The Journey of Destiny

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The journey of destiny fulfilment is very critical. The pathway leading to it is a very lonely and fiery road; don’t expect the company of mortal. If you are privileged to get a company of human, count yourself lucky (not everybody has or will have that opportunity) but don’t rely on them, their company might just be for but a moment. They are not programmed to be with you forever- mortal beings don’t last forever, their existence is time-inclined, only the immortals exist till eternity. No matter how great the love you have for some people or the love they have for you might be and even never wanting to part ways with them, a time will come that it will be too difficult for you to keep them any longer because it is practically becoming burdensome- the law of nature caught up with their mortal Bodies.

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If you regularly seek a companion or company of people before you launch out for the fulfilment of your destiny, you might record just a little success. Note that before your conception could be achieved, your parents also practically separated themselves- anything that’s worth doing is worth doing well.

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Anybody can desert or disappoint you anytime, the trait is imminent in mortals- they are never dependable. Note that depending on mortals will only expose your delicate organs to critical and unwanted ailments. Expecting utmost solace from mortals is a misplaced priority, that’s outrightly nothing but giving utmost priority to man. Every journey of destiny involves downfalls and disappointments, yours is not the first; arise, if you have ever fall and press forward.

Follow the way

There are many ways leading to a market but the cost implication, distance and the time involved differs, but all depending on the starting point. Bear in mind that every road leads somewhere but all does not lead to your destination. Nobody has a head-knowledge (idea) of what the road consists and what can thereafter happen on the road, make God your anchor. Bank on His supernatural power- don’t journey alone. Embarking on a journey of destiny without the company of Holy Spirit, through Jesus in every godly instruction is a suicide mission. With God, there’s nothing you cannot do, there’s no height you cannot attain, let him be the pivot of your journey.

Don’t weep

Not everybody will be there for you forever or till the very end; some will come and go, so long as their mission is completed. Note that not every broken relationship is worth crying over, some are worth thanking God for. Not everybody is needed. God don’t work with multitudes in bringing victory. Don’t force anyone to form an ally or be with you, they might be your greatest regret later- beware.

Prepare your mind

Many things are not predictable on the path of destiny, it takes patience, Faith and courage to enter into absolute rest; be prepared for eventualities. So many things that are not planned for might even intercept or want to intercept your plans or cross your path, you have to stay strong. The journey requires faith and courage. Many terrible and untold things will surface to get you terrified and make you go back- if you must get to your destination, you must be ready to fight on, come what may.

No matter how sound any soothsayer might be, they can never see in whole the kind of event you will experience on your pathway to fulfilment, they may only see that you will experience challenges but the kind and the cause of challenges may not be known. Note that challenges are normal to everyone that has a destination to achieve- no journey without their own complexities.

Many things will happen on the road path to fulfilment, but just a few will be told unto you, and even many a time, not the complex ones. Don’t expect all to be bed of roses. But, no matter the numbers of eventualities that might surface, we are assured of latter joy if we hold forth.

Fix your gaze

Don’t suffer like a thief, it is not worth it, be motivated for a sensible reward. The unprecedented and deadly happenings on the pathway to fulfilment is enough to discourage you from pressing further to your predestined destination (the confrontations are worthy to make one cheaply surrender) but always think about your crown set before you. The complexity of your challenges signify how closer you are to your actual destination and that’s when your most treasured effort, courage and faith is to be heavily invested.
When Jesus was approaching the final lap of His race in His assignment, he got tired and was about giving up all. Event surrounding him was actually not giving him any chance to think otherwise; He had a justifiable reason to quit. Every factor was pointing to the fact that he has to quit; nothing around or visible to either console or motivate him any longer, He was already on the path to surrender

Life is personal

Don’t be intimidated by what you see around you; you have a custom-made race to run. Life is not a competition. You might see several vehicles moving ahead of you, note that there are still some moving behind you, don’t engage in overspeeding simply because you long to overtake them, take it easy. You can’t give the prognosis of an accident from the look of things on the surface. You might really journey through the same path, but you might not be heading towards the same destination or having the same mission. You might be inspired by what you see, but don’t let it push you to hell; bear in mind that the fire in hell does not go out anytime. You have your path to thread; stop running after those whose path is different. Every terrain has its own critical path and this is practically unknown to everyone. A dog that will go missing will never listen to the whistling of the hunter.

Some distances are involved

Every journey has some distances to be compulsorily covered if the destination must be reached. The miles to be covered in the journey of destiny are mostly indeterminable by anyone from the outset of the journey. Many things will remain undisclosed or unknown not until the journey commences or get to the middle and it gradually unfolds- it can even be dissuading such that there will be justifiable reasons to wanting to quit. Some people might even be privileged to have a glimpse or idea of their destination before they set out for the journey and many might have greatly fantasized about it but the journey of making it a reality involves patience, faith and courage.

Several journeys in the world today have been made simple by the government because several measures have been put in place to help in determining the distances involved even before the outset of the journey and even many at times the directions to follow to accurately get to your intended destination, all depending on the country you are. With little or no effort, in some countries, a stranger can easily locate wherever they are going within the shortest period of time with those measures that have been put in place.

On the contrast, no matter how knowledgeable you’re about your destination in the journey of destiny, the roadmap that gives the right direction of the road path leading to it solely lies with the originator of destiny and if your thought is heavily dominated by how to get to that anticipated destination, you must learn to patiently follow His daily instructions.

The number of days, months or years it will take you to get to your destination will everly remain undisclosed to you; all you need is to keep following him. You can’t follow the way and miss your way to destiny. On the pathway, because of the distance involved, tiredness might creep in and also because of the time spent in some locations where fancy things can’t be accessed, you might feel unmotivated, but none of these is worth discouraging you. You have a target! Athletes are not rewarded in the middle of the race, they must finish it and even finish strong.

The mocking of a man that never started out at all is nothing compared to the mockery of him that commenced a project and stopped halfway- he wasted time and even missed the reward. If you know you’re not ready to sacrifice all to achieve the purpose, don’t start, to safe yourself of shame. If you’re ready to be educated, as you’ve started, ensure you finish it and even finish strong-willed anything that’s worth doing bis worth doing well
Jesus also taught us about counting the cost:

For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?
Lest haply, after he hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him,
Saying, This man began to build, and was not able to finish.
Or what king, going to make war against another king, sitteth not down first, and consulteth whether he be able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand?
Or else, while the other is yet a great way off, he sendeth an ambassage, and desireth conditions of peace. likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:28-33

The journey of Abraham to the land of Moriah took him three days; it took Joseph 13years to get to his destination and Israelites 40years- our destinations different!



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