Inspiration vs aspiration: Go the extra mile

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Every behaviour is normally motivated by a particular cause- it goes by the sayings that “No curse without a cause.”

Inspiration according to the English dictionary is regarded as a product of man’s creative thinking and work or a sudden intuition as part of solving problems or an arousal of a particular emotion or action while aspiration on the other hand refers to a will to succeed or a cherished desire.
Bear in mind that you cannot aspire for whatever does not inspire you. Desiring to live kind of life, first and foremost, comes from inspiration, either known or anonymous. Your antenna (be it spiritual or secular) must have connected with and attracted some signals.

Every greatness has a source- there must be something that prompted the behaviour or action before it becomes a habit.

Note that our expectations from life hinges on our aspirations, while aspirations emanate from inspirations or revelations.
Ruth, never made up her mind to wholeheartedly follow Naomi, all the way from the land of moab to Bethlehem via persuasion but it was a voluntary action. She was prepared (fully ready) to give up everything, whatsoever, to pursue a new life, although neither feasible nor visible, just a very huge risk- what a decision!

She wasn’t ready to entertain any word of sympathy from anyone no matter how conceivable it was. Nobody could talk her out of her concluded decision, not even Naomi. The acclaimed sympathy of man couldn’t make her to cheaply desist- Orpah departed immediately while Ruth decided to pursue a new life with Naomi.
Naomi wouldn’t have been an ordinary person, let alone a mother-in-law; her life must have immensely blessed Ruth’s. The kind of intimacy that existed between Naomi and Ruth could not be outrightly defined- it was more than ‘in-law relationship’ intimacy.

Ruth wanted to regularly be with her, not even considering whether she has anything to cater for her daily need; all she wanted was continuous intimacy- she wanted Naomi to brood her life.
In contrast, in our today’s world, the enmity that exists between mothers-in-law and the wives of their children today is regularly escalating such that many daughters-in-law even pray not to meet their mothers-in-law alive by the time they marry their sons.

Aren’t you one of these people? Do you also pray that you labour over your male children, and they repay you all your investment over them with flowers on your grave while another person reap the fruit of your labour?

Does it mean that their lives are not worth incubating or the daughters-in-law are not ready to submit themselves for brooding?
Little wonder that many wives find it difficult to stay long in marriage because they are never in goof terms with the parents of their husbands.

Mothers-in law, either present or to be, do you have whatever it takes to make your daughters-in-law to regularly adore you or they only accord respect unto you because they don’t want to be rude to you since you’re the mother of their husbands?

Ruth followed (closely) and respected Naomi, in spite of her husband’s demise, not ordinary because she was her mother-in-law, but because Naomi possesses some extraordinary things other than that which made her a mother-in-law, in which Orpah couldn’t see but Ruth sighted and was ready to give up everything to obtain it.
Anything valuable (precious) is never seen on the surface (so it was difficult for Orpah to see what Ruth saw) but always hidden and something must be given up to achieve it.
Ruth went the extra-mile to obtain the unusual; she sacrificed her tie with her family members (not even a farewell message before her departure), travelled a long distance away from her land to a land she knew not all because she wanted a new life.
You cannot always get the best at your comfort zone, sometimes, you need to go for hunting.
Elisha had to go for hunting after Elijah (out of comfort zone) till he obtained a-double-fold of Elijah’s anointing- he never allowed any word of sympathy or discouragement to make him shift ground; he followed closely till he obtained what he wanted.

Big fishes are not caught on the land or in a shallow water but in a big river; big animals are not caught in the house but in a deep forest, then if you long for a bigger catch, go the extra mile.

The ‘extra’ might seem minute and can be easily done away with but it can deliver to you the entire result you’ve long awaited.
The extra minute added to the time of a game might look somehow small but it can determine the winner (who goes with the trophy) of a game. The difference between a winner and a quitter is the ‘extra’- extra perseverance, labour, hard work, focus, patience etc.

Note that your ‘extra’ can give you the much awaited meaning to your whole invested effort- of a truth, you have vision and an adequate revelation about it but you need extra patience for it to materialize.
Every vision is for an appointed time. Nobody plants a tree in a day and expects it to bear fruits the following day. No doubt that you’ve been patient, nevertheless, just a little more patience can change your whole story. Perseverance is the ability to keep standing while others are sitting down.



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