The Oracle: Don’t waste your existence

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Every call has a way to make man fit into the grand purpose created by God if we choose to walk faithfully in His will- don’t take your call to be too irrelevant to be important in the divine agenda. Every man’s existence was originally borne out of purpose.

As tiny as the eyelashes are, if they are missing in their places of primary assignment (on the eyelids), the eyes will gladly and largely suffer for it. Bear in mind that there’s nothing you are going through in life that’s worth displacing you from your place of primary assignment designated by God. The numbers of days or years you might have to tarry doesn’t matter, you might tarry for man and you end up being disappointed but if you were truly called and chosen by God, you are assured of a glorious end.

Those that patiently follow are never being put to shame irrespective of the number of years they have to tarry. Abraham believed God and followed him; Zechariah believed God, Peter the Fisher man believed God and followed him, and they were all gloriously celebrated in the end.

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Your assignment has a time frame

Every project has a time frame; the start time and the ending time. The criticality of the project is never expected to jeopardize the actual date of completion or the project date of delivery.

No excuse will be welcomed (either officially or unofficially) by the one who assigned the project as the reason for not being able to complete the project as at when due or to meet up with the initial specifications as this will be automatically termed as incompetence, irrespective of the numbers of certifications he/she might possess.

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Every project/assignment does have their own critical time, yet the one who assigned the project trusted your judgment (project acumen) in making his dream a reality. Remember that God has never promised us a smooth journey but one thing remains certain if we patiently follow through, safe landing. Note that the road to success and greatness is regularly under construction, you have to journey through it without any iota of remorse.

Every project that has a time frame will soon elapse- the time is always very limited no matter the number of days or years specified for it, yet the purpose must be duly achieved, irrespective of the constraints. The relevance of a project contractor thereafter is dependent on the success attained in the initial project assigned to them.

Since the project has a time frame, every moment during the project execution becomes very essential and must be judiciously engaged (spent) and well accounted for.

The same way it is to every man here in Earth. We are here on an assignment- we don’t have the whole time; our days are numbered and daily counting down. No matter the number of years we spend here on Earth, we will surely vacate the project Field (Earth) someday but our relevance thereafter is dependent on our successful completion of the project assigned to us. You have a deadline to meet, stop wasting time on things that do not count, add value or assist you in fulfilling your assignment.

Stop ruminating over things you cannot change again like the time you’ve wasted in the past, the opportunities you lavished or the pains you’ve gone through, all these are mere time wasters. Nobody will congratulate you for the errors you make in the past, but they can go to any length to celebrate you for the success you achieve now.
You can start where you are and still meet up with deadlines if you’re determined.

Have you even started?

Whatever godly or goodly that’s assigned to you now, do it as if your life is fully attached to it, you can never tell how greatly it can impact your relevance.
It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or where you’re coming from, you just have to kick start it. You live for a purpose- the reason you are still alive, jealously saved from all evils in spite of many trials, is because you have a purpose that must be established before you vacate the stage.

You might stem from a family where you have never for once think twice of anything you need before the provision is made or you have never had a taste of sweetness in your life, you just have to search out your purpose. Build yourself in the midst of adversities. Take an advantage of the unpalatable situation you are going through to build yourself to stature. Learn to turn your scars to stars.

Age is never a barrier, family background and many others shouldn’t stop you- strive to put your name on the global map. Understanding your assignment will help you in choosing the right way to live. What will make your existence fit, future promising and your presence to be difficult to do away with is your purpose of existence.

Fashioned out of the grand plan

Every stream of water meet to form an ocean but you might not know how and where they meet. If every man’s genealogy is patiently traced, we will discover that we belong to the same family, and the inability to identify one another is the distance we’ve kept over the years.

Every call was fashioned out of the grand purpose, hence, its importance and relevance cannot be overlooked and its absence can largely affect the attainment of the grand purpose or alter its relevance. The fact that there’s no salt in a soup doesn’t spoil but it left the soup tasteless. The coagulation of every bit of sand forms a brick and the arrangement of several bricks make up a building. Bear in mind that some calls might look very minute in stature but it might be the one to create a major channel for the attainment of the bigger picture of the vision.

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You might not know how important your existence is until you choose to fail your purpose or behave lackadaisical about it and one day a critical need for the fruit of your existence arises but nothing is found in your fruit tree. Then, you will realize how you have cheaply and gladly wasted your existence and put several lives at Jeopardy.

You can start somewhere

What you don’t have shouldn’t make you keep your fingers crossed and refuse to do anything about what determines the relevance of your existence. Try to fashion out how to use the little you have at present to achieve something great that can make you the talk of the Town. Stop crying about what you do to not have, tears will only make men to sympathize you, the real help comes from God.

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You are waiting for the time you will have enough money to rent an excavator and also hire the service of its operator before you can start digging your land of gold, you might have to wait the whole of your life. Why can’t you just start the digging with that digger in your hand and you can never tell how close the gold is to the surface. Note that you might have even harvested some gold even before the envisaged year of getting the rent fee for an excavator and with the little gold you’ve harvested, you can now get the excavator with little or no stress. Idleness is dangerous to your relevance, shun it!

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Many graduates wait till they get good job before they start new life, you’re only wasting your time. Bear in mind that your dream job might not come as soon as you’ve envisaged, it might tarry, yet life cannot be withheld. Remember that Joseph’s dream actually came through but not the same year he dreamt, it took several years of pain and agony, but he laughed at the end.

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When you see your right partner and you both can plan your future right, get married and stop giving excuses of no good job yet. Do your wedding the little way you can and move on. Don’t because you want to feed many people and withhold your wedding or go and owe debts. Note that they will all eat and go but you will be left to settle the debts you took for their sakes after their departures. It is the marriage blessing that’s Paramount and not the feeding of people, be wise!

Everybody is created special- intensify your effort

Don’t be jealous of or be intimidated by anyone’s achievement, if the world is celebrating them today. Stop chasing the shadow of yourself. Remember that a dark moment will surely come someday and in every dark moment the shadow disappears. If the world is celebrating someone today, celebrate them too without any iota of ill-feeling- such should never make you feel bad, bear in mind that you’re created for signs and wonders. No one is created empty, there’s something in you that will never make you die unnoticed. It is capable of leaving your footprint on the sand of time- it can cheaply change the phase of the Earth by making you an oracle that many mortal beings will bow unto.

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It is there inside you, all you need do is to search it out. Don’t only search through the world for information, go to God also for revelation.

No time to waste time

All the efforts you will rather use in chasing others to bring them down (in disseminating misleading information about them) can be diverted into developing what’s inside you.

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Stop getting yourself involved in time-wasting issues. How does saying heresies about people or gossips add value to you or enhances you into fulfilling your destiny? You’re only submitting yourself to act as a probono publisher of the presence of the personality involved- desist. Rather than saying things to spoil the call of others whose relevance is becoming evident at present, intensify your effort in developing yourself in your area of call because that’s where your relevance lies.

Don’t run to a place God had not called you, no matter how fertile the land is, it will be a desert unto you- it can never answer to you.

Area of dominance

Every call determines where our effort will be much needed and where our presence will be unavoidably relevant; you can’t afford to miss it. Every call narrows the attention of the called down to a particular cause or subject and wants their efforts to be totally concentrated on it till success is ascertained.

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Be the Oracle of your time

There is a sacrifice that comes with orderliness- nothing great that will be of appropriate order without a sacrifice to be made. Only deities are worshipped and when a man becomes an object of worship, it strictly indicates that he’s no longer a mere man but an oracle.

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For a man that’s daily treated as Oracle not to lose his savour, he must endeavour to maintain his connection with what makes him an oracle. We are created uniquely and the situation that will birth the indispensability of our relevance is different like what makes us relevant. As an oracle, there are two basic things you must not toy with namely: what makes you relevant or powerful and what strengthens your relevance or power. Do not imitate anyone, you might not know what they do in their secret to sustain their relevance.
Samson took what made him strong for granted, and he was never spared for it.

Note that your presence is only appreciated when your relevance is realized. Not everybody will celebrate you, not everybody will appreciate you, some will never do until they find a reason to. Don’t feel bad for it. Stop living to impress but live to express. If the faithfulness of your secret life is what determines the relevance of your person, don’t dice with it simply because no one can see you.

Worship is a way to exploit the unique blessings resident in a deity. Worship commands the full presence of a deity into manifestation. The moon is a deity to the Earth at night when there’s utmost darkness because it gives the most needed illumination. Nonetheless, the existence of the moon is dependent on the sun- its source of energy. When you lose your savour, you won’t be a blessing to your audience again and neither will you be a threat to your adversaries or a battle axe in the hand of God but a mere entertainer



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