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Life is a jungle- you either fight or hide

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Jungle, according to Oxford English dictionary, is defined as an area of thick tropical forest and tangled vegetation. It is also a very bewildering or competitive situation- rough and arid land.

A jungle is characterized by different kinds or species of animals ranging from herbivorous (animals that feed on plants) to carnivorous(animals that feed on flesh) and to omnivorous (animals that feed on both plants and flesh). Success begins with survival and from survival to growth, then to thriving and finally soaring. The mode of survival and sustenance of relevance in a jungle is mostly done via tensed and endless competition. Animals with lesser strength to compete usually end up dead (simply because they couldn’t obtain what is needed for survival) or becomes meals to the ones with greater strength because they will remorselessly pounce on them.

Green leaves daily long to survive in the jungle but the presence of both herbivorous animals and omnivorous species of animals daily make their existence a history even though they strife to manifest because they serve as meal to them. Carnivores are daily on the move to hunt down the entire species of animals contained in the herbivores group simply because they also daily fight for survival and feeding on flesh is the only basic requirement to quench their voracious hunger.

The herbivores’ category of animals seems to be helpless in the midst of the other two groups because they serve as meal to them, yet they too long to enjoy the best kind of life but the environment they find themselves daily seem not to be the type that can of will defend their interest and this invariably not giving them any hope for survival. It seems intricate for them to confront the deadly predators daily confronting them or making life difficult for them. The so called predators (carnivores and omnivores) derive pleasure in making life difficult for other group or specie of animals simply because their belief is that their relevance and survival is dependent on such lifestyle- predating on others animals.

The jungle is ruled by the slogan “the survival of the fittest”- the bold and stronger animals are earnestly and relentlessly seeking to pounce on the weaker ones, even without any iota of remorse; what an impasse!

The crux of the matter is that, there is no hiding place in the jungle because of the existence of the voracious hunters (deadly beasts) and even if you’re able to hide, you can’t hide forever.

Life is a jungle- it is either you fight and dominate or you hide and evaporate.
What’s the offence of the little kids including Moses in the land of Egypt that made them to be the centre of attraction to the hovering death toll missile launched by the ruling king? There was no guilt recorded concerning Jesus before he became a target, to the pendulum of untimely death(although, on a mission to fulfil the reason for his existence); the predator just derive pleasure in making life difficult for the preys, even though their bellies are already filled.

If you do not look for trouble (supposedly meek), trouble will locate for you except you want to deliberately compromise your reason for existence. Challenges are part of keeping prerequisite to stay relevant. Relevance is not automatically delivered unto man but it must be earned- facing and conquering challenges is part of keeping oneself relevant.

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The experience of several human beings in their respective domain is not in any way different from the confrontation of animals too in jungle.
No animal can fight aimlessly or blindly and win in a jungle. There are many things daily confronting man that can easily choke up your dreams and make our reasons for existence not worth living for any longer; no mortal man will ever live on planet “earth” without experiencing the effect of a jungle, although, it might vary with respect to persons, culture, family background etc.

Note that no man can fight the enemy he does not know and win; it’s just a mere illusion. Any Man’s ability to survive in a jungle is dependent ability to unravel the mystery of whose prey he is and the likely trap he might have set or prepared to capture him. Bear in mind that until you know your enemy, you don’t know your weapon- it is only the wise that survives in the jungle and not the dubious. The manipulators might live large at first but their fall will be sore great. You don’t turn your back at your enemy and think he will automatically run away from you- if you don’t fight your enemy, he won’t stop confronting you.

All carnivores are deadly because they feed on flesh but thy don’t feed on the same flesh- individual animal has its own preference. Don’t run away from tigers and hide in a lion’s den because you think lion is also a powerful animal to rescue you from your adversary when you’re the most suitable prey/food to a lion. Although, both of them are existence and destiny predators but you’re the most wanted to the latter because you’re the most suitable prey



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