Dreams do not die

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Until you pass the test, you can’t have the testimony. Until you pay the price, you cannot eat the rice.

No feast can be made without a sacrifice- something must go for something. If the seed of something brings the fruits of something, then, the seed of nothing will surely bring the fruits of nothing. The quality and the amount of your harvest today is dependent on the type of seed you sowed previously, therefore, if you long to improve the quality of your life tomorrow, learn to sow quality seeds today and even on the appropriate farmland.

Sow the seeds of kindness into someone’s life today, you can never tell if you are invariably creating the ladder you need to get the height you long to get to in life.

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The tests refer tot the amount of events you have to daily encounter as you through the voyage of life. No student can deliberately choose to avoid taking every test prepared for them in every academic session and emerge the best. Nobody is too big to fail (failure is not specially made for anyone). The fact that we failed doesn’t make us a loser; failure is only a reflection of some life lessons we are to learn in a hard manner.

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The honey you’re daily in search of is rightly embedded in the tests you have deliberately avoided or making effort to avoid. Before any Merry can be made, there must have been some physical or financial commitment prior to the event. Nobody dares congratulate a pregnant woman (even though she’s close to her delivery period) when she’s yet delivered of the baby. Note that the delivery process of a baby is not an easy- it involves a soul floating between life and death.

Life is process- nobody can forgo the process and get the result. In spite of God’s supremacy, and his overriding power in doing the impossible, he still gave adequate recognition to process and protocols and even made it glaring to us via his act in the creation of the heaven and earth.

God could have made Jesus (His son) to drop to the earth right from heaven but, he is a God of process then, he made him to also go through the same process that am ordinary man too will have to go through before birth (nine month in the womb) and also suck breast. When you demand anything from God in prayer, and he delays, watch your tongue and your heart. Not that he cannot immediately do it, but he won’t forgo his process- he needs to ascertain your readiness via testing your patience. God sometimes tests our love and patience with unanswered prayers.

Many people give up on God not because they do not believe he can do what they’ve requested but because his presumed “timing of response” will be too late to treat their requests, hence, fast track.

No man gets to the peak without staring from the base- until you learn, you can’t earn I.e. you can’t be the next to be celebrated. There is no man at the top that is not traceable to a particular root or lineage.

Dreams don’t die, but it can be abandoned. The dreams you’ve decided to forsake might be the cause of your stagnancy because what you’re pursuing at present might not be the next thing to be pursued. Do know that until you return to the dream that’s to be placed forward before other good dreams can begin to manifest. You need to be patient with your dreams.

The moment your glory is expanding, the fold of your enemy too will keep multiplying. The business you were doing before that was gradually making you popular, isn’t it because of criticism that you quitted it? Your trainees are becoming greater on what you were privileged to teach them but, you gave up on it when it’s turning life around.

Thinking do not solve problems and it does not restore every lost opportunity; it can waste your today and also saps the strength to pursue tomorrow. Don’t misconstrue a comma for a full stop in your life pursuits.



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