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Grace, according to the Oxford mini dictionary, is defined as a free and underserved favour, especially of God. Unmerited divine assistance given to human for their regeneration or sanctification. Mercy is obtained when a person is pardoned for his offences while Grace is evident or operational when a man receives what ordinarily his labour can never acquire for him.
Grace is perpetually available to every mankind but it takes humility and open-mindedness to access the complete work of Grace. No amount of work can help in obtaining Grace. Bear in mind that Grace is earned without being laboured for. The work of Grace had been successfully completed by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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The work of Grace had been completed on the cross- it’s not divisional or tribalism but for every mankind; regularly available. God loves everyone equally (and he gave Jesus as an element not propitiation for the atonement of our sins) but he doesn’t answer everyone equally (it all depends on our level of intimacy with him through Holy Spirit- Grace). Our regular labour is not to obtain grace but not to misappropriate the grace we’ve obtained so that it will not be a stumbling block to others.

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By birth (being born again), we belong to the royal family of Grace without any negotiation. We were not adopted, but we were born into it- the royal blood runs through our veins and arteries. The complete work of the cross delivers us from the power of sin and death (mercy) and granted us full access to the unmerited gift (grace) called the Holy Spirit. If you do not want to be limited in grace, then, increase your celestial bandwidth connection.
Grace is a celestial kindness over earthly creatures. It completes an uncompleted life. It is only obtainable from God- men can be kind or merciful unto you but they can never be gracious unto you.

Evidences of Grace

  • Perpetual freedom

Freedom is essential to life. When a drainage loses its ability to flow freely, it begins to stink. A life that lacks freedom is bound to be limited in many areas of life. Lack freedom can lead to irrelevance. A man that lacks freedom lacks the ability to make definite choices and decisions without considering their limiting variables. An incarcerated man can’t live their type of life, eat their kind of food and lots more.

Grace enables man to do all godly things because it is an evidence of God’s manifestation in man. A man that lacks Grace will be bounded in all facets of life- they rarely do genuine exploits. Grace delivers us from any kind of entanglement. When grace is present, struggle is limited or totally absent. Bear in mind that Grace is perpetually unbounded. No power of death could struggle Jesus’ life with Him, he did it down by himself and at the expiration of His assignment, he took it back and came out of the grave without any hindrance. No message of Grace can be limited- Paul and Silas were a beneficiary of this while they were imprisoned

  • Unbounded peace

Peace is never an absence of problems or challenge, but the satisfaction we derive in the core face of challenges, knowing full well that we are undefeated. Grace dispels fear (fear is not the opposite of faith but the absence of faith). It makes us see victory ahead of challenges. A life without peace can never experience absolute rest and a life without rest is courting untimely death. Grace eliminates stress-free it delivers results to man cheaply. Peace takes away troubles and fear

  • Unlimited Joy

Grace is the oil of gladness to your moribund lamp. It gives the temerity to celebrate victory in the midst of tensed challenges- grace is not a carnal endeavour but a spiritual force that delivers victory cheaply. It takes grace to exhibit faith.



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