Purposeful Incarceration: Denial Against Self

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A prisoner is a person restricted by law to live beyond the jurisdiction of the boundary set for him. He is under the control of law; the force of law totally consumes his being and existence and his activities are daily coordinated by the force of law.

A prisoner has no life of his own but the life offered to him by the force of law under which he operates. Prisoners usually operate within the confinement of the walls of the law and any attempt to dash out of it deliberately or unknowingly might attract severe punishments.

Prisoners do not eat their favourites, wear their best outfits, visit their places of choice but daily do things in accordance with the force the yoke upon them.
No prisoner without a prison (either physical or metaphysical) and in a prison, there are limits to the ways the one in it (prisoner) can spread their wings- there are things he would have derived pleasure in doing but the place he’d found himself wouldn’t have allowed him. His confinements dictate his conditions and connections.

What a prisoner is allowed to bring in to the prison is limited because of the space available, therefore, only the things that will be important to him will be allowed in as per the dictates of the law because they will be properly scrutinized to ascertain the validity of their relevance.

Prisons are made for criminals, the moment they are convicted of their crimes, they are immediately sent to the prison and end up being called a prisoner. Prisons are made in different categories and it is usually prepared base on the anticipated notorious level of criminals. It portends immense and accurate discipline to streamline the protruding societally harmful character of an individual to reshape them to usable and acceptable vessels. Prisons are prepared to prune off the unacceptable character of an individual the moment it becomes unbearable and also detrimental to the peace and safety of the society at large.

Note that a prison is a place of long -term confinement for those convicted of serious crimes or otherwise considered undesirable by the government. The moment of imprisonment to a criminal is served to reflect on their past mistakes and seek an adjustment, maybe for those that might get another chance to live again or to reunite with their maker.

Paul was incarcerated, yet he has freedom of movement- he was confined against self-will. He was not prevented from eating, drinking and putting on clothes but the dictates of his doing comes from a supernatural force residing in him. His “Self” had been sold out and all that he had left was God’s will. Anything that holds you against the will of your creator is “Self.” Purposeful incarceration is not observed because of any offence committed but to basically to establish a will.

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Man is daily surrounded by several factors that are actively motivating us to deliberately succumb our reasons for existence.

Note that no amount is worth taking in exchange for destiny.

Our reasons are not far-fetched, they are always around us, but it takes being sold out to God’s will to fulfil purpose.

Joseph had more than enough justifiable reasons to have slept with Potiphar’s wife- he’s been treacherously dealt with by his family members, his existence had been happily molested at a very tender age, and there seem to be no glimmer of hope for survival, but he was incarcerated against “Self.”

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Esau would have had several justifiable reasons for giving up his birthright to Jacob if he had been interrogated but no reason, no matter how plausible, is justifiable enough for giving up our reasons for existence.

Whatever you’re sold out to now will determine your present condition and your future achievements. If you allow your mind to be incarcerated by the devil, you will only glory in evil doings- no bad tree can produce any good fruits. If your life is sold out to achieving the reason for your existence and you’re going through several untold challenges now, note that the pain is really worth it, as it is only preparing you for a glorious future. Your current connection hinges on your condition and your condition is determined by what you are totally sold out to.

There are reasons you behave the way you behave; people’s attitude are usually motivated by some reasons, be it justifiable or not and that’s the product of whatever it is that has incarcerated them.



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