Common Seasons, Unique Seeds

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Each day comprises a different or unique composition of God’s magnanimity; don’t be surprised whenever you see a new day manifesting a composition that is grossly different from what the previous day had manifested. Each day is designed for different purposes and persons but no day or season will surely manifest or fade out without accomplishing the purpose for which it is designed.

Every day is highly fashioned capsule of a careful blending of several chemical composition or elements and anyone that’s privileged to see such a new day has successfully taken the capsule, and he/she is bound to experience the effect of such medication.

Each day contains different capsule (which means that the composition of each capsule varies with respect to each day and the anticipated result). A day in which some people are lifted is also the same in which many falls from the throne of grace; the day that many people are celebrated is also the same that many are mourned over; the day in which many people’s steadfastness are established is also the day that many were condemned.
Many people take medications only when they are seriously sick and can even be avoided but capsules prepared for man by daily events are the ones we must take.

The main difference between general medication (the one usually taken when one’s health is not balance) and the mandatory daily medication (the one presented to us by daily exposure to events) is that the former makes us get better health-wise while the latter makes us fitter for the reason for our existence. Whatever our life will manifest, either good or bad, is dependent on our current life chemistry. The former deals with body system while the latter deals directly with our life system.

The effect of the daily dose of the medication will determine whether you will have a healthy life or deteriorating life and this will also in turn determine how strategic you are in establishing your reasons for existence. The effect (whether positive or adverse) of the capsule on your entire body system is dependent on your present body chemistry because that will determine how it will react to the intake of the daily event medication.

Note that the intake of the daily capsule is general to everyone but individual body responses is unique and sometime unpredictable. Nobody’s condition or present body condition is prominent enough to exonerate them from the intake of the daily event medication composition but only the difference is the individual body’s hormonal responses.

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Is the regular hormonal production of your body up to standard such that it will effectively help you to properly regulate your body to immediately for into the current environmental standard, so that you will not be negatively affected? You can’t fight the unknown and win, it is difficult if not impossible to win the battle you do not prepare for. If the hormonal secretion in your body is below or above standard, you will be negatively affected, therefore, there must be regular check and balance.

Take for instance, any overproduction of sexual hormones in both males and females will result into nothing but am uncontrollable urge for sex. Although, every human is created to be a sexual animal but the over secretion of the hormone will negatively affect your effectiveness. We daily find ourselves in the environment where there are regular forces constantly waging war against the survival let alone the fruitfulness of ma and this has given man several reasons to rapidly quit their pursuits.

There is no mortal without their own unique problem; every season of life appears with its own mandatory capsule- does it present you with blessings or reasons to quit or succumb on your pursuits or blazing future? No season will manifest without giving you reasons to either quit or get ahead, depending on the side of the coin facing you but strife to develop reasonable block that will help to guard against or neutralize any destructive missiles released by any season.



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