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Man do not trust himself, yet he wants another man of his kind fully trust him; he cannot even tell what he cannot even tell what he can do the next minute. Many of their promises are done with beautiful but empty words; it cannot be certified until it is supported by actions. Words are life but actions give it proper framework or befitting structure.

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Marriage is not an institution initiated to make life complicated for God’s creations but an institution that was originated to make the fulfillment of God’s promises easier or to server as a quiver where arrows prepared for war are kept and preserved for use when duty calls or God design and arrangement to providing conducive atmosphere for man to be who God designed or created him to be.

Joseph Olu Olajimi holds the position that marriage is like a war base to recruit fighters, warriors, and avengers and also a war base to attend to wounds and provide succour to weak soldiers.

When two enemies dare cone together to fight against their major enemies without finding a common ground before going to the battle front, they are already defeated before the commencement of the battle, and it will only be critical further by their attempt to confronting their major enemy- a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Marriage is a divinely orchestrated institution and for it to fully fulfil its sacred duty, God had purposefully reserved the assignment of making a suitable helper for every of his creation. He therefore promises thus: I WILL MAKE AN HELPMEET FOR HIM

— I will

The word “I will” connotes a capability of conscious choice and decision and intention or a fixed and persistent intent or purpose or to be determined by choice, therefore, it can be concluded that the choice of making a helpmeet is sacred and highly reserved for a divine assurance. Every creation is with an intent and no creation is complete without a helpmeet except he wants to face life squarely, hence, I will- an affirmative assurance.


To make means to cause to become; to cause to act in a specified manner; to create or manufacture; to create or design in a certain way; to change the form to another or a recognizable kind. It also means to carve out something exceptional or extraordinary that best suits the current requirement.

Don’t try to claim the position of God- you have no power to make anyone. Your creator knows the brand of human that best suits your specification of specie of mankind; never contend with him. No matter how good or bad we are as humans, we all have our individual differences (our variance from others is just a little)- we are boy angles, an every ‘bad person’ also has some admirable parts in their contestable lives.

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Bear in mind that it has never been any man’s jurisdiction to make anyone but God’s. Any attempt to embark on the journey of making any other man is a fruitless tour, although God can use you to make anyone but except God builds, nobody can.

Don’t ever profess to make (either change the current lifestyle or character of anyone to suit your requirement) anyone you have deliberately chosen to be your spouse (when God had not even made them to be) fit into your specification of a befitting spouse- you’re only on a mission to formally and openly welcome your exterminator to be your accompaniment in the voyage of life.

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Anyone God has not made and you Choose to make your accompaniment (spouse) in the voyage of life will surely give you different forms of aches (headaches, stomachache, or heartaches etc.) Without feeling remorse.
Make-up doesn’t determine the suitability of people- physical beauty and glamour of people don’t mean they are well-made and fully ready for you. Be watchful.

Creators are good at solving monumental problems as they erupt. They mostly make something out of nothing. They are exceptionally unique. Exceptional creators are different from serial creators; they create, many a time, things that are unimaginable.



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