Parents: Our Guiding Angel

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No man or life, whatsoever can become something great without the influence of someone, hence parents. Nobody gets to the top without the help of someone. The destiny of a man without mother can be cheaply murdered, likewise, we need the feathers of the father’s to fly further and farther and achieve greater things in life

Man was never created independently- he wants us to mingle. If the influence of parents was nothing yo write home about, every man shouldn’t have been traceable to any lineage.

The influence/roles of parents become more validated when even God (Jesus), had to come through the normal process of man’s birth even though the pregnancy came into being via holy spirit in order simplify the importance of family and parents on a child’s destiny to us.

Every child needs association for destination- you need a company for your destiny.

Every family (union of father and mother called parents) is a quiver in which God’s arrow (children) are kept till they are ready for use. Parents are not necessarily biological (biological parents usually have designated assignments which is to be a channel of birth but many a time, some of them still carry the grace you need to finish your race colourfully), but their influence is usually destiny inclined.

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Many of us have good destinies, but we lack good lives not because we derive pleasure in it but because we lack the recipes required to accessing such life.
Your destiny parents might even be your age mate but note that such doesn’t give you the right to ridicule them. They might be your age mate, but they are not your grace mate as they carry upon them the grace you need to finish your race colourfully.

The influence of a mother hen cannot be written off on every laid eggs if the eggs must reprocreate new life, hence, chicks.

The hen is ready to give its time devotedly in sitting upon the eggs consistently to get them incubated till it sees new life coming forth from them. There are few notable things to be learnt from the hen as a parent.

Every hen usually identify their eggs- they rarely sit on anther hen’s eggs except it was added to their without their knowledge and leaving no trace; they are always ready to incubate their eggs. Every destiny parent usually identify their children and are always ready to incubate them. It is insanity for men to breastfeed animals no matter how beautiful it looks.

A hen is always ready to sit on the eggs till new lives (chicks) are birth forth. Every destiny parent is ready to make any sacrifice, whatsoever to ensure that God’s intention is established in a child’s life- they don’t give up cheaply.

After the chicks are hatched, and they are moving about, it signals to them whenever it sights any danger and it Opens up it wings unto them as a place of refuge. Every godly parents do not hide your enemy away from you but rather expose them early to you so that you won’t live a loose or lax life.

The hen also look around for anything edible to feed on for the chicks and beckon at them whenever it finds one. Bear in mind that it is not every child without parent that will suffer for not having biological parents but their circle of influence will determine their scope of relevance.

Every child needs a mother if they must be fully moulded and fit for life and a father if they must grow fatter in all their endeavours. Let’s briefly dissect the life of Ruth and orpah in relation to Naomi, their mother-in-law.

You can’t keep structuring or building your life on errors or around it and think it will last long to produce the anticipated result. Any error that requires an immediate attention and correction and was happily neglected or overlooked will surely bring you a very great mess anyhow (unexpectedly).

Ruth and Orpah were both married to Naomi’s two sons but a mysterious death suddenly cut short their life span. Their sudden death was shocking to everyone and unprecedented which actually bereaved Naomi of her joy, having lost her husband in the same manner likewise. Mahlon and Chilion‘s (Naomi’s sons) destinies were cheaply wasted — created solution bearers were suddenly lost. What a great loss!

After all that gives Naomi joy had been lost and there was nothing left of her, then, she thought of returning to her land, having heard about the new development there.

Don’t wait till your loss become irreparable before you turn back to your creator- never because of what you’re going through run to a land that’s already in the blacklist of God. Don’t allow anything or reward motivate you to be at loggerhead with your creator, you can never win.



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