Man: An Ordained Emissary

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Message is a communication that is spoken, written or signalled. For any message to be appropriately delivered (irrespective of the distance involved), two basic entities (sender and receiver) must be involved, coupled with a lucid channel or medium.

The medium attracted by any message is directly determined by the complexity of the messages and the personality of the one to whom the message is sent (in order to avoid communication barrier, the sender has to engage every means that will best simplify the message for the receiver) so that the receiver can easily decode the encrypted messages. There is nothing meaningful any man can achieve on earth without first establishing a meaningful communication or developing a sound communication skill.

Before anything lively could manifest here on earth, a sound communication was first established among the heaven’s central body; “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” Gen 1:26

Every relationship commences with communication likewise is every failure sometimes springs up from lack of proper communication. Good and truthful communicators are surely on their pathways to unhindered success.
Devil also makes his intentions known to man via his own medium of communication- Potiphar’s wife communicated her lustful desires to Joseph via unethical dressing, unscrupulous touch and several body actions. Devil always speaks and even audibly, and he also has agents(channels) through which he speaks; don’t be ignorant!

Every man on earth is an ordained emissary. No emissary embarks in a journey or errand without any message to be coveted through them and those messages, many a time, are confidential and formal. Every emissary embarks on an official mission and usually from the palace. They represent the interest of whomsoever sent them on the mission. The authority of the one who sent them is usually vested in them in order to appropriately execute the task and whatever done by them in order to ensure a successful delivery of the message will surely be ratified by whomsoever has sent them. Every spirit being has their emissary- our daily life reflects whose emissary we are.

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The only connecting tool between the sender and the receiver of any message is the channel (emissary)- right messages might be communicated from the sender but the receiver might not get the correct version of the message simply because noise had crept in through the channel and with this, a newer version of the original message is created.

Every man on earth is a royal messenger. Your existence marks the journey to an answered prayer of someone’s unrelenting daily request. Every message is usually communicated for a purpose, through a body (sender or receiver) and via a medium (an emissary). No message is sent or delivered without a prior intention. God daily has a message to be communicated to every of his creation unhindered and must be done through a channel, hence, your birth.

In the era of Adam and Eve, God daily come down in person in the cool of the evening to discuss with them not until the connection was truncated by disobedience to the godly instruction given to them, therefore, they sabotaged the opportunity to daily see God in person. Nevertheless, their communication cannot be totally ignored because of their disobedience, after being punished, hence another saviour- Jesus. Regular and healthy communication cements and strengthens relationships. How will people know when there is no one to tell them?

People speak with their friends and against their enemies. Since the original medium of communication created by God had been sabotaged, then, another channel must be invented because communication must daily flow unhindered, hence, the emissary of our own age.

Stop keeping quiet, the word that will change the life of somebody forever for better is right in you and if you fail to spit it out, the life will never stop deteriorating. Someone is connected to you the same way you’re connected to someone- no man is created in isolation. If your presence is missing or you fail to match yourself up with the role for which the creation of your existence becomes important, the chain of connection needed to establish the anticipated result will be at jeopardy.



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