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The mind is both the seat of greatness and stagnancy, all depending be on how it is being engaged on a daily basis. It is the productive site where both unimaginably great and demented ideas are fabricated
Every greatness commences from within, likewise every limitation.

Limitation bis real to the world but not in existence to you not until your mind begins to assimilate and accommodate its presence, hence, your life becomes a reflection of its existence.

It is in the agenda of God, right from the inception of creation that every mankind should be great, hence,he provided them with all resources required to effectively fulfil his intentions in their respective domain. God’s intentions for man in ruling their territory became very even dent and undisputable when Jacob (Isaac’s son) wrestled with an angel (a celestial being) all through the night, and he was defeated and the angel just have to plead with him at the end and of it all to let him go because it’s almost day break

Earth is man’s domain, given to him by God; any angel or spirit that therefore struggles your territory with you calls for confrontation but, you need the mind.
Your mind is your magical wand; stop submitting to anyone deceitfully and allowing them to dice with your life through it. Your mind is the engine room (backend) of your life- what your mind fabricates regularly will determine what your life manifests; your life is the showroom for your mind (a place where the thought manufactured in your mind is displayed).

You do not need many words to tell me about your bumbling thoughts, your life is a valid display of what goes on in your mind. Bear in mind that your weapon of war will only be able to do nothing for little, irrespective of how strategically configured it might be, if your mind is dominated by failure.

David’s brothers were all trainer soldiers, skilled at using any form of war instrument with several years of war (battle experience with a reasonable success rate). They were indomitably strong at every war front, but they suddenly became timid at the battle against the Philistine (Goliath)- the ancient warrior. Goliath wasn’t an upcoming warrior, he has been in the business of going to the battle field for several years with dangerously impressive amount of success. He has confronted different categories of battles and returned home with victories. Goliath is not only an ancient warrior, but he gathered experience from each battle he went on how to stay victorious, irrespective of the ferociousness of the battle. He had over the years learnt the language and skills needed to win every battle. The Israelites military Force had never been feeble at war; they had a very great and appropriate weapons suitable to gain victories at each and every battle they confronted or confronting them.

They were never novices at war but experts, but they lack the hearts to carry this wonderful weapons of war. Their weapons are great but their hearts were weak. If you allow your sense or and to regularly communicate negativity to your mind, then, your locomotive tactics will suddenly become crippled.

Success and greatness require dauntless mind; if everything negative that occurs around you easily affect your actions or navigates your emotion, then, you’re not yet ripe for greatness. Goliath was very easy for David to conquered not because of his weapons (moreover, he was a novice at war matters, and even went with just a sling and some stones) but because of his dauntless and illimitable heart. Victory is cheap to acquire when you have the heart to accommodate it. Failure can also be acquired immensely when the mind is feeble to carry the great promises of God.

Let this mind be in you that your creation is for a purpose and you’re not expected to vacate the Earth until you fulfil destiny even though there’s a ruling curse of untimely death in your lineage; if death cannot hold Jesus, in the grave not to fulfil his earthly mission, no power or principalities can stop you.

Let this mind be in you that you’re part of God’s agenda and not a born mistake. Everything you’re going through at present is part of the grand plan as every film does have different scenes, and so also is different phase of life you’re bound to witness.
Be steadfast and unmoveable, says the scripture. This doesn’t exempt you from being pressed on all sides, but let this mind be in you that all is to bring out the best version of you. Note that no matter how weak a wrestler might seem to be, if they are not yet conquered in their hearts, they will still fight on and even some usually end up winner the competition.

If your attention is more on the wound or scar of the wound than the victory to be attained as a soldier at war, you might cheaply lose your life to your adversary. You need a large heart this year to carry on, if success must be attained. “The greater the anointing you carry on a weak spirit, the more endangered you become.” Everything God does in your life comes through your spirit- the seat of the mind.
There’s nothing great God can do in your life without your consent -the mind, except he just wants to embarrass you with uncommon favour.

Conspiracy begins from the mind, by the mouth and executed by the body.


Nobody is primary designed for failure. God’s original intention for mankind at creation was absolute prosperity. Failure is a phenomenon visualized by your mind through your sight and daily concretized or believe in is what your body will daily swing to actualize. Bear in mind that your body will definitely help to concretize your daily thought anyhow.

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Note that your little drop of daily negative thought that had not been curbed overtime will end up becoming a large and mighty ocean that is capable of sweeping your last life into a baseless ocean or become a reality soon enough in your life.
Words are life but actions give them body-frame work to easily operate-thoughts within the mind are invisible no actions concretize them.

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The mind you possess determines the life you live and if your life must be an indomitable force, then, your mind must also possess an unquenchable force within you.

You are liable to put your life/ destiny at jeopardy if you daily go about with a feeble mind that remains untrained.

The promises of God came expressly to the Israelites even while they were in the land of slavery that he was taking them to the land of flowing with milk and honey. But their minds we’re too feeble to receive it, as they only follow Moses out of the land because of the miracles they saw him performed in the land of Egypt (not really because they believe in what God can do). Not long enough after their departure from the land that the tempest arose against them, they swiftly became light to be easily carried away in the face of challenges, and they started saying all sorts of insulting words to God and even His representative- Moses.

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If you must enter into your rest, let the mind of Christ be in you. God has a place full of rest and sustainable progress planned for the Israelites but their timid hearts couldn’t accommodate it, hence, they all lost their lives in the wilderness.



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