The Mountains of our Predecessors

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The enemy or mountains your Predecessors had failed to conquer will surely come after you except you sever all connection with them; and that is very difficult or even impossible for many. Bear in mind that a display of innocent attitude or look or plea doesn’t stop the enemy from coming after you; we have to fight- if you don’t stop the enemy from coming after you, they will surely stop you from going forward into fulfilling your purpose.
The problems we have failed to solve will surely match up to become a mountain. Running away from “our problems” doesn’t pronounce the problems solved, it only elongates the years of our torments. If you gloss over little thing, saying it does not really matter, you will harvest failure sooner than later. There’s nothing insignificant! What you call insignificant are exactly the same thing that can be put together for a harvest of failure to be in place. If the devil knows that you may not fail in important areas of life, he will cajole you to allow insignificant things and consequently fail thereafter.

Can success be hidden for long?

Bear in mind that your breakthrough will present your name as a noble point of discussion in the circles of diverse stakeholders whether you are informed or not. Some discussions will be to your continuous breakthrough while some will be to call it quits. There’s a limit to which you can cover up your achievement from being known- some will announce you beyond what your capability can control; smoke cannot be covered for long.

Indestructible fortress

Ignorance is a thief; it steals man’s identity and makes him a non-entity in the midst of several entities. Ignorance makes man to easily fall victim of several unknown but toxic and detrimental to man’s relevance even when the milieu seems serene. When you are ignorant of a thing, it becomes easier for people to cheat you in that area; it’s never a crime to be born ignorant (moreover, we were all born with a clean slate memory) but we daily acquire knowledge as we grow through events that we are daily exposed to. But it will be counted as nothing but a fruitless tour if nothing is daily added to our baggage of knowledge.

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Build your home to be strong enough to face anything- your children do not only need formal education to survive in life. The attention of many parents are only drawn towards giving their children only formal education while other aspects of education relevant to life are left unattended to. They invest heavily in getting their children seats in a first class citadel of learning but with little attention to moral, spiritual, financial and marital education, just to mention but a few. Note that formal education alone will not be sufficient to keep your children relevant, although, it can make them relevant in some areas of life but unfit for divine agenda. Stop making your children academically sound and totally jejune in other aspects of education relevant to life, it will hamper the sustainability of their relevance.

Many children got to school and graduated with good grades yet, they still remain nothing to write home about after several loads of certificate. Some real life situations don’t recognize/require your academic certificates.
Don’t always protect your children from the enemy- let them know the enemy is real. They must be aware of its existence so that they won’t be lackadaisical about it and be caught unaware. Help them to identify the enemy. The enemy don’t observe any break, they are regularly on a mission. You won’t be around forever, equip them now with all that is necessarily needed for a successful life.

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True education should prepare your children for life. Education should not make your children Societal junks but popular demands for godly assignment irrespective of their Societal position. It is such a disheartening scenario that the destiny of many youths today were cheaply short-changed while on campus. They turned out to be what they were not originally designed for. Children that were meant to bring joy to parents turned out to be a great source of disappointment and sadness; they were meant to be a joy to the society, but they became junks. Whatever education that will not keep your children fit for purpose but rather make them junks is not worth exposing them to, shun it! It doesn’t matter how widely accepted it is.
Keep them regularly updated about issues that can suddenly overthrow them even when they thought it to be unimportant- nobody can tell when and where it will be relevant.

Expect the devil

Whenever you embark on a mission to achieve what no one has ever done before, expect the devil’s visit. When you’re determined to achieve what many people have failed in even before your arrival, expect the devil’s visit. If your target is to scale a height of unfathomable greatness, expect the devil’s visit. Devil is never a dark-skined man or woman with frightening horns on their heads as acclaimed. The devil is very attractive, charming and seductive. It takes power and grace to get out of its claws if cut by it. Note that devil will look so attractive that it will be well tailored to fit into your intended purpose- it will be too relevant to be disregarded. Devil is everywhere, and even very close, don’t loose-guard.

Great destinies attract great battles
The enemy regularly keep an extra conscious eye on whomsoever life that has become their target- don’t be too careful about your life, every little thing counts. Some little things you deliberately ignore can put your life at stake or set your destiny ablaze, beware!

If you have a destiny to fulfil, then, you have a battle to fight- great destinies attract great battles. A match stick might possess a very disputable size and a non-convincing facial look but it can set a whole building ablaze with the help of prime motor spirit (petrol). As small as a grain of sand is, it can successfully make life unpleasant for a man if it should enter into one’s eye.
If you are afraid to confront your enemy, you can never defeat him. There’s no challenge you cannot handle; don’t surrender your ability to satanic intimidation. Be strong, because you can. You only need courage to step out. In fact, the most sophisticated weapons of warfare are useless without courage.

You’re not exempted from battles. Rather, you have the choice to decide whether you will win or lose. The enemy is always set to engage you in a battle except you want to settle down in defeat, you have no choice but to be ready to fight. Advance towards your enemies regularly, don’t wait till you’re attacked or caught unaware by them. Your advancement towards them will get them confused and intimidated because that will make it clear to them that you’re never ignorant of their evil plots.
Ignoring your problems is not faith, it’s foolishness.

Faith is looking at an apparently insurmountable problem in the face with the spectacular of the scripture- David O. Abioye

Whatever stops you from starting your journey has denied you your destination- George and Helen Jesze

Every enemy has a root

It’s never worth being afraid of your enemy, nonetheless, you must not be ignorant about them, they really do exist- you can never tell who’s helping them, they might be people you tell your dreams. When you’re waging war against a small phenomenon and it’s practically impossible to conquer it, look for the root (back-up). The root might be neatly and heavily weaved and even stronger than what you can see on the surface confronting you.
Don’t take your enemy for granted, they have a mission and note that enemies don’t give up irrespective of the number of times they are conquered.

An attempt for greatness

Anything or purpose that will prevent the survival or expansion of the wicked’s agenda or progressive plans is rebellious. Note that anything that practically rebels against the wicked will surely make life and their existence difficult, therefore, every effort made by them will be channelled towards not allowing the purpose to come to fruition.
If you are not ready to be at loggerhead with the enemy or afraid of suffering any hurt, don’t try anything new. Don’t ever try anything that can attract you to the hook of the prepared trap of the enemy. Every faithful man is a potential threat to the enemy and as such, they will surely become a prime target. Devil is always at every corner of success. The fact that you are not confronted now doesn’t mean they aren’t real. Note that your greatest challenge will manifest at the peak of your greatest breakthrough or success.

Invest rightly

Every investment has an expectation of return, no matter how little. The pay back period of many investments might be longer than the other, but no investment without a reward. Nobody longs to invest in an unprofitable business; it’s a wasted effort. Everybody wants to be rewarded for their efforts (be it little or largely).
Definitely, our kind and amount of investment will absolutely determine our kinds of rewards. The same way you sow you must reap. In wordly businesses, manipulations and cheats of various category can impair the success of the business most especially when the investor has little or no knowledge about the intended business.

In contrast, kingdom business is never influenced by any mortal but the originator. We need to go back to the origin (creator) to regain our originality. God doesn’t or can’t struggle our will with us- he gave us the latitude to choose. When we do His will, we are never burdened with the bills of our regular expenses, he shoulders them. But, when we are out of his will, we bear the brunt of our responsibilities.
Don’t allow any part of yourself to be invested in devil, the reward will come someday and you might not be able to influence how it comes. Devil keeps record of offences, he doesn’t fight ignorantly. Everything you’re doing today is well documented, it might not be formally scripted but memories cannot easily forget. Don’t let your deeds make life difficult for your successors.

Stop living a casual life- everything matters. Just forget about how neatly covered your deeds were, history will surely search them out. Don’t give the devil licence over your life and successors; life can be more tasking than envisaged through them.



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