In Every Mess- A bend or the end

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Mess, according to the English dictionary connotes a state of confusion and disorderliness and things become messed up when things are badly muddled. Nobody is bigger than mistake; it can occur anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Everyone makes mistake in life, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay for them for the rest of their life. Sometimes, good people make bad choices, it doesn’t mean they are bad. It means they are human- an emotional being. Many a time, our mistakes make us look silly, and sometimes lose respect and concentration on what is needed to be done- it mostly brings us unprecedented mess. The mistake sometimes pull many out of balance such that they further do something nasty that can totally damage their long built integrity and reputation or even cut short their lifespan Every situation is a classroom experience to mature God’s people. God’s classroom for training are life experiences and are mostly the unpleasant ones. You might fail if you try a new thing, but that doesn’t make you a failure; you only become a failure if you have failed to try it because you’re afraid of failing- fear of failure amounts yo failure. No matter how coordinated a man might be, there is always a likelihood of him finding himself in an unprecedented mess or confusion. This means that man cannot be every perfect- there’s always a room for error, unprecedented confusion and unforeseen challenges. Being meticulous in every decision made or about to be made does not completely exonerate man from such occurrence. Any mess encountered is just a part of the experiences we need to encounter In the voyage of life. For how long will you feel sorry for yourself and allowing your usable and productive moments keep wasting away when you cannot change the already used past. Do what is necessary now before it becomes important and inevitable. No man is rich enough to acquire the past but you can work hard to obtain the future. Note that you may not have a good or pleasant beginning (maybe like every other person you can point to around you) but you can secure a happy ending for yourself through hard work. Not everyone will be born rich and not everyone born poor will die wretched. Many will make a new history through dedication, discipline and determination. Your fall might not always be your fault. Sometimes, God permits such to happen in order to reveal the position of men’s heart towards you to you (to make known your true friends and fiends). The bend is never the end, it only indicates a fresh and unique start. When a pencil is broken into two halves, none is useless. Both only need to be resharpened and be more useful. Endurance and Enjoyment In life, your youth is your peak, and if you miss or mess up your peak, you might end up in pit and live a pitiable life. Bear in mind that only the bold gets the gold- many must have talked them down of being a useless fellow because they are too blind to see whatever greatness “then bold” sees: only the one with brave heart gets to the greatest height. Note that what you can’t endure, you can’t enjoy; if you can’t endure shame, you can’t enjoy the fame- many celebrities and several others that command great influence in public today were once a ‘useless fellow.’ Joseph was once a useless dreamer, and he was happily sold out; Moses was once a killer which later pushed him out to the place where his destiny was discovered or uncovered to him. Obed was once a ‘no-body’ whose existence was of no importance such that his house became the chosen one to drop the ‘killing ark’ but the same ark that brought uzzah to the mess of untimely death also brought the message of good news to Obed’s house within a short while. Enjoyment comes with time, which means it requires patience and in the cause of being patient, you have to endure many things. Every mess teaches us a new lesson to make a headway or forge ahead. It gives us the courage to triumphantly cope with life. In every mess, there’s always a message, but it takes being a sage to properly discover the modicum of truth disbursed by the mess. Like us on Facebook here Note that every mess will perform either of the two functions: teach us a new lesson or bring us a new blessing, depending on his we handle the modicum of truth inherent in the mess. Every mess communicates a message but the message will either make or break us- the sum whose radiation solidifies a moulded clay is also the same whose radiation melted out sheer butter. Your content as at the time of the experience will determine your outcome (who you will be after the incidence).



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