Life is not about duration but donation

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Life is not about duration but donation
Age is a counting number; it does not determine how well one is positioned to influence destinies. Donation according to the Oxford English dictionary, refers to a voluntary contribution while duration on the other hand is the amount of time it will take a course to occur. The Earth is full of resourceful beings- you have in your custody one of the necessary recipes needed to make life a tabernacle of peace and each day a refreshing moment.

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The duration of years spent in this cosmos is nothing but a waste if it has no positive contribution to life-people are never remembered for the number of years they spent but for the contributions they make to lives.

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Life is not about duration. No man’s educational qualification is worth determining how well he can perform- it only gives a first time impression that they should be able to perform. How many people are daily blessed by you? How many are daily delivered or liberated via your life? How many people are inspired towards greatness regularly? Are you an obstruction, stumbling block, or a progressive trail or channel?

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Life is never unfair but we are! Life will fail to give many people what they deserve because many had failed in their position of donation. God will never come down to change the story of men and even if he decides to (since he’s known to be a spirit) he will operate through man; the one who possesses flesh. Until there is someone to make the required sacrifice, all will remain unyielding. Fear of failure guarantees failure; if you fail to move, nothing moves.
A little drop of water coagulates to become an ocean. Everybody is a custodian of something relevant to life.

Everybody wants to be remembered

It is good to be important, but it is important to be good. Everybody wants to be remembered, apparently, for something (the way you live your life daily determines the kind of memory you are creating in the heart of men or shows a typical representation of what you want to be remembered for). Many make effort to amass great wealth, however, to build great mansion, buy luxurious vehicles, earn titles to themselves and become the talk of the town. They covet being among the group of the great cabals of the society but a short while after their demise, it is usually discovered mostly that their names become irrelevant soon enough (all that they’ve laboured to gather couldn’t sustain their relevance).

Inscribing one’s name on the plate in the heart of men is never achieved via being one of the important men on Earth, all you need is to be good and your goodness towards men will surely acquire an important position for you in their hearts. You will be remembered for something: the problems you created or the one you solved.

There are treasures in you

You’re loaded with treasures; great things that can daily make you a blessing- stop underestimating what God can do through you. There are great treasures locked up in your spirit- why are your fingers kept crossed? “Stop praying to God to add more years to your life, but rather demand more life to your years.” Many people have long been counting their number of years on Earth but their lives make no count in other people’s life.

Everything God does in your life comes through your spirit. A strong spirit will sustain you no matter what the enemy brings against you.
Everyone has a piece of good news in them- treasures that can grant you seat among the kings and nobles; turn them up and see the whole world watch in agape. Tomorrow is an event that is yet to unfold, today is an ongoing event while yesterday was a concluded event and practically becoming a history. Everybody will become a history someday.
History is inescapable; it studies the past and the legacies of the past in present.

Introduction to the world

You do not need formal setting before you can be introduced to the whole world- no event or gathering is too small to herald your introduction to the world. Every formal gathering requires a program facilitator, program coordinator or master of ceremony to formally introduce every special guest present in the occasion or program but in the case of being introduced to the world, most times, it might not be done by human but events. Many events that could have made the whole world happily and deliberately celebrate you and raise you up high had been happily wasted because you were happily waiting for a politician or one wealthy to raise your hand up high in the presence of many people that he or she approves you; note that you are missing out.

Jesus’ introduction to the world doesn’t need a formal gathering, however, he was first and foremost being introduced to the shepherd and the proof of approval was immediately seen by them; the unique star.
What you have is what you need
Why are you daily running up and down in search of what is not missing? What you have is what you need to feed the world, all you just need alongside is the blessing of the Lord. If that thing called “little” in your hands is blessed by God, it can feed a lot of generations of people.

One fateful day, the head teacher was teaching a some of the people, a long while after the teaching had commenced, everyone was suddenly wearing a long face. Why this?! The teacher exclaimed. Within a short while, he discovered they were all gripped by a voracious hunger- they needed to satisfy their physiological needs first if the teaching must not grind to halt at the moment.
But quite unfortunate, they were in a place where nothing edible can be found- the wilderness.

Here comes a lad, with his lunch that he got with all the money on him. He never wanted to miss the class, so he went to the class with it, but he was so much engrossed that he couldn’t remember to eat when he got to the class. The need for food at the moment made him remember he came to the class with his lunch pack, and he was not even ready to eat it again because he was like the only one having something to eat at the moment. But, he thought eating such in that gathering was nothing but tormenting others with nothing to eat. So, he thought it good to drop it (setting a good example)so that they can all share it and manage it no matter how little it is but it was a huge blessing to thousands of souls. What a selfless sacrifice!

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Your age has no relevance in determining how well positioned you are in being a blessing to life. David was the youngest male in his family, yet, he could defeat the ancient warrior called Goliath. The only weapon he had was the only thing much-needed to ascertain the victory against Goliath. Josiah became a blessing (king) to people at a very tender age. Jesus commenced teaching people the pathway to light even when he was very young

A very present help

God will fail to answer some prayer not because he has no power to answer them but because the answers those prayers are right within us. God will not start any great thing for you- he will only grant you wisdom and power to do great things but for great things to physically manifest, you are expected to swing into action. Stop mounting prayers on some things that just a little kindness of yours can solve completely. A person that has not eaten for days and now have stomach ache doesn’t need deliverance prayers but FOOD. A little help of yours can save a soul, bless a life, bring a pauper to the palace, save a generation from destruction etc
Apply your existence- make your life count; let somebody thank God for making you cross their path.

To remain relevant in the sight of men, you need money but to forever live in the heart of men, you must donate something to live (Impact).
Remember that, the people you are preaching the gospel to are not angels but human being with flesh, and they have emotion and needs that, most times, must be met.
Some things don’t require prayer- just a right application of oneself. You are a link to someone’s destination; don’t barricade the channel.



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