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Everything in life works with time i.e. has a definite timing
Nothing can act or work against time and be fruitful or amount to success. The only difference between the wishful, successful and the failures is their respective response to time; how each and every one of them in the aforementioned category can successfully take advantage of time in planning and swinging into actions.
Time defines everything in life- if people fail to celebrate you today don’t quit because of that, it only indicates that they are currently celebrating someone and when they are done they will surely celebrate you. He who is ignorant about time might find it difficult to attract, retain and continuously enjoy success.

Time begets season; seasons lead to year and several years amount to a period of life but all begins with time and still falls within a range of time over a period or some periods.

Bear in mind that every fruit crop has its own season- time of planting and time of harvesting. If you must harvest your maize in the sixth month of the year, you must have planted it three months earlier and this invariably means that your preparation must commence probably four months earlier. Because it will not only involve planting, you must make some heaps or ridges.

Every greatness you see and celebrate today began a long while ago but it has to perfectly go through its timing till it approaches its due season of harvest- if you don’t work with your time, you might likely miss your season. Bear in mind that if you can’t manage time, you can’t enjoy season. The poverty of many abounds because of their inability to manage time or dive with time.

Fruits and timing

The seeds in us are uniquely different and their moments of germination is determined by many factors such as the season of life they find themselves or planted, the terrain upon which they are planted, and the presence of other agents that can affect its survival. The seeds are unique, and they are likely expected to produce unique fruits as well and serve different purpose, species or categories of creatures or mankind in different seasons of life. If you miss your sowing time, you will automatically miss your harvest period except you want to steal others produce.

God divinely orchestrated each and every fruit crop to be a remedy to each and every challenge that might surface with each season of life and all are strategically positioned in a way that best suits the situation of every continent of the world. God is very familiar with any kind of ailment that can surface with any season, and he stylishly provides us with remedy via the provision of every fruit crop that comes with each season.

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He gave us oranges to provide us with vitamins in dry seasons and vegetables for fibre in rainy season and even many more, each to tackle any likely illness that might come with each season.

The seeds in us defines the place and timing of our relevance — an orange tree might produce a bountiful amount of oranges in the rainy season but the fruits are irrelevant because they cannot be consumed since they are unripe not until dry season; time.
The attention of many will automatically be drawn into them the moment their fruits start striking the period of getting ripe

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No seed that’s wrongly planted (either in the error of season or land) can produce attractive fruits. Where do you invest your effort? Any effort invested wrongly can never yield positive result. The effort of many had been heavily invested on a wrong course of life and this amount to an abrupt failure (futile adventure). You can’t plant a right seed (with great potential) on a wrong land and rejoice for a great success of harvest.

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Fruits and season

Every fruit crop has their season of fruit production. No matter how highly demanded their fruits might seem to be in their off season, no reasonable fruit can be found on them except for the ones that the farmer had made effort to store in the previous season. Until their duration of development is fully completed, their period of fruit production can never commence.

Many people have ever been fruitless not because they don’t have the potentials to bring forth fruits but because they are deliberately avoiding their development process. Every development process sometimes might be a bit harsh because it will forcefully add to you and as well subtract from you.

There is an expected time of fruit production for every fruit tree and anyone that bears fruits earlier than its expected time gives signal to an impending danger or anyone that produces fruits lately after its appropriate season reflects some abnormality in its development process.



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