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The Infected Destiny

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Every child is glorious and promising- their futures are full of several untold goodies. The seeds can only tell or try to describe of how great they are likely to be but, they can’t give an accurate account of it until it manifests. Every child is a symbol of strength and hope; there are lots of expectations on them and the expectations vary from person-to-persons because the interest of different stake holders in their lives differs. “When they were yet born, there was no expectation on them, when they were born, the reasons for expectations were initiated; the older they grow, the wider the expectations become.”
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The hope of many parents are rekindled and their strengths revived and revitalized when they observe the presence of a promising child amidst their children. Every child is fashioned to be a symbol of pride and an element of boast. Their configuration is to put unending smile on the faces of the forgotten and the downtrodden. The hope of a Nation is revived when there is a promising governance; many people might have because of some reasons left the nation and never wanting to have anything doing with it any longer but with the presence of a promising child in governance, they now have reasons to return home; a glorious destiny.

It is the joy of many (godly) parents to see their children wroth wonders, breaking boundaries, breaking ancient records and becoming a landmark that’s worthy of emulation. Every new and great thing is usually being initiated or spearheaded by someone, hence, a promising child. Every human is specially and wonderfully made to meet a particular need in a particular place and at a particular time (someone, somewhere is waiting for you). Our configurations are divine while the expression is earthly.

“Every human is born to be a ‘design star’ by using our unique imaginations, creativities, wisdoms and dreams. Forget about redesigning your living room, how about redesigning your world!”

There are rooms in your world that need a special touch- your child’s classroom; your co-workers office; your neighbor’s heart. There are regions in your world that need your inspiration- your community’s poor, your state’s policies; your nation’s leaders.

God has given you a blank cheque to create a better world- just sign your name (Here is a rare opportunity to put your name on the world map- don’t miss it). You’re not permitted to leave the Earth the same way you met it; the Earth must Carry a touch of your handwriting. Your presence becomes essential because there seem to be a need you must meet either at present or sometimes in the future. There’s a great expectation on your person. You’re not just here on Earth to occupy space like “matter” and throw your weight about. Your existence is planned.

Worth of man

Stop deceiving yourself by looking for soothsayers to tell you that you’re glorious before you gird up your loins. No matter how greatly described your future is, if you’re lazy, wretchedness is still likely to catch up with you. Every glorious child is daily exposed to great attack. The moment you start observing this kind of signal, know that you’re too great to be ignored as your presence has caught the attention of your adversaries. The fact that you’re not confronted now doesn’t mean you have no adversary- your greatest enemy will show up at the peak of your achievement.

Moreover, Earth is never a dumping site for useless beings but a site where resourceful beings are put use. God created them both male and female and they were all good and blessed. Every human created by God was gloriously and wonderfully made; every thing that made up their beings were carefully knitted together before they became a living soul. Out of all the creations, man enjoyed God’s utmost (undivided) attention because they were creations with specifications unlike every other creations before them; God’s image. Every being created in God’s image possesses God’s appelage, hence, a true definition of man can only be found in God i.e. man out of God will make him odd and bring him mess. Every man is made to be a blessing (according to their order of creation), be it learned or not, old or young. They are an embodiment of solution, the joy of the world and a hope to fainting generations but many are not in any better than a curse unto generations of people. Lives that are made to be blessings are now toothless bull dogs.

The seen and the unseen weevils

What makes the existence of a man worthy is the destiny he carries. The existence of a man becomes unworthy when his destiny is affected or infected. No matter how suitable or nutritious beans is for health (in many cultural settings) if it is heavily infected by weevils, it might no longer be fit for meal.
Destiny makes man fit for purpose and relevance but an infected destiny can make life unbearable and a being useless. When a life is infected, such a life is prone to anything (it becomes porous)- no one can predict the happenings around it. An infected destiny manifests what outrightly contradicts the original plan of its reason for existence. If a little organism enters into any opening in the body (be it internal or external), if swift response isn’t in place to address it such can damage the body system.

Life can be unbearable; tears can be copious; bitterness can be uncontrollable; people can cheaply deal treacherously with you; persecutors can overtake you; life can become desolate; slavery can be the order of the day, when a life or destiny is infected. Bear in mind that anything that struggles to infect your destiny can make life unbearable for you- make every effort to stop it. Anything that struggles to infect your destiny is on a mission to make your existence irrelevant and offensive. Life is expensive- don’t joke with it. Stop being lackadaisical.

Nobody is useless

No being is useless or a born mistake; you can be born and be raised within a cultural setting for your assignment or usefulness within a setting that’s far different from where you’re coming from. Jesus was born in Nazareth but his assignment transcends culture, tribe, or nations but his own did not accept him. Whenever God wants to make known his majesty, he practically adopts some terrestrial intentions to act as a linking tool or final lap to the attainment of his celestial purposes. Although, the purpose might remain encrypted to us, save the Masterminder. The usefulness of every being is rooted in the main reason for their creations- no being can be more useful than their reason for creation

Fruit crop and infection

When an internal force intercepts with the egg’s content, it is forced to bring forth a new life but when an external force intercepts with the egg’s contents, it successfully exterminates the life in it. Every fruit crop is a plant with a very great potential in them and a great expectation on them unlike weeds that can be uprooted anytime. Fruits crops cannot be deliberately uprooted unlike weeds because they must surely bear fruits and be harvested for use. They are carefully taken care of; watered, fertilzed and efforts are always made to prevent it from anything that can affect it’s fruitfulness.
After much efforts had been made to ensure that the fruit crop bring forth fruits and be a blessing to many (give food), despite the fact that people have to give a monetary value in exchange for its produce, and the farmland is suddenly covered by unknown insects that can hamper that year’s harvest, the farmer will not because of that abandon the whole farmland to the invasion of the insects but rather seek effort to exterminate the infections, so that all his invested effort will not be wasted. When your fruits (harvest from your seeds) are attacked on a farmland, what do you do? Why do you cheaply give up on a erring child?
If it were to be weeds that were covered up by such infections, little or nothing might be done to it (perhaps, effort to protect the land from being infected) but because every fruit crop has a great expectation on them, something must be done to curb the situation. Same applies to every life.
We are all like that crops (with great expectations) that was deliberately planted by God on a farmland (Earth), but we are daily exposed to several forces (infection) that are capable of making life unbearable. These forces have gained stamina more than many people and have inadvertently submerged them in things that are practically forbidden for their glorious destinies. By our order of creations, every child is glorious, but many glorious child that are meant to sweeten many generations have lost their savour unexpectedly. When a man as fruit crop is infected, they become less productive or unproductive.

Many parents have largely contributed to the decadence of their children. They swiftly forget that no fruit gives the anticipated taste when it’s infected. The intention of every infection is to hijack the farmland or fruitcrop from the owners and distrupt the original intentions of the owner. No life can bring the expected joy when it is infected.
When your life brings sadness other than joy, examine yourself, your destiny might have been infected. If the lives of your children bring you more sadness than joy, take note, their destinies might have been infected. It is never in the original plan of God to deliberately afflict us; affliction is a reflection of an infected destiny.
We daily live in a perverse milieu; we are daily surrounded by pathogenic and vector-like beings; he whose system is not effectively fortified is prone to infections.
You do not because you are holy and never wanting to become unholy, then you lock yourself inside; you can only achieve that by completely removing yourself from planet “Earth.” Whether you like it or not, you will continuously visit the same shopping mall with the ungodly, enter the same public transport, attend the same occasion and many more, you need to be fortified.

Note that your life will surely attract both vector-like and pathogenic beings but your type of fruit crop (contents) and seasons of life will largely determine which one comes your way.



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