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Events and time

Every event is purposeful- they mostly occur to usher in a particular thing at a particular point in time. Every event falls within a range of time. The presence of darkness signifies an event called night and this signifies two things: the manifestation of moon and stars and the manifestation light called the breaking of a new day. Anything that has a beginning will definitely has an end (anything with value can surely be purchased once the price is mentioned).

The fact that you cannot see the air doesn’t mean you will or should stop breathing; likewise, the fact that you can’t see God doesn’t mean you should stop trusting him (God cannot take you this far to disgrace you). Once you find yourself on Earth, it signifies your existence is essential.

No season of life (usually defined by time) is permanent- they all come and go immediately after the expiration of their time. But one thing remains which is man. Man is daily tried by every season of life irrespective of tribe, skin colour, nationality, age and many more.

The season is common to everyone but everyone’s turn out after the experience of each season will surely he unique. Whatever you have seen about you or anyone’s life is a product of what the previous season had made them to be- it has either made them a better version of themselves or make them worse off.

Discover your seed and know its season

It’s not a crime to be ignorant but it becomes a crime to remain ignorant after discovering your level of darkness or ignorance on a subject that can enhance your productivity. Go for learning, it has nothing to do with age. It doesn’t reduce your age but would rather enhance your effectiveness and efficiency as well as positioning you appropriately for any timely opportunity capable of changing your status.

You’re not expected to have your seed with you all round the year, if that is your case, you’re missing out. Seeds don’t multiply themselves magically while keeping them with ourselves. If truly you want your seeds to be timely multiplied unto you, it must be planted.

Any seed not planted but kept for a long while without proper preservation is on a pathway to losing its ability to reproduce. Until you know your seed, you can’t appropriately plant it. Until you know who you are, you can’t appropriately apply yourself. Maize seed and millet see might be planted the same day and on the same land, but their germination process is different event though they belong to the same family of fruit crop because of their respective contents. Their leaves might have semblances but their fruits are unique.

Knowing your seed will help you to plant yourself rightly, and then you can bear fruit. Know that you can never be a blessing to anyone when you’re out of the will of God.
Planting your seed (yourself or resources) appropriately also cuts across your daily relationship with people. What you associate with will be associated with you.

You need to associate with who and what God had blessed, increase or decrease comes by association. Blessing or curses come by association. In a bid to practice association, don’t give your money to someone that rebels against God’s purposes because God himself is opposing him and if you assist him, God will frown at you.

There are people today that never had problems in their lives, until they joined a particular church, and everything started going down that day- wrong planting.
Your seed has a time of planting a and anything that has a time of planting must surely have a season of harvest.

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Many people have consumed their harvests and seeds and as a result, they are seedless and presently struggling. The truth is if you are struggling in any situation, you must have missed a see time in the past and thus you are without harvest.

God is involved

You’re planned. Your existence do not occur by chance- anything not planned occurs by chance, and they are generally termed “accidental events.” The event that leads to the invention of your pregnancy might just be for fun (not planned for materially, financially, and emotionally) but note that everything was only adopted to establish the pre-planned purposes.

Any plant not planted by anyone and probably grow in an unwanted place is tagged weeds and will definitely be uprooted for the other plants with very great expectations on them to properly germinate. Fruit crops on the other hand, are planted for a purpose basically to attend to any identified needs (be it immediate not futuristic).

Everyone has needs, including young babies, they have the need to have their mothers around to constantly suck breast. Having needs is not only limited to humans but also extended to animals. Every planted fruit crop serves different species of creatures at different stages of their growths and development and at their respective domain

Whenever any fruit crop is planted, several other plants also grow around it even when they are not planted. This signifies the fertility of the land upon which the crop is planted. The relevance of a fruit crop does not begin the day it starts producing fruits but the exact day it was planted and started germinating but its existence becomes popularized and well affirmed on the day it fruits production begins

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All beings on Earth is deliberately planted by God- the family, political system, country and lineage you find yourself is a deliberate action of God; all is borne out of purpose.

Just as plants have soil types suitable for flourishing and sheep require a particular ration suitable for growth and development, God sets every man in a place, family and lineage suitable for growth and development, and enables you walk in his purpose for you. This understanding will help improve your attitude towards the importance of your existence.

Fruit crops and weeds

Every fruit crop has a great potential in them and a very great expectation on them, hence, irrespective of the surrounding weeds, they must produce the anticipated fruits. Weeds are also plants but with no expectations on them, whether they produce fruits, hence they cut off and burnt into ashes. It’s of no concern to anyone.

Weeds grow very fast and even sometimes more rather than the planted fruit crops. Its efforts are always to exterminate the existence of the planted fruit crop. Every unsatisfied circumstance of life struggling with you on your relevance is nothing but weeds, and they are to be cut off and be set ablaze, don’t spare them or else, they will make life difficult for you. They are capable of making any planted fruit crop less productive, non attractive and irrelevant.

As fruit crop you are, your existence is a deliberate action of God and it comes with a very great expectation (fruits production) but whether you like it, you will surely struggle with weeds (challenges) on your whatever terrain you are and if you fail to stand uprightly in your position, they can make you less productive and irrelevant.



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