Nothing good comes easy

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The world of pleasure is accessed via possession of adequate treasure and meaningful treasure can only be acquired with commensurate amount of pressure; either within or external. Every treasure requires pressure to materialize. No treasure can be acquired when pressures are happily boy cotted; if you must enjoy treasures in its full dose, you must fearlessly dance to the music of pressure without surviving

Bear in mind that If you are too big to learn, you are too small to earn. If you’re too big to bend, you will soon hit your deadly end.

Deep inside you are loads of treasure that are of great benefit to the generation of human race but you need a force (be it known or unknown) to bring it to manifestation. Before a new baby can be welcomed in a labour room, the pregnant woman must timely apply force to push out the baby.

Treasures are usually crude and unattractive at their initial stages and for them to gain any public acceptance and become marketable, they must be properly refined. No man is too generous to waste his resources on things that won’t add value to him except he’s not pre informed or well-informed.
Treasures are special and usually treated specially- they easily gain public acceptance once they are identified since public attraction is always very uncontrollable considering exceptional features, therefore, it becomes imperative for the controller of nature to position them in a well secure and hidden place where only a desirous and a fully committed person can bring them to a full life of what they are.

Treasures are usually the cynosure of many eyes and it easily attracts the attention of many- they all long it to be theirs, hence, it has to be hidden. They are not invaluable that can be acquired anyhow, like any other commodities in the market. Apart from monetary sacrifices, there are other greater sacrifices to be made.

What you can’t endure, you can’t enjoy

Pressures remove excesses and a sustained pressure begot pain, but overtime it rescinds. If you are too big to bend, you are too small to learn and you are liable to short-change or end your destiny untimely -Learning helps in sustaining man’s relevance; it is the only lubricating oil to the wheel of your progress. If you must maintain or sustain your relevance over a long period of time, learning must daily be in your baggage of endeavours.

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Pressures precede pleasure- no pregnant woman celebrates without much pressure in the labour room. If you enjoy pleasure without any preceding pressure, danger is at the doorstep, beware! Although, it might not be immediate. If you’re too big to bend (learn) you’re too good to end without trace.

Nobody is created cheap

Every creation from God is priceless- our mode of creation or elements gathered together to form man might seems worthless, but the treasures in us make us to be too important to be ignored(invaluable) and this can make the whole world watch in agape.

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God had never by your standard of creation subjected you to anyone- you’re priceless. The container might look unattractive but the contents are worth making life easy. You’re exorbitantly created (which is a function of the treasures in us), we only become cheap by deliberately giving out our treasures to people that place little or no value on it.
No young or old men is allowed to call you a cheap damsel if you have not been dicing with what makes you priceless- your treasures.

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Fine-tune your treasures (as a lady) such that any man that sees (those that identify real treasures) will be only attracted to you and you as well can easily discriminate among the “good” and the “not-too-good” ones in God’s will. Rebecca was so much expensive that Isaac, through Eleazar, had to exorbitantly pay for her before the damsel could agree to go with him (she was built up morally, spiritually, circularly etc). Stop presenting yourself cheap- God created you exorbitantly, match up with your standard of creation.

Expensive attires or branded wears doesn’t make you expensive- it is a divinely orchestrated agenda and an earthly manifested glamour. Remember, you have a destiny to fulfil and not a community to impress.

Joseph was so much expensive that Potiphar’s wife was ready to give her title in exchange for his treasure in form of bodily pleasure- what a costly being! Jesus was too expensive to be buy out by the devil via his various temptation after Jesus’ fasting and prayer. Don’t give out your grace, strength, anointing, power and potentials in exchange for something ephemeral. It will only make you cheap; what makes you priceless is your treasure. Honey attracts ants, flowers attract butterflies, likewise, treasures attract humans.

The moment you become cheap, you automatically lose your saviour and people begin to repel from you.
Samson lost his savour(treasure) and a mighty man of valour becomes cheap and easy to capture by his adversaries. Judas Iscariot least his treasure through covetousness and b he became cheap to the extent that it was too late for him to remedy his error but would rather he exterminated his life.

Pathway to becoming cheap

Every brand-new electronic appliances does have a manual with instructions as to how to effectively operate the appliances if it must he fully optimized and to avoid problems not called for. The same also applied to every human- no matter the family, race, culture or nation we find ourselves here on planet “Earth”, we all have manuals with instructions on how to effectively run our operating system without encountering problem(s) but the moment we fail to heed to instructions that can perfectly keep us running smoothly, we are automatically courting problems
Instructions keep life and destiny better than any law enforcement agency.

There is pure godly wisdom that yields divine results. In as much as there are cautious and “don’ts” that lead to success. Recognize that on the road to destiny, there will be things that God will place a ban on for you, whether He allows others to do it or not does not concern you. Don’t touch what God has forbidden for you. Eve carried on a conversation with the devil, and she paid for it with her husband.

Give it for free and get it for fee

No expensive man is easy to handle- they are too sultry to deal with, hence, devil deliberately boycotts them. What they have inside them is too inconspicuous for the devil to handle, hence, he looks for baits that can bring them down from the top most level of their pyramid of exorbitance to becoming cheap and weak and apply it on them.

Baits attract prey and not predators- beware, when you start sighting different kinds of baits on your pathway to fulfilling destiny, it only indicates that you’re a targeted prey (your tormentors are around- very close).

Samson was so much engrossed and too confident to give concern to the presence of his adversaries. It was really unknown to him that he’s been attracted into the hook of his tormentors via the beautifully prepared bait of Delilah, yet he was intoxicated regularly by the Dynamics of her beauty and presence till he had become too weak to control his tongue. Oh, what a disheartening event that birthed the fall of a mighty man!

A mighty man of valour that nobody could resist his presence suddenly became miserable while his adversaries acclaimed that their gods had delivered him unto them. He gave out his strength on the platform of love and trust, but he never knew how badly it was for him until he needed the strength to execute judgement on his adversaries be he had to seek it again with his life- for fee.
Don’t dice with what regularly make you fit for purpose– devil is always on a mission to exterminate you.

Judas Iscariot couldn’t redeem himself from experiencing the shame of selling out his master all because of a monetary reward, but he settled the bill with his own blood. What a miserable end of life with grace! Esau gave out his birthright for free (probably to him, to settle the need that’s most pressing to him at the moment) but he sought it back with his whole life but couldn’t get it.

Second chance

Second chance is virtually impossible for many here on earth, only a few enjoys the benefit. Many are already wounded beyond repair and the more a sickness lingers in the body, the more the body decays. Second chance is not always available to everyone. Why will you be expectant of second chance when you can still make the best out of this present moment.

God plans the best for us- live aright! Bear in mind that the second chance of many people might never be leading them to life here on earth because everything had been voraciously consumed but the only consolation they have left is the eternal rest in the hope of Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
It is never too late to mend. God does not only want you to enjoy him after here, but he also wants you to enjoy him here on earth. The time is now!



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