Too late to give up

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Don’t give up- nobody gets to his destination by giving up. It is too late to give up- why would you decide to have wasted so many resources just to get this far and suddenly give up? Every coronation process had been carefully outlined and the items required for the successful completion of each process had been effortlessly made available but your presence. Why would you make people to gather to watch your shame when it was originally meant for your Fame all because you give up in the middle of this course? People are patiently but eagerly waiting for your arrival!

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There is a seat prepared for you, a crown meant for you, and a table prepared for you- don’t give up. Many things have been said about you to ignite the anticipation mode in men for your arrival.
Men daily watch the way for your arrival, and they are ready to receive you to give you an honorary treat. Great is the man in you-devil can never handle what you have in you except you grant him the right by giving up.
The glory set before us is far greater than the challenges confronting us- it is only showing us a flip of what the future contains. The manifestation of your kingdom can overturn the ruling treacherous kingdom.

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At your birth, people were jubilating because your birth rekindled their hope- their weak hands and new Grace to see further and go farther.

Pregnancy of great news

Everybody has a piece of great news in them. Everything you need to turn the world around is right within you- turn it up and let the world watch in agape.
Quitters are never celebrated; looser are never celebrated- Quitters are looser but you become one by quitting. Every success requires hard work and absolute commitment. The sacrifice you are ready to make is dependent on the worth of the anticipated success.

God has never given up on you; that’s why you are a living soul- being a living soul is a daily privilege presented before you to write a great fortune for yourself, even,in the midst of all odds.

Battles are for great men

Battles are for great men are warriors, they don’t run away from battles. No weapon of war given to is situated at the back but the front, therefore,you have to face it and fight as any attempt to turn your back at your battles is just a deliberate attempt to exterminate your life. Battles are meant for warriors and not immature people- if you are regularly confronted by battles it’s a signal to what your creation is composed of.

Every success has a story

Every success has a story. Every Victor has a lot of tell about their success, even though it was achieved via dubious approach. No success is free-every greatness in life attracts a price; something of value must surely be given out in exchange for it.
Everybody loves success (they want to he often celebrated) and wants to be regularly identified not even one person wants to be identified with failure.

Nonetheless, we subconsciously find ourselves in it not because we are mostly unprepared but because they are sometimes needed to prune our ego;they act as precursors to success.
People daily hail and celebrate great people because they are force people can easily associate with- their success record had cheaply helped them in winning the hearts of men. Many people aspire to be like them and even observe fasting and prayers to erupt like them but only a few people are ready. There is always a story to tell behind every success and it becomes interesting to listen to only when it ends in success. Nobody is willing or generous enough to celebrate failure.
Success is very attractive at its finished state but in its work-in-progress, it is detestable.

Behind the scene

The making of every successful person is crude and cruel; stop blaming people for some attitudes you see them sometimes portray, it is mostly a reflection of their past(what life had gently taken them through).
Many, if not all, people have a lot to tell about what life had taken them through or what life is taking them through but none will be worth sharing with people except it leads to greatness that is worth celebrating. If you must go through pains in life, let it lead you to greatness that is worth celebrating

Many things happen behind the scenes, but many a time, only a few can be narrated. In cinema, the making of a film is mostly done behind the scenes i.e. working out of public view- this means it was done without many people knowing. No matter how interesting any film is or was, they all have some events that occurred behind the scene before it becomes what the public can view.
The events that made many was so fatalistic that not even a pinch of it can be told. Stop admiring people’s greatness! If you must admire people’s kind of greatness, you must be ready to fight their kind of battle and emerge victorious. When a man dies, family members begin to apportion his property among themselves but never want to claim his leftover battles alongside, why? If you must experience their kind of public acceptance, you must he ready to pay their kind of price.

Every president had been once been an ordinary man likewise every celebrated personality on Earth. The difference between a successful person the failures is the kind of price they are willing to pay- price determines values. There are some lessons relevant to life that you must learn the hard way, they all happen behind the scenes. Don’t compare yourself with many others that seem to be “doing well” than you now, no one knows what happened behind their scenes before what you see about them now begins to manifest. Our outward life (what people see daily) doesn’t determine who we are, but what we give ourselves to behind the scenes.



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