Man: An Ordained Emissary 2

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The required response to your frequent letters (requests) which is usually directed to a specific quartet might not be sent or delivered through “the honourables” as you might have positioned your mind to be. The physique of a messenger does not and cannot debase the value of the message they are to deliver.

No man is too small to be used to deliver the anticipated answer to your daily request
Every human being originated from somewhere and all on a mission to somewhere- every destination has a starting point; before a man could attest that he’s reached his destination, the journey must have commenced long ago, even when you might not have noticed. No mater how long the mission might take, every messenger has to return to their sender to give a vivid report/account of the journey, hence, mortal death.

We all stem out from the palace of the king (God) to the mission field (world) and must surely return home (heaven) after the completion or expiration of the assignment (reasons for existence) given to us (because we are time bound) and we all are bound to give report of our entire journey thus far, hence, judgement day report.

The position you currently occupy here on earth or the status or honour you daily command or family background does not exempt you from being a messenger (no man is honorarily classified in the holy court of heaven other than those that fulfil the father’s word); godly emissary. No man is too small or great to be called or used. Jesus came to the world with the message of gospel, salvation and holy spirit; Paul preached the message of repentance; Joshua came with the message of faith; Stephen came with the message of repentance and many more.

If you have no message for mankind, your existence is useless. Bishop Oyedepo is known for the message of faith; Adeboye is known for holy ghost; Paul Eneche is known for fire; kumuyi is known for holiness and more.

Your mission will set you on a mission- what makes you mobile always is the continuous availability of mission for you.

A man without mission is never spared of being static; their minds grow spines and do not allow productive thoughts to spring up. Whenever you see a man whose daily life is not navigated by his reason for existence, being idle or just any engagement will be their best option.

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Every man is a model through which something new can be learnt or the previously learnt lessons can be established or actualized either formally or informally. We all are channels through which communications are made; written, unwritten, or via signals. When there is a voice, there is likely going to be noise.

Noise in communication simply refers to non communicated messages that can easily dilute the original message and even change the original meaning. Noise can also be referred to as any type of disruption that interferes with the transmission or interpretation from the sender or receiver.

Whenever noise enters into any channel through which any message is communicated, it directly perverts the original message. Every noise originates from a voice. Note that “voice” to man as a channel of communication are various issues of life that daily crowds their mind and are capable of militating against their main reason for existence.

Bear in mind that whatever happens to you when you are busy making other plans is called life, never allow that make you unfit for the main reason for your existence.
Whose voice do you daily listen to; the voice of your creator or his creations? Abraham listened to the voice (advice) of Sarah (his wife) in bringing in polygamy to solve the puzzle of infertility. It only yielded more heart aches and trouble, even till now.

Eve patiently listened to the serpent’s voice, but alas, it was Satan. The serpent alleged that God was keeping something away from them. He told them they were not who God told them they were. He said they would be deprived of potentials if they remained loyal to the instructions guiding their status and as a result of this, mankind lost the godly version of marriage.

In life, there are times we are confronted by many difficulties that confuse our mind and give us negative thoughts and even make us see impossibilities. Some thoughts are so powerful that it sometimes overwhelms us but at this point, whose point do you listen to?

In your moment of confusion, keep your focus on creator rather than your condition or the conclusion of mortals around you. Any reaction or action that will change your focus should be utterly avoided.



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