The Passage of Life

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Every passage is never the destination of any journey embarked upon; it is only a connecting tool to the anticipated result or destined end.

Some passages are approximately shorter than the other, all depending on the location of the desired results. Without the presence of the passage, the estimated end becomes virtually difficult if not impossible to achieve. Nobody suddenly or automatically gets to the destined end, you must go through the passage.

The passage is never a caricature manifestation of connecting tools but a real life experience that is capable of moulding and blending man into shapes needed to properly fit into your anticipated results so that opportunities will not dive across tour fingers.

Length of the passage

Every passage has its length. The length of each passage determines the amount of distance to be covered or the duration of time to be consumed before approaching your destination.

It took Abraham three days to locate the land of Moriah, but Israel spent forty years before they could have a glimpse of the promise land
Bear in mind that our destinations are different (possibly made uniquely) and each destination attracts different routes and vices, moreover, depending on your starting points.

Every starting point, many a time, determine the duration of time and distance to be covered for every passage before arriving at the destination. The destination is fascinating but the road path is confusingly rough and deadly, even, sometimes discouraging. Nobody will see a death trap made for him and gladly walk into it without reluctance. The end result is attractive but the pathway can be somehow deadly.

The unknown

Every passage is exhaustively full of tremendous unknowns- they are usually probabilistic. They cannot be predetermined prior to the occurrence of the events. They are things not premeditated or cannot be forecast; they are mostly determined by nature, provided that you’ve never deviated from any of your required processes.

Joseph (The eleventh child of Jacob) embarked on an unknown and unplanned journey to the land of Egypt because it’s part of his passages to his destination. Many passages have several harmful instrument in their custody, and for you not be wounded, you must have emotional cart with you. There might also be some stopovers on your way, don’t take it to be your destination no matter how attractive it might be, for your destination is ten times better the attractiveness of your stopover.

Many people are wooed into giving up their destination because of the attractiveness of their stopovers, don’t fall victim of the seduction; walk and work circumspectly. Joseph was wooed, but he quickly sensed the underlining deceit.

The effect of anything unknown on you can never be preconceived- it can either make you better off or worse off, all depending on your disposition to every unknown on your passage to destination. There is never a shortcut to avoiding the unknown on the passage other than knowing your God and abiding with him wholeheartedly.

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Bear in mind, that any other shortcut can happily lead you to a non-negotiable end. Many passages contain several non-pleasing pathways and many a time, might require you to slow down the pace of your movement, if at all you purpose to land safely or uninjured at your destinations. Several people that are in haste to move landed wounded while many never arrived at their destinations because their lives were terminated by ghastly accidents.

You might not be pre informed about when and where your passage to destination will be but your pursuits has a way of navigating you into it if truly you’re on the right course.

Is it worth it?

This is the conclusion of many after several efforts had been made and the results is not forthcoming. Note that the worth of a thing is not really its physical appearance or its market value but the amount of solution it can proffer. No sacrifice is too big or small for any desired result, depending on how pressing the need is.

Every anticipated result is worth a commensurate amount of sacrifice. Note that the moment you’re no longer motivated or getting tensed about what you’ve invested efforts in is when the when you are almost at it or approaching break through.

The ninth month of every pregnancy is usually tense and it’s a signal she’s approaching her delivery period. She might look disorganized and not composed but after she’s delivered of the baby, her identity will rapidly rescind to normal and almost everyone will come around to celebrate with her.
What do you see yourself becoming?

What you see will determine what you give (investment). Endeavour to eat good food (you need mental energy to reason rationally), dress happily (it speaks more about you), develop a hitch-free relationship with both God and man (you will need them someday) and make your existence daily count.

Don’t allow your passage to make you look older than your age (you’re not the one carrying the problems of the whole world); it can influence many helps not to be in your favour.
The fact that you’re going through tough time is not an enough reason to be emotionally impaired- it is just a passage and not your destination



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