The Hero: Passion is not enough

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Graham Bell became a hero inventing phone to speak with his lover. Newton became an example as he chatted for fun with an apple. You’re the hero if you search and bring out determination in you. Let’s show the speed in us to exhibit our smartness.

Like Ram’s arrow and Krishna’s strategy; apply the courage in you and become a hero; like the chariot of sun and the oath of Krishna travel towards the victory.
You give a new look too, what the delay? If you say you like the goal however tough it is, you are the hero. If you feel life is a war, never hesitate to fight for the cause.

Gandhi became a big hero spreading freedom with a smile. You have a vacancy though there are so many stories in history. If you know which work you have a grip on, you’re the hero. If none in the world can do this- you’re the hero in this world.
There is something unusual in you that the world had never seen, hear or even experience before. You’re a super star if your existence can influence someone either directly or indirectly but you seem unconvinced about yourself simply because you’ve not been celebrated openly.

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Note that not all superstars are celebrated openly; some are usually secret super star. Jonathan was a secret superstar to David all through his lifetime; his influence in David’s life can not be written off. Naomi was a secret super star in the life of Ruth; her motherly influence was quite exceptional that Ruth just have to cling unto her even after the demise of her husband knowing full well that Naomi has not other male child she could get married to.

Just an ordinary branch if a tree cannot bring out the required fruits without the existence of sturdy root system. The root system is never seen, likewise its operations and persistent contributions to the fruitfulness of the tree but all its actions can never be underestimated.
You’re a hero if your passion can fully deliver you from any form of distraction that can negatively affect your vision. Bear in mind that vision doesn’t eliminate distractions but it only keeps us focus.

You’re a hero- unlimited solution to several problems ravaging many souls reside in you but you need extra dedication, discipline and determination to bring out the heroic abilities in you. You can do several things that can shock the whole world and give the inhabitants of this cosmos reasons to announce and celebrate you. If you’re ready to go through the worst to get the best, you’re a hero.

Mark zuckerberg became a hero by connecting the whole world together (both old and new friends and families) via a single application; Facebook

You’re a hero if you fail to give up on yourself in spite of the multiplying odds. There are always reasons to quit, give up on your pursuits or adopt some other unethical ways of life but of you can maintain your excellent characters and never allowing any negative influence on you, then, you’re a hero. Absolute rest is purely an indication of peace but peace does not connote an absence of problem, but an inner conviction that victory is certain.

Note that the set of people around you will determine how far you will go in life- the moment your glory starts to manifest and expand, the scope of your foes too will keep expanding. People will relate with you base on either of these two things- what you have in your hand or what you have in your head.

Don’t ever see your disappointment as a total failure, it is only a privilege to relax and strategize again and better. If you must become the hero, there is a battle you must fight and overcome- you must fight for the cause.

There are some good tidings that belong to you but will never be delivered to you not because you’re not mature for it but because you’re not ready to fight for it because you never wanted to engage in any Fight since you might get hurt. It is the right of the land to consume you when it is time (death), maybe timely or prematurely, but are you ready to give it what it takes to get what rightfully belongs to you on the land?

Make yourself unique- set a landmark; add some spices to whatever you do. In your businesses, you can become a market leader- it is not just about you combining your passion with determination and perseverance.

A hero is never the one who always get it right but the one, having got it wrong, retraces his step to get it right again. He is usually a person whose successes stories and failure reports are embedded with unmatchable lessons and information.

Success stories provide us with information about the future inherent in any line of pursuits while failure reports educate us ahead about the likely challenges and how they were tackled to attain the presently announced or seen successes so that we won’t also fall victim.

Note that it is not all hero that usually gain public recognition but their influence and achievement are usually exceptional and can never be written off. Some are world’s heir like Jesus; some are continental heroes, country’s hero, and even family hero. Whatever cause you fight for will determine which category you fall into. Never spend a day without fighting for a cause and always for a bigger cause.

All the days that Peter and his crew had been catching almost the same quantity of fish, they only celebrated their success alone but the day they had an extraordinary catch via his obedience to Jesus’ instruction, it attracted all and sundries to celebrate them.

You are more than fighting for the cause of insult, abuse, or no recognition from men, know that you have a bigger cause to fight for if you must become the hero.



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