Needs of Men: Beyond Sex

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Sex is enjoyable, in fact, it helps to release the cluster of emotional tensions and replace it with a soothing relief. It is one of the physiological needs of humans. Bear in mind that it is as important as the needs for food, sleep, shelter and clothing, although, it cannot directly replace any of the aforementioned needs.

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Sex is never a sin, it’s a divine order needed for procreation. It only becomes a sin when the act takes place outside conjugal Bliss and God really frown against it- God instituted it between a man and a woman that are rightfully jointed together.

Beyond sex

It is normal that a man is attracted to you, that doesn’t make you a bad person. Note that, at different stages of lives, different categories of people will surely troop into our lives and each of them definitely has a different purpose, and they are even attracted by different things. Bear in mind that it is not all that a man or woman is sexually attracted to you, that shows that they are human and not a wood log- blood runs in their veins, they are sexual animals.
Men can be sexually attracted to you but beyond sex, what can you offer the man? Are you only driven by sexual emotion or urge and nothing more?

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Bear in mind that sex alone can’t keep a man with you forever, animals also have sex, and they live their lives without any string attachment. Any relationship that has nothing to offer other than sex will surely end up in tears. More so, any relationship that has nothing to offer other than kisses will definitely end with kicks.

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Animals do have sex anytime, anywhere and with any animal of their kinds that they are pleased with. Sex is cheap and it’s even selling at many corners of several streets. Some are even willing to offer it without any charges; some ladies are even willing to give their belongings to men all to have them sleep with them anytime they are sexually aroused- see how cheap sex is.
Sex is important, but no matter how important it is, it can never be substituted for other needs that make life worth living. Animals also have sex but what makes us different as humans (sexual animals) is the vision we long to establish; the destiny we live to fulfil; the goals we set to reach.

Not only sex drives men

If your hubby is only attracted to you when he is sexually aroused, then, you’re displaced figure. You will will surely lose the sweet part (attention and loyalty) of your hubby if the best you he gets is when you’re to have sex, he needs more than sex to live a relevant and fulfilled life. Don’t be moved by what men drive but what drives men.
Many, but not all men lose their control cheaply when they are sexually aroused. That doesn’t mean they do not have goals, visions, purpose, they long to fulfil- they need your supportive effort, passion and drive for the fulfilment of these the same way you release your full self to them during sex.

Every man also needs support, care and attention to realize their dreams. Seek to understand other things that drive your spouse other than sex and see how supportive you can be to them. Make your existence count to them. Let them persistently thank God for having you. If your presence is only appreciated or important to them when they have sexual needs, they will cheaply shut you out of every other parts of their lives and find someone that better fits in.

And the moment you can’t also fully satisfy them sexually again, they can replace you or find a substitute even without your consent. The moment they seek the service of any other person to perform some duties that ordinarily you should have, lies and secrets will creep in.

Sex is cheap

Any commodity that can be easily found at any and every corner of the street without much stress is cheap, irrespective of the price- it means the elasticity of demand is very low. Nobody can deliberately influence the price; the prices can only be influenced by the forces of demand and supply e.g. bread. The same principle applies to sex, so long as it can be found anywhere and anytime. Offering sex alone to a man cannot make you expensive in as much as sex itself is cheap, you need some supplements.

There’s exactly twenty-four hours available to every man each day and at most, sexual intercourse can only take place within an hour (the sweeter part of it might even be few minutes) which simply means that there’s twenty- three hours left in a day (even though you have sex every day). What other things can you offer a man within that twenty-three hours left that will make you invaluable to him? Stop telling your husband that he doesn’t know more than sex, he does, you have only positioned your heart to see that alone.
You must be a blessing- let somebody always thank God for having you. Daily endeavour to increase your value- it makes your existence counts. Your importance will be limited to men if your derivative is practically limited to sex. Men too are humans; they have emotions and feelings and as such, they need utmost love, care and attention. Men also have secret pains, secret tears and even go through some tough situations that sometimes render them fragile, they only choose to stay strong as that is one of the features of being a man. You must feature in the future he pictures to structure

Men can misbehave

Anything that affects man psychologically can successfully impair their behaviours, of which sex is just one, don’t take them for granted. If the importance of Sarah to Abraham in the journey of destiny fulfilment is only limited to the satisfaction of his sexual pleasure alone, he had every reason to break up with her since all their sexual intercourse never resulted into procreation. But on the contrary, Sarah’s presence in Abraham’s life was very critical and pertinent in Abraham’s fulfilment of destiny. She journeyed with him in faith even when the knowledge of their destination wasn’t certain.

She was regularly there for him (uncommon support), whenever she was ever needed, and they both ended gloriously. Lot, on the other hand, could cheaply fall victim of sleeping with his daughters because the wife was no longer there for him (the world got a better part of her than her husband) when she was needed the most. She valued her treasures more than the success of her family. Nobody to watch his back; he’s departed from his uncle (Abraham), and the only person that he’s left with that could have been there for him was the wife, but she gave priority to her treasures more than her family and when the loom was to strike, it struck the family badly.



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