No king is self-made

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Every ruling king is begotten by someone, nurtured and raised to stardom till he fully gains all hr need to stand alone to live a successful life by someone. Nobody gets to the top without the influence of someone. Everybody might not be needed on your path to fulfilment but someone’s effort is critical to the attainment of your destiny, no matter how little.

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Every handsome/beautiful king or Queen outside there was made (dressed for) by someone right in their inner chamber.

Their efforts might not been seen or known because their involvement took place mostly during the making process of either a king or Queen which might remain encrypted to many. Of a truth, their silent labour in making a king’s or Queen’s regular outfit superordinate might not be physically seen by anyone but whatever glorious radiation you can see in the queen or King’s life is a result of their several investments (traceable to them).

Nobody becomes a ruler without several people coming together yo make them one.

If you are a for to many, you are likely going nowhere (dragging your destiny to an extinct abattoir)- make friends out of enemies and not enemies out of friends. No man can gain enthronement if there is no agreement between a group of people- unity of direction.

You can’t continue living your life alone and think your journey will be on a fast pace. You are at the position you are today no only because of your effort but because someone had silently laboured for you or had failed to complement your effort.

No man get to the seat of power without the effort of voters except you want to cut corners to get there by manipulating their interests. But note that, the same mess that got you to the top cannot help in sustaining your relevance at the top.

The beautification you need to make your person acceptable in every quarter lies with your silent labourers (those that are position on your pathway to dress you up for life).

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I’m not disputing the fact that you are a king, moreover, God creates everyone as kings; we possess in us the abilities to dominate, rule, and subdue.

You possess the seeds (enablement) that can cheaply make people submit themselves to you right within you but before your person can be accepted by them, you must be dressed up and this is the assignment of some people in your life- no king is self-made; they are made by someone.

The crown was placed upon them by someone, and the staff and every other Royal instrument got to them through someone.
Until you’re made, you cannot cease being mates or maids to some people. When you’re fully made, your mates will be compelled by the Virtue of your position, accord undue respect to you and likewise those that are older than you.

Don’t despise anyone- they might be strategically positioned on your pathway to dress you up for your next phase of life or for your coronation process for enthronement.

The enablement or seed in Joseph’s life had practically reserved or created a special seat for him in the palace of pharaoh- a seat that no one else had never sat on. What an unusual seed! The seat was there, but he couldn’t seat on it not until people dress him up to first and foremost meet with the king.

The king also couldn’t welcome his presence not until he was dressed for- he had to order people (guards) to dress him up in a royal style before he could meet with him and freely offer him the seat that had been long reserved for him. He had the seed with great potentials to germinate and preserve or serve as shield to many souls but it remained idle until he was dressed for.



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