Everything good is not good

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Nothing is termed “good” when is not beneficial; no food is termed good when it is not meeting dietary requirements- no water is termed good when it is not for drinking or usage. An information or item is only termed good when it is useful for a particular purpose or functional.

There are plethora or versions of definitions of what is good which usually varies with respect to culture, person, purpose, season and needs, probably as at the time being. There are usually different Dynamics of ingredients or recipe introduced into establishing individual person’s notion of what is good- most importantly, it is worthy of note that, most of the definitions might not properly agree because individual person will surely have a reason(s) they maintained such position in their definition if at all they are interrogated. Nonetheless, no matter the level of any noticeable discrepancies, there will surely be a uniting element, which is, “ability to fulfil a purpose or establish a need.”

The impression formed on the mind of people over a pay thing determines how addicted they will want to be to such a thing and this as well can give a clear picture of what seems to be good to them in their own definition.
Many medications had successfully become a regular and an inevitable daily intake (even food can be boycotted) of many people because it has been defined good for the treatment of some ailments they are diagnosed of by some medical practitioners. Whether they are satisfied with it or not, they have no choice than to dance to the tune of the prescription, irrespective of the cost involved, if at all they long to ascertain or regain their sound health again.

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Anything good is usually need-specific and in spite of the uniformity or semblance we sometimes manifest as persons, our needs are never the same (we have different purposes) hence, anything good is expected to be person-specific. Here is the reason we observe that some medications prescribed in the hospital for the treatment of some ailments are sometimes deficient of bringing the desired results or sometimes give us a near accurate result, not because they are not good but because their being “good” is generally defined.

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It is generally defined to treat any ailment that manifests the itemized symptoms. Even sometimes, when the medical cases have no semblance but in as much it manifests the pronounced symptoms, the medication will surely be recommended for Administration.
Many seemingly good things had sent many people to early grave because they are societally defined as “good”. You can never be fulfilled until you stop living the dreams of others.

You have a life that’s full of greatness and filled with passion to establish it but you deliberately rescinded to being limited because you are wooed into hanging your life and destiny on your societal and family definition of what is good for you- life, position, achievement and lots more. Life is a choice- life has the best for everyone, we are not expected to choose what the situation surrounding us had chosen for us, it is our decision to make not theirs.

Your choice your voice

You cannot stop any voice from speaking, you can only choose not to hearken to the voice. Whatever your choice is will surely be aired by your attitude and that will surely form the bulk of your voice. God wants to give you a voice that will be heard round the globe but it all hinges on your choice. God will never do anything great in our dear lives without our permission- it is like a violation to Him. Every good thing God does in a man’s life requires their endorsement before it’s done- God will never violate any man’s interest.

Don’t touch whatever God has forbidden for you

Everything good is not good as many are laced (even though not visible) with venoms. Many things are exclusively good; medically proven, societally approved, and even being endorsed by human rationality, they are befitting to the eyes, adorned by the hearts and even longing to possess by the body, but, behold they are not good. They become “not good” not because they never possess any attractive or compelling appearance or their contents aren’t worth possessing, but they are still not satisfactory.

Many good things kill, not because they have been infected or poisoned but because many good things are really not good. Don’t ever allow anything to attract you to what God had practically forbidden for you- it can cheaply exterminate your life or sell you out to your adversaries.

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Eve found solace in the new fruit, although forbidden, to be good for food, and she regretted her action all the days of her life. Eve permitted the serpent to formally market the forbidden fruit to her and it successfully gave her an expository view of the useful features of the fruit that re convincing enough to make her not to fully do away with the fruit or totally subscribe to the former instruction given to them as regards the fruit.

Beersheba was a good-looking woman with beauty that’s heavily compelling and societally pleasing, but she’s officially married, even though it wasn’t disclosed if she’d either given birth or not. In spite of this known fact to David, and knowing full well that it’s forbidden to either sleep with a married woman or take the wife of his brother, it still pleased his heart to not only sleep with her but also took her as wife.

He got his mission accomplished anyhow even when it requires committing a murder- the good-looking face was compelling but the consequences were disastrous.
Delilah was so beautiful, that Samson was ready to do anything to have her (a beautiful devil) but Delilah’s zone had already been marked a-not-going-area for Samson, but he admires visiting the zone. He was really pleased with everything he was doing not until he suddenly meet his Waterloo and his eyes were fully opened.

Don’t ever compare yourself with anyone

You’re too precious to be wasted. Remember that when you were coming to planet “Earth”, you came all alone except for the accompaniment of your placenta. You live to fulfil your dreams and not anyone’s, although, fulfilling your dreams might surely be an answer to many people’s daily relentless prayer.

Wherever God calls a man, He usually calls him alone. The call of God is individualistic- comparison is a sign of immaturity.

Comparison will bring you understand stress that will lead you into avoidable errors. Remember, God will not judge you based on another man’s obedience. You have a separate destiny to fulfil; stop banking or laying claims on the errors of others and still feel justified or Happy for not being punished. The societal acceptability of a normal doesn’t determine it suitability to your purpose.

Anything that will not enhance you or appropriately position you for an effective fulfilment of the reason for your existence isn’t good, shun it! Both diabetic and an ulcer patient will surely receive a medical directory to avoid some kinds of food of they don’t want complications in their health. But the kind of food they must deliberately avoid will still be specific to the kind of ailment they are battling with and not just anyhow food; no matter how delicious or specially prepared the food might be, to those patients, they are practically poisons to their health, and they are capable of sending them to early graves.

Time will tell

Time determines everything. The suitability of anything good to any man or every man hinges on time. Feeder is good for feeding babies and likewise toys but the moment they cross the stage of being babies, it ceases to be good for them. Note that it doesn’t make those items bad but the timing of its relevance to them has passed and to some yet to come.
Give any good things you long to possess time. God never plan a life of suffering for mankind and that’s why he made every effort to make everything necessary to live a good life ready first before attempting to create man. No matter how good a car is, it can’t be possessed by a baby except it is willed to them.

Note that irrespective of how important a woman is in a man’s life, God never gave Adam one until he observed that inability to have one at the moment can successfully hinder the effectiveness and efficiency of Adam in establishing his reason for existence. God had been with Adam all the time, so he knew when a woman was most needed, and he made provision immediately.

Many good things we long for were perfect but are not right. God does not just deal with good; he deals with right. It may be good but is it right? The truth is that there is no right way to do a wrong thing, but, there are many wrong ways to do a right thing.



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