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Every building is a structure consisting of many components which also requires the services of many people/specialists. Erection of building requires a concerted effort as it can only be done unanimously. In the course of erecting a building of one’s life purpose(s), the services of many people will be required either directly or indirectly on your pathway to fulfilment.

Bear in mind that the services to be performed unto you for the attainment of your goals will be done for free (which doesn’t translate to mean they are outrightly generous) by some group of people while some group of people will also agree to perform theirs for fee (this doesn’t mean these set of people re unkind)- sometimes, the price attached to a service to be rendered determines the quality of the services.

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But, always bear in mind that nothing is free; note that when services that has a direct connection with destiny fulfilment is rendered to you for free, there’s an undisclosed compensation you must make unto them anyhow sooner than later.

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Every great thing has a price attached to it, no matter how cheap, something must be given in exchange for it.
In the course of building your structure of destiny, you will surely recruit a lot of people either professional or acclaimed professional to join hands with you in bringing the picture of your future into a suitable structure i.e. to make a vision a reality. Many will come with overwhelming curriculum vitae (too true to be disputed) and strategic proposals of how to help you in attaining your goals.

It is worthy to note that it is not every that grants you a helping hand on your pathway to fulfilment that really want to see you great or happy, many only want to strategically form an ally with you in order to gain a strategic insight into your winning plans and your weaknesses, to better understand how, when, and where to strike you. Note that everybody isn’t your friend- just because they spend time with you either to catch form or keep your company doesn’t mean they all have a good heart towards you and will always be there for you.

Just because they promise you doesn’t mean they can’t disappoint you- moreover, they will always have excuses to justify their behaviours; the fact they promise to stand by you doesn’t mean they can’t stand against you! Know your circle.

People have diverse mission

At different point in time of your life, different category of people will regularly troop into your life. You might not be able to stop them from coming but you reserve the right to define your relationship with them and the kind of latitude they could have around you.

Bear in mind that everyone is blessed with many things that can attract anybody to them at any point in time whether they match up with our standard. To mention but a few, our physique, beauty, achievement, wealth, attitude and many others will definitely at one point in time make it difficult for you to control the influx of people coming to you

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The president of a Nation, where the rule is democratic, might not have the gut to authoritatively avoid attending to some people in the nation except he wants people to start calling him names he had never bargained for- his hands must be open to receive “everyone”
The more you grow, the more your influence becomes and the more many people will long to be identified with you.

Success attracts

Success attracts many people (both your adversaries and lovers will come around to celebrate you) but for different reasons. Failure is an orphan but success has many relatives. When you are succeeding in life, many people will surely trace their genealogy to you. Nobody wants to be identified with a striving fellow- be wise!

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There are many people that should not be permitted in your life at all but unfortunately, they’ve managed to be among your Loyalists and it’s become practically impossible for you to do away with them. Note that if you allow people to mess up your life because you are afraid of losing them, when your life begins to stink, they will abandon you.

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It is worthy of note that the same set of people that Jesus fed in the marriage of Cana, in the wilderness with loaves of bread and fishes, healed and restored to their positions were still the same set of people that sang his woes when he was captured and even demanded he was crucified. Examine your circle of Loyalists! Judas held a vital position (finance) in the ministry of Jesus, because Jesus loves welfarism, and as such, Judas became an important part of Jesus’ mission. Note that the position they hold in the attainment of your vision doesn’t determine how committed they are to you, they always have other mission.

Everybody trusts someone

Those that know nothing about you can’t hurt you; this is only possible when they get full information about you from those that know much about you.

Our Circle of Loyalists are usually a company of people we mostly trust to be dedicated to a cause for us. They are usually people you’ve chosen to trust for something you attach much value unto in your life — they mostly handle confidential matters for you. Everybody trusts someone but the set of people we have chosen to trust holds the key to our lives. It is good to have people that are handful of information about you, nonetheless, there are many things about you that are to remain sacred, no matter how close the person is, most especially when it has to do with your destiny fulfilment.

Who are your company of Loyalists?

Death has become a regular companion unto many- they go out together, eat together, feast together regularly even without any restriction. They enjoy being with them because their presence gives them a soothing relieve; they are their confidants. Many had deliberately embraced their own death because they have welcoming attitude not knowing how deadly they are.

Of a truth, you have a clear conscience towards them but does everyone have the same mind towards you? God will judge the wicked, that’s certain but the scar that will be left on you for your lackadaisical attitude towards the wicked might be there till eternity.

The faithful have been swept from the land; not one upright person remains. Everyone lies in wait to shed blood; they hunt each other with nets.
Both hands are skilled in doing evil; the ruler demands gifts, the judge accepts bribes, the powerful dictate what they desire— they all conspire together.
The best of them is like a brier, the most upright worse than a thorn hedge. The day God visits you has come, the day your watchmen sound the alarm. Now is the time of your confusion.
Do not trust a neighbor; put no confidence in a friend. Even with the woman who lies in your embrace guard the words of your lips.
For a son dishonors his father, a daughter rises up against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law— a man’s enemies are the members of his own household.

Micah 7:2-6

Joseph (son of Jacob) trusted his brothers and parents with his dreams, but they back-stabbed him. He was expecting solace from them, but they made life sultry for him. They wanted to see him up high but never above them, they have to prune him anyhow. Joseph believed in refuge from blood-ties, but they (brothers) were never afraid of bloodshed of destinies.

If you know the extent some people would go to make sure you dont Excel, you would be forced to keep your secrets tight. Note that it’s good to cut off toxic people in your life if you’re looking for healthier life.

God has Loyalists, yet he has secrets

God’s a supreme being- he has the overall power in heaven and Earth. In spite of his supremacy, he dialogues with mortal beings and allows men to operate in some capacities on Earth on His behalf. He empowers them to ensure that they fully operate in these capacities and this overtime establishes some level of intimacy between men and God such that he deliberately divulges some hidden truths to men (mere mortal beings) because of the level of trust he has ascertained in men.

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As a matter of fact, in the case of Abraham, God could not stand hiding things away from father Abraham because of the kind of atmosphere of relationship they’ve created overtime. The level God had with Moses was extremely superb such that God spoke with him mouth-to-mouth.

In spite of this kind of indescribable relationship between Moses and God, Moses still had to cry to God to let him know some hidden things about him- His glory. He felt there were still many things he’d not known about God in spite of their intimacy. Good expressly told him, there are some things that are to be left sacred about me; you can’t stand them.

After much pressure from Moses, God agreed to show h Hos glory but God knew the implication of his request then he had to use his hand to cover Moses’ face till he’d passed. Note that it is what God wants us to know that he shows us, and that’s ours but whatever he doesn’t want us to know, he withholds. If you are god, why is your mouth so loosed that you find it difficult to always disclose sacred facts about you? That shows you’re in no way a semblance of your father.

Bear in mind that it is not everybody that will be able to handle everything they hear about you. Your achievement will make some restless.

Enemies are sometimes created

Every information people get to know about you determines the kind of atmosphere you will surely find yourself. Many people that became your enemy today were sometimes your friend, but they couldn’t handle some truths they hear about you and such truths re-programmed them to something else.

Note that Joseph’s brothers were never like that before (although they had some hatred for him which was as a result of their father’s love towards Joseph) not until they got to know about his dream of his future. Joseph’s narration of his dream fuel’s their negative intention towards him.

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Everybody does not have the same heart towards you- beware! Many of the enemies we have sometimes, were created by us or our parents because of our inability to control our tongues. Quench the existence of this contaminated atmosphere- stop creating a chain of events.

Some things are to be left sacred most especially when it has an unfettered connection with destiny.
Your adversaries are near, don’t think they are far away- they are real opportunist. All they need is to stir up the heart of your Loyalists against you while they still parade themselves like nothing has happened. I am never afraid of my enemies but my friends that can turn against me.

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Don’t sell yourself out; don’t give them a chance! They will claim to wanting to build with you but they surely have hidden agenda. Joseph created an atmosphere of enmity for himself and destiny through his naivety. Although, he fulfilled his destiny anyhow through much perseverance, but he lost his life untimely even before his brothers.



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