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Makers or creators fond of creating something new or improving on the already made provision in order to make it more acceptable or to adequately attend to the newly identified problems or the current problems. Creators are usually problem-specific. God is a supernatural being with an unusual invention ability- he can create, make and re-make.

It is not everyone you see on every street that has fully completed their making process (already made) yet their physical appearances command unusual attention and attraction. Many are even abandoned projects because they deliberately jettisoned their making process simply because they never wanted to get hurt. The physical attraction that many commands doesn’t qualify them to be called finished projects.

Categories of products

There are basically three categories of products namely: raw materials, semi-process, and finished products. Bear in mind that every human being will at one point in time of stage of their lives perfectly fit into any of these categories of products anyhow- be it through growth or situational factors.

Many people that you are physically and emotionally attracted or attached to might not have even completed (they’ve not crossed the boundary of raw materials to semi-processed let alone finished product) their making process that will make them eternally fit, yet you are impatient to have them. Will you be able to bear their excesses or their idiosyncratic behaviours that are not too good by the time it starts manifesting? No error can be covered for long.

God’s faithful- he does not give us the good, the better, but the best. The moment you grant the devil an audience, you’ve automatically granted him the licence to destroy you. Devil will scarcely tell you the godly or original version of any truth
Many ungodly attitude of people you can see ravaging everywhere today is only a manifestation of a raw or semi-processed form of many but if they can fully surrender themselves to the exceptional maker (God), the unimaginable is bound to surface in their lives.

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The godly way of life that you’ve known about someone over the years doesn’t make them unfit for God’s purpose(s), they only need to go through the making process and happily complete it without jumping lessons.

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Nobody is worth making your spouse until they are fully made (completed their making process) by God, even though they are destined to be for you. God didn’t bring Eve to Adam as his helper until her making process was fully completed. If an orange is planted by a farmer, it thus means that every fruit on it belongs to the farmer. If he therefore now refuses to exercise patience till the appropriate time of harvest and went ahead to pluck the entire fruits on it for his personal consumption (even immediate) when it is yet fit for consumption because it’s his, he’s only embarked on a suicide mission (as nutritious as it is when it is fully ripe is also as deadly as it is when it is yet ripe or fit for consumption).

All events do not originate to destroy our intentions or divine intentions over us; some are divinely orchestrated to mature us into usable state for which we are originally designed. God will never look for a helpmeet; hr is neither a Google search or webmaster tool, he will only make the one suitable for your configuration. He makes the best even out of the worst, the useful out of the useless- if you’re in need of helpmeet, give your creator a chance, he is able to make the one suitable for you.

-Suitable Helper

It is not all help that meets your standard or your divine configuration. All help does not solve problem or ameliorate pains; some aggravate. The fact that you have the same background experience (attend the same place of worship or from the same town or village) or you came from the same culture, tribe and more doesn’t make you both exceptionally fit for each other. The grace to be easily broken is reserved for those that are knowledgeable about your making process.

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Suitability according to the English dictionary is explained as the quality of having the properties that are right for specific purpose. Helpmeet are not competitors but complementers- sometimes, they act as mentors and not tormentors; also sometimes, they act as radar even without occupying or belonging to any cadre.

Many a time, they can act as the link needed to the quarters where your unusual abilities will be recognized and fully rewarded. All helps are invented to solve a known problem but not all can solve your problem. Every helpmeet is an end-meet. Their manufacturing process contains a full configuration of everything you will ever wanted to lead a peaceful and successful life. It is only your helpmeet that can bear your excesses and even overlook your shortcomings. They can condone your idiosyncrasies that are not too good while covering you up yo adjust in the closet.



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