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The Exit Door

The news about God’s goodness upon the land of Bethlehem Judah came yo Naomi at the prime of the moment that there was nothing left of her to make her happy- the lord was actually creating an exit door for her into a fresh start, even though she might not be able to recover all, but at least some relieve. God is merciful- don’t be in a haste to let people share the good news of how faithful God is to you but be patient to experience it.

Note that it is not all that started well that finishes strong, likewise, it is not all that commenced their journey on a bad note that will end it same way- neither mock nor emulate. Everything great in life involves risk-taking, but many a time, calculative risk- don’t take risk blindly.
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Orpah (one of Naomi’s wives)could risk staying with her mother-in-law in the land while her husband was late but following her to her land was a ridiculous risk for her.

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Naomi knew the importance of parents and her final words to her daughters-in-law when she was about departing from them was that they should go. But to where? Their parents. Note that every decision you make at any point in time of your life has a great influence on your destiny.

Naomi never wanted their lives to remain uncovered- she wanted an absolute care, protection, and tutelage for them, and they might not get this elsewhere, hence, her advice.
Naomi had to return to her land, yet she never wanted the heads of her daughters-in-law to remain uncovered- what a great empathy! She must have sensed a great destiny in them. What a wonderful mother-in-law!

The two daughters must have displayed several unmatchable characters, coupled with the fact that she’d observed some unusual things about them both. They were special and all she wanted for them was the best and the only exit door not to lose this uniqueness of theirs is to remain under cover for brooding, hence, her advice.
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Naomi began to give them several reasons why they shouldn’t go with her to her land. The reasons were so much conceivable such that they all burst into tears thereafter. She said “why should you choose to go with a hopeless woman when you’re still young and fresh with great possibilities ahead- you cab still turn things around and make it work but it’s already too late for me.”

At this juncture, Orpah was deep convinced, and she was quick to make the decision of going back, but Ruth insisted on following her despite her persuasions.

Ruth must have sensed something extraordinary in Naomi’s life that is worth transforming her life for the best, and she’s never ready to negotiate it or go back (never considering parental agitations or what she’s going to lose if she leaves her land). You will become whatever you think you if you are ready to give it your all.

You need a destiny parent

Destiny parents usually have an unusual mission carry out in your life which is positively skewed towards influencing your destiny to fulfilment. Any child without parents (cover) is a disaster going somewhere to occur.

Lot became great under Abraham’s umbrella, but he lost everything immediately he dashed out of the covering thinking he needed nothing more to lead a triumphant life. He allowed the rancour between their headsman to put him away from his dominant source of strength, and he went stranded within a short while.

The prodigal son was living largely without Amy life confrontation not until he thought that his father was no longer relevant to him, and he can personally face and live life even without the influence of his father and many things rapidly went wrong.

Laban’s life and business was shaped under Jacob’s umbrella even though Jacob was a small boy. Potiphar’s empire waxed stronger under Joseph’s umbrella even though he was a slave boy. The position they currently occupy might have nothing doing with their mission in your life.

Elisha followed Elijah closely and ended up getting what he needed to make his life and destiny operational and relevant. Hold tight to your destiny parents, don’t let them go, they are the repository of all you need to manifest and fulfil destiny.

Lot’s name was heard and life was fully shaped via his following Abraham; Elisha’s name was heard via following Elijah; Ruth’s life took a new shape and emits a new fragrance via following Naomi; Every disciple name was heard via following Jesus and not when many of them were still local fishermen struggling on their own.

Parents are not ancillaries in your journey to fulfilment of destiny- they are pivotal.



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