Nothing is easy

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Nothing is easy
Even the word “EASY”
Doesn’t sound easy.
It starts with a high stress, then a low

We all know these
From birth
Escaping the womb
Is not a child’s play

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If you don’t know this
Well, I’m telling you now
God said it
People confirmed it

God said
“In this world
You will have tribulation
But calm down, all is well”

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People confirmed it
“Nothing good
Comes easy”
May be nothing good.

What else do you want
The two worlds
Man relates with
Have witnessed this

Do you still want to play?
Do you still want to be passive?
Do you still want to wait?
Do you still want to survive?

Whether we like it or not
This world is not a fun field
It is only the strong that survives
Hence, the survival of the fittest

This affects all facets of life
The spiritual
The physical
Are you ready for survival?

For the spiritual
Ask your spiritual leader
How are the mighty
Are falling!

For the physical
It is obvious
At school or work
It is the strong gets all

You have to be strong
Most disciplined generals
Will always tell their

Don’t get distracted
Don’t expose your
Achilles heels
Focus on the goal

The way school is wired
Work place is wired
Political office is wired
All attest no fun play

However, we all can’t
Be at the top
If there must be a balance
Or else a collapse!

You can even see
That nature also
Is not fair
Why the difference?

In a friendly setting
Everyone walks together
To get more and move up
But this is only a mirage!

Bad eggs everywhere
They don’t want you up
They want you a servant
They want you low

Fight for your freedom
Fight for your breakthrough
Fight for your progress
Fight for your survival

The violent take it
By force
And the force is
Like adrenaline in our body.

Easy life is only a concept
Even history does not favor it
Do you believe it?
Then you have to wait
Till eternity

Nothing is easy!
Even its sound and learning
Don’t come easy
Easy! Easy! Easy!

The word easy is experience relative
We all start hard
Then later it turns easy
Even the so called “easy tries”

But generally,
Nothing is easy
Both man and God
Bear witness!

Written by Gbenga Olorunfemi



An inspirational writer whose zeal is geared towards seeing everyone fulfilling their existence.

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