Success is not a gift

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Success is a reward (benefit resulting from some events or actions) and never a gift. A gift is usually something received without an expectancy of compensation either monetarily or non monetarily. Gifts are usually diverse ranging from supernatural to natural ones. Success entails sacrifice-  you must give up something of value to acquire it.

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Success is never an accidental achievement but a reward for a proper planned work with evidence of result. It is quite important to note that reward might be delayed or not handsomely delivered when labour does not commensurate with the anticipated result.

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Nothing of value can be achieved without inputting some required efforts either physically or mentally. Every effectively appropriated effort requires adequate compensation which connotes how substantial those efforts are in making the goals a success.

Success must be earned through hard labour before it can be received- any victory received without being earned will evidently bring you a massive disaster. Success is predicated on the principle of meritocracy, nevertheless, it has many lovers and few foes but only a few persons are ready to pay its price not because it is exorbitant or unaffordable but some people felt it is never worth it.

Any success declared in absentia of labour can never stand the test of time. God’s favour plus labour will bring you good success. If God’s favour must work for you, then, you must be ready to labour as well, not remain unengaged. Without any iota of doubt, land is known to be a free gift of nature but it will take extra effort on it to grow your desired crops.

Any land that is not known for anything productive will surely become a dumping site or automatically grow spines or weeds even without any man’s influence.
Success is a personal decision- nobody can make you succeed without your consent or total commitment. It is never something that anyone can acquire like any goods in the market; it involves personal decision.

Every success does have a non-negotiable price- the only difference between a successful person and the unsuccessful ones is the price they are willing and able to pay. If the creation of the entire earth and its fullness could be achieved through God’s hard labour, how then can we, man, be deficient of hard labour and be expectant of a great reward called success?!

Bear in mind that God’s favour plus your labour will only turn your labour to flavour (stress-free)
Every situation surrounding Ruth after the demise of her husband (Son of Naomi) perfectly placed her in a confused situation with no hope for survival.

She had every reason (justifiable) to turn back like her sister-in-law, Orpah, and return to her parents but whatever will become of her thereafter lies in her hand and the decision has to be made right at that spot where they are to depart, without any hesitation.

Both Ruth and Orpah were in the same dilemma (a blank cheque) but they ended up having different result based on their personal decision (the prices they were both willing to pay).

Many people daily admire the achievement and honour of many great people, both near and far away, but are you ready to drink from their cup (pay the kind of prices they paid before they attained that level)?

No success is free or achieved without a sacrifice- you have to give up your stick in order to get the head of your axe (the effort must commensurate the reward). Don’t mix it up- favour can be prayed for but success is usually worked for.

You long to command the kind of pastor Adeboye’s influence, Davido’s crowd, Bishop Oyedepo’s anointing etc. but are you ready to pay their kind of prices?

Even prayer, is never for the indolent. If you don’t want to pray, don’t just start it because it’s never a one-time action- the more you pray, the more you have reasons to pray further. Prayer room is a labour room and nobody congratulates a pregnant woman while in the labour room until she’s delivered of the baby. Pray till you break through; if you think the reward is worth it, then, be ready to pay the price.

If you long for a kingly authority then be ready to live a royal life. Royal life is far more than using beads, wearing crown and sitting on the throne.

Living a royal life simply means that your daily lifestyle (sleep, dressing, companionship etc) will be totally subjected to the principles and customs of the royal empire.



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