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Regaining the lost opportunities

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Written by: Olorunfemi Gbenga

As the popular saying says “once an opportunity is lost, it can never be regained”. This is actually true! Every opportunity is time bound. Once you can’t get it done at the time being, that opportunity will vaporize – disappear.
Take for instance, a student, an undergraduate to be précised, who missed scholarship during his schooling in the university will never regain it.

A business man that fails to take advantage of a market or an event at a particular time may never regained. A politician who failed to avail himself of a particular political party candidate when people are singing his praise may never regain it.
Why can’t be opportunity regained? This is very simple, things change! Age may make some people not to be relevant for political office or appointment or level.

Previous results may prevent an entry into next opportunities. A lady who aborted a child at her youthful age may not get another.
Let me use myself as an example, currently there maybe some places I can enter just because of my result. Now I always wish I can go back to school to correct them. I am sure many people have similar problems.

Just imagine an eighty – or – there –about years old man finishing college. Although, we will still salute his determination and courage, but that applaud is not always loud.

Therefore, do not lose the opportunity, when it is lost it may never be regained. Do everything within your power to make do with every opportunity you have. Time, the major determinant of whether an opportunity can be regained or not wait for no man. Once you don’t use it, it will definitely disappear. What a terrible news!
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As there is bad news, there is also good news. Sometimes this opportunity can be regained. I can see hope restored! Time, the major determining factor, and other supporting factors are created by someone, that person has the power to make everything new and better. That you missed scholarship as an undergraduate does not stop you from getting as a graduate or post graduate. Your level of result does not determine to some extent where you work or enter. Age may not be a barrier to a political appointment. If people want you, nothing can stop you. Your profile has nothing to do with what you can do or be, when God is involved.

I heard the story of a brother who finished with a 2.2 (second class lower), he now works in a multinational company. Even his colleagues do ask him “Mr, how did you make it in here”. But his response was “it is God!”. When God is involved protocols are suspended. God created time and nature, thus, he knows how to restore the years canker worm has eaten. Come back to him and he will restore you. Be ready for total recovery!

Although, it is true that once an opportunity is lost it can not be regained, but to every law there is an exception. When God is involved impossibilities become possible.



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