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The king had obeyed the order of some people he ended up ruling over countless number of times before he became the king- don’t remain unbendable. Stop being an enemy to many; you need people to make you if you must move from dream to reality.

Nobody is called a ruler if there are no people to rule over.

People submissively made Gideon the king over them, he didn’t struggle for it, he was only looking for a way to live a self-dependent life and in the course doing that, he had made himself to be too relevant to be ignored in the moment of chaos. They couldn’t resist him but just make him their head without reluctance. Although, you need some enemies that can regularly kick against complacency in your life, nevertheless, stop building the wall of acrimony against yourself.

Queen Esther never jumped to the palace of Ahasuerus in just a day- she was fully made fit for life by her uncle, Mordecai. He gave his best to making her the best wife, leader and a mother. She was moulded in character, beauty, sanctity and every other thing she needed to occupy her royal position, and she was never found wanting when it’s time because she had fully submitted herself to her making process.

When it was time for her to appear before the king, she was to be dressed for again by those whose duty was that. She’s a novice about the royal customs; mode of dressing, how to carry herself within the palace, mode of eating and communication etc.

She’d to be tutored even by those that she was going to rule over thereafter, and she never declined to follow every instruction, even though it was coming from a person of perceived lower cadre. She could have ruined her chances of getting selected and occupying the royal seat of she had failed to allow those people of perceived lower authority dress her up for her next phase of life and the present opportunity.

Moses led the Israelites out of the land of Egypt and even several years in the wilderness but gained his leadership experience while under his father-in-law; Jethro, managing his cattle business. He never diced with the opportunity he had to be made, without even knowing that another bigger assignment awaited him.

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David was made (developed the confidence to confront any obstacle without any iota of remorse) via his first employment which was quite under his father. He gave his totality to the encrypted privilege to be fully made for his next phase of assignment and when the king (Saul) was interrogating him about his battle experience that gave him the effrontery to wanting to confront Goliath, the only reference he could make was that the management of his father’s business.

Don’t be too reluctant- no opportunity is too cheap to make you for your next phase of life. God made man- you’re too insufficient to make yourself.

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Saul was an ordinary man but within a spur of moment he became a king by the pronouncement of prophet Samuel. You can’t fit into who you are destined to be if you’re not made. Saul was just wandering in the wilderness of life looking for what is not lost which was only to channel his course to where he was to be made (anointed) a king over many.

He was to be made a king over Israel because the people clamoured for one, and he’d been chosen by God, but his present obligation never allowed him to go far, therefore, the event that was to make him and the oil that was needed to transform him from an ordinary man with a well-known Royal identity was initiated; the loss of the sheep.
Saul became the first king over Israel by anointing through Samuel, he was made a king. Three basic things that give man audacity to rule are: authority, power, and covenant and one of the ways to getting them or any of the three is through anointing.
Anointing refreshes- it subdues and gives a new identity.

Note that anointing can make you the Best of your kind and emptiness can also make you the most wretched of your kind.
Gideon’s labour to becoming something never became rewarding not until people’s effort was introduced into his before his daily pursuit of becoming a great leader became a reality. Of a truth, you have the gift, grace and enablement, but you need people that can discuss you in the quarter of those where your infilling will be highly recognized and actively rewarded. Bear In mind that what you carry determines the kind of honour you command and the quarters of people you’re required.

The colt that Jesus rode to Jerusalem was highly honoured not because nobody had ever rode on it but because of whom it carried- Jesus. If you don’t carry the unusual, the unexpected will befall you.
No opportunity is too small to make you fit for life. Footballers outside the pitch never quit training (except they’ve quitted playing football) because they are anticipatory of their turn to see people gathered at the stadium to watch them play as well. Joseph managed the small business of his father-in-law but his total faithfulness to the entire business was indirectly making him up for his next phase of life.INITIAL CAPITAL BASE- The Power of Recognition

The kind of challenges you face at present is an exposure to the kind of opportunities that await you in the future. David gave himself to proper development via proper care (fought with the lion and the bear) of his father’s cattle but unknown to him that he was indirectly developing himself for the greatest opportunity of his lifetime that will cause a total transition in his life, hence, the defeat of Goliath.

Never run away from your mountain, face it and ensure you conquer it. Any problem you fail to solve will surely become a mountain. The problems surface now to provide you with the requisite knowledge you need to attract and retain future opportunities.



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