Every great thing takes time

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Give it time! Every great thing takes time, perhaps, some moments of life. The time is never indefinite or forever; exercise patience. Good intentions without patience will definitely yield bad results. Great things are never accidental, they are planned for and worked towards (emotionally, financially and spiritually).

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Life is never a magic- it takes time. Anything planted in a day and becomes great the same day is magical and anything magical requires a mystical power. Note that any greatness you see manifesting or blossoming today started with a process or a single step sometimes ago, maybe with a very unnoticed and unappreciated effort.

No seed is planted and bring forth leaves the same day or the following- it must first die via decomposition and later sprout out a new leave at the perception of water. Anything achieved in a fraudulent means will result in disaster. You can’t speed up the seasons of life- it is programmed by nature and it happens in its own time. You can only fertilize your ground to improve the germination of your crops and not in the era of its fruitfulness.
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You cannot get a newborn baby a month by getting nine different damsels or women pregnant the same day. It takes process. Many great people you see and covet their achievements today also have humble beginnings- nothing great in life without a starting point. Nobody falls from heaven, we all have a source. Every flying butterfly you see up high also have their growth in stages starting from eggs-larva-pupa-caterpillar and later butterfly you see out there.

Time is essential in anything great

Time is always a determining factor in anything great. Every skyscraper behind from the root-foundation, likewise every aged person has their toddler stage. Greatness takes time, don’t be in a haste- greatness is a seed that must go through thorough germination process before you’re certified for it. You must earn it before you have it, but, if you have it without earning it, you may squander it.

Persevere but give it time

With perseverance, the snail reached the ark (Charles Haddon Spurgeon). David summoned courage to lead the people of Israel to victory in their war against the military spokesman of the entire land of Philistine (Goliath) and his accomplices (warriors) but unknown to him that he was primarily ordained by creation to be a future leader and a solution bearer.

Bear in mind that all the experiences he had to put in the curriculum vitae presented before King Saul before he was permitted to fight against the ancient warrior was the one he gathered while managing the business of his father. Don’t take any moment of life for granted, if you don’t get the blessing, then don’t ever miss the lessons, you can never tell how critical they will be in helping you forge ahead in some years after.
We are ordained, primarily designed for signs and wonders. There are some things we are designed for. We are to make the world a better place than we met it. Although, the beginning might be awful, and we might want to succumb but note that life will never seem worthy to live until we gladly embrace our purpose and Garner efforts for its establishment.

Inventions and time

Inventions are creative ideas brought up to solve monumental problems to improve the condition of life of people. Bear in kind that need arises when there is a discrepancy between the current state of a man and his desired or preconceived state. Every invention is expected to be tailored to a problem, be it current problem or likely to occur problems, for it to gain acceptance. The fact that your creative ideas are not demanded now doesn’t make it useless, it is just a matter of time, do not discard it because people are currently against it. Intensify effort a little more. Note that your dream will surely make some people to become your enemies, be prepared, it doesn’t matter how close they are, they will talk ill about you.
Nobody needs to witness your secret pains or tears, if you must be noticed, don’t give up on yourself or your goals.

Behind the scenes: every greatness has a story

Every success has a story. Every Victor has a lot to tell about their successes, even though, it was achieved via dubious approach. No success is free- every greatness in life attracts a price: something of value must be given out in exchange for it.
Everybody loves success and wants to be regularly identified with it and not even one person wants to associate themselves with failure. Nonetheless, we subconsciously find ourselves in it sometimes not because we are unprepared but sometimes to prune our ego; they act as precursors to greater success.

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People daily hail and celebrate great people because they are now a force people can easily associate with- their success records has cheaply helped them in winning the hearts of men. Many people aspire to be like them and even observe several prayers and fasting to emerge or erupt like them but only a few are ready.
There is always a story to tell behind every success and it only becomes interesting to listen to because it ended in success. Nobody is willing or generous enough to celebrate failure. The making of every successful man is crude and cruel; stop blaming people for some attitudes you see them sometimes portray, it is a reflection of their past (what life had gently taken them through)

Many people have a lot to tell about what life has taken them through or what life is taking them through but none of it will be worth sharing with people except it leads to greatness that’s worth celebrating. If you must go through any pain, let it lead you to greatness that’s worth celebrating. Many things happen behind the scene but many a time, only a few of them can be narrated.
In a cinema, the making of a film is mostly done behind the scene i.e. working out of public view- this means it was done without many people knowing. No matter how interesting any film is, they all have some events that occurred behind the scene before it becomes what people can long to watch. The events that made many is so fatalistic that not even a pinch of it can be told. Stop admiring people’s kind of greatness, build your own empire! If you must admire people’s kind of greatness, also be ready to fight their kinds of battle and emerge Victorious.

When a man dies, the extended family members begin to apportion his properties among themselves but never want to claim his left over problems or battles, why?
Every president was once an ordinary man likewise every successful person. The difference between the wishful, the successful and the failures is nothing but the price they are willing to pay- price determines values. There are some lessons Relevant to life that you must learn the hard way and many a time, they all happen behind the scenes. Don’t compare yourself with many others that seem to be “doing well” than you now, no one knows what happened behind their scene before what you see about them now begins to manifest.

Every great thing requires ability to differentiate

It is easy to generalize as you go through life but you must learn to differentiate between people. Your ability to differentiate well in life will earn you favour before God and man. We are all equal in all manners of creation but our purposes are different and that’s where our uniqueness lies. Know the category that each and everyone present in your belongs.

Everybody is never the same; stop calling what is common special and, what is special common. Although some people can be with you, but they should not be held tight unto you not because they are dangerous but because of the purpose they serve in your life. Their presence in your life might not be hostile but the moment you start holding them tight unto you, then you begin to make them uncomfortable and such can make them misbehave and this is seriously dangerous to you.

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Note that people come into our lives for different reasons to serve some purposes and when each one of them is done with their assignments in our lives, they are bound to live, but an effort to keep them further, maybe because of their kind gestures, can bring us more harm that was never planned for.

As a fruit tree you are, know that some people are like leaves to you. They are essential to your relevance of existence, but they cannot stay with you forever; they are seasonal, they come and go. They manifest only when their needs become pressing and pertinent to an assignment fulfilment. And once the assignment is fully completed (fruits harvested) they disappear (wither) but when a fresh need arises and it involves them, another type of them will manifest (fresh leaves). Note that keeping these type of people for too long in your life can make your life look unkempt.
Some are like stem, you need them to spread out that your fruit might be multiplied. They Stay a little longer in one’s life than the leaves, but they may or may not leave, but their existence after the completion of their assignments might not be relevant to you.

Some other sets of people might be like the roots to you- they are mostly non-detachable except the existence of the whole tree is to be jeopardized. Survival, growth, and fruitfulness are simply impossible without them. They will abide with you irrespective of the time, season or location of your existence. These set of people can go as far as they can to get what you need for survival and relevance. They abide with you through thick and thin and if your existence should collapse, it will heavily tell on them. Don’t ever joke or trivialize people like root in your life. They might be your opposite sex, don’t behave stupidly- learn to discipline yourself.

Leaves don’t abide with the tree forever, when their mission is complete, they leave; Stem might not leave like leaves, but after completing their mission, their presence might no longer be important; But, root will be with the stump of the tree forever and keep it in position to make it fit for purpose
Those are the three categories of people you will be exposed to in life. Don’t joke with people like roots in your life. If one leave leaves, you can easily raise another, but, it takes time to build people like roots. Above all, bear in mind that they will all come into your life to make you fit for your earthly purpose, none of them is to taken for granted.

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Without leaves, fruitfulness becomes impossible; without stem, multiplication of fruits might be difficult and with root, it becomes easy to stand firm on whatever terrain you find yourself



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