Educated Slaves (A case of the black race)

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Our species of mankind is exorbitantly great and unmatchable. Our skin colour is uniquely made to justify the glory of our maker.
The species of the black race mankind is never meant to subject our person to the rulership of others of the world continents. God created us uniquely, and he deliberately created varieties of mankind in order to spice up things, practically to guard against a monotonous and boring life. He uses this medium to examine if we are going to live in love or not.

  • Our Education

Education is great because it adds value to life. It enhances the productivity of human and also helps in safeguarding us from any unknown that is venomous. It goes with the saying that What you don’t know can successfully and easily terminates your life. It is worthy of note that anything we don’t know can kill us without living any slight trace.
Education is never expected to be the bait to lure us out of our main reason for our creation but rather to empower us to fully establish our reasons for existence (it all hinges on the kind of education we daily give our children).

Robert kiyosaki wrote that if you want to prepare for the future, you must know the past. We lead by example and when kids see parents who are open to new ideas and embrace lifelong learning it makes an impression. A child’s life changes when his or her parents are teachers who will ask questions until they have clear understanding of the answers, keep an open mind to other points of view, and encourage their children (and their spouses) to follow their dreams on the path to a rich and rewarding life.

Formal education is never meant to reduce our value but rather empower us as homo-sapiens and enable us to freely express the dexterity and the aesthetics of the uniqueness inherent in the species of our mankind.

  • Errand boys and girls

The black race economic system is successfully turning its inhabitants to modern day errand boys and girls. We are rich, yet poor; we are highly endowed en graced yet daily live a graceless life- we are gradually becoming a mere chaff in the presence of a wild wind, who hath bewitched us!
The operation of thieves without mask had become dominant and seemingly difficult to curb or totally eradicated in our land. Different species of dangerous species of carnivorous animals of different sizes and shapes are regularly eating deep into many blazing future and gradually but hastily making them impotent. It daily seems our hope is vaporizing Into the thin air and gradually becoming invisible.
We become doldrums instead of our popularly known hyperactive innate abilities. Has education given us the licence to trade our creativity and uniqueness for a subjected life or it is what we deliberately chose?

  • The theory of the jungle

Almost everybody daily works with the “jungle principle” which states that “to survive in a jungle, you must keep hunting others.” The rich hunt the poor and remorselessly feed on them- the poor likewise derive pleasure in extorting and exorbitantly exploiting people of their category in order to sustain their relevance- “The web chain.”

  • Independence or in-dependence

The black race have more than enough, yet we live in dependence on the white race and still daily lay claim on dependence. The white race daily manufacture several heavy weapons in which there is no ready-made market for (yet their research and production of heavy weapons keep escalating) but through their insidious affection towards the black race, they stir up our hearts against one another to create market for their products, but we have never been whose enough to decipher their encrypted intentions. We work so hard that we can gather enough financial resources to acquire those heavy weapons to fight our acclaimed enemies thereby using our resources to build their economy.
Whenever they promise us any form of succour, we are always glad to embrace it. We always embrace it without any form of resentment- always expectant of their alluring succour.

  • The Gullible

What a mirage! We are too reluctant to grant them the licence to enslave us, even right under our nose- our land. God has given us the gift of life but it is left to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. If our lives and daily standard of living will be better, then we must stop anticipating but take actions or counting the years of our living, but we must regularly make our life count.



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