irrespective of the circles, don’t take it for granted, nourish it, preserve it, nurture and develop it. It can take you to any place on the surface of the earth.

Every treasure has a raw state

You can’t ignore your making process. If as a treasure you are, you long to serve people with great influence, you must be fully made – every excess in you must be completely removed. The process is always painful, but it is necessary to enhance your value.
Tough times and dark moments are certain if your presence must attract people of great influence. You’re created to be a force with great waves of influence, but you must be fully made so that anything that falls on you will not make you fall. Before David could confidently confront Goliath, he had fine-tuned his treasures behind the scene several years before time. He had confidently confronted various wild animals in the wilderness while looking after his father’s flocks and successfully conquered them.

Life events will bring you up stage one day, are you ready for the applause or the shame? Note that “Stage” is not for rehearsal but for performance. Of a truth, you’ve identified some treasures in your life, but how much effort have you made in making them more attractive, acceptable, influencing, and worth celebrating than it used to be at its initial stage of discovery? The weapon you have not tried on your training ground can fail you on the battlefield.

Bear in mind that it took Jesus almost 30 years to prepare for an assignment that’s not more than three and half years. But one thing remains unchanged; the Earth is yet to recover from the experience. It took Moses 40 years to prepare for His assignment of taking the people of Israelites out of the land of slavery, and the Egyptians can never forget the experience in their entire history. It took Jephtah several years of training in the wilderness before he became the most needed treasure for survival in the time of trouble by those who formerly rejected him. When life events bring all these aforementioned characters up-stage. They were already too relevant to be ignored.

Joseph never discarded his treasure because of the unplanned place he found himself – he nourished and preserved it and the very life event brought him up stage, his presence easily magnetized his audience’s attention beyond measures. Grow till you become a wide inferno! Multiply like a great wave; move like a raging torrent ready to sweep anything into a baseless waterfall. Your courage must be great enough to encourage someone; your faith must ignite some people; your love-life must be worthy of emulation.

What brought Moses, David, Jephtah and Jesus out of obscurity was never premeditated, but they were already fine-tuned for it. Fine-tune your treasure for acceptance, you might not have a fore knowledge of when life will bring you up stage for performance. It doesn’t matter how long your preparation takes behind the scene, but all that matters is that anytime you’re called up stage, you have become too relevant to be ignored.

What’s your definition of treasure?

Treasures are invaluables that nearly everyone is daily seeking to have in order to live an improved life or command great influence. Treasures are relative in meaning to an individual person because it is dependent on what an individual person places value on, and they are willing and ready to pay anything either to gave or protect it.
What do you give your time, energy and the beat of your attention to? Wherever a Man’s treasure is, there lies their hearts. But the question is are you investing your energy rightly; are you investing your time rightly; is this thing you persistently give the best of your attention to the right thing? You cannot keep doing the wrong thing and expect the right result, it is never possible. It is such a pity today that what many people attached so much value unto and called treasures are things with transient values. Many have sold out their souls to wickedness only to acquire things whose value does not stand the test of time. They are ready to incredibly exterminate their lives and destiny for things of transient values



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