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Sun shines on every mankind; moon releases its radiation simultaneously on every mankind; rain also fall on every mankind, animals and plants equally, irrespective of their species, but their experience about the manifestation of those appearances of the aforementioned natural events will be unique; it will be directly determined by the soil upon which their seeds are growing and their current stage of growth as a plant and Al’s different experience with respect to other species of creation.

To plants that find themselves in the desert, the manifestation of dry season might successfully exterminate the presence of many of them (which is as a result of the ground they found themselves) while to those in a swampy area, the water concentration in their habitat becomes moderate and easily makes them to flourish. Many plans survive in the desert in spite of the harsh weather condition not because they were not affected but because they’ve developed a very long tap root that can easily generate water that is needed for survival from the soil (growth).

Go to the ants

Problem is common to every mankind even the animals (they also have physiological needs; they want to be protected from hunters)- stop painting the picture of your life as if it is the most problematic or most questionable. Every man is bound to encounter disappointment, break-ups, failure etc. at some points of their lives anyhow. Your problem will either kill you or lift you, depending on your ways of handling it. Note that your problems will kill you if you keep magnifying it but it will lift you if your focus is centred on solving it rather than filling up your mind with how bad the situation is or how enormous it is.

Our God does not want our problems to be fertilized but solved, therefore, any attempts of complaints is only a medium to fertilize the ground upon which the problem grow and this will only enrich the land and give it more reason and strength to linger.

Plant when it is expedient so that you won’t be hired as labourers when others are harvesting their produce (reward for their labour). Farmers don’t plant in dry season but harvest and not even all crops can be grown at the beginning of rainy season- identify your crops and do not be ignorant of when and where it can be planted (enquire where necessary) because if you miss your planting period, you will automatically harvest nothing. If you are not harvesting something today, it indicates that you didn’t invest or plant anything yesterday (sometime ago).

Your harvest is directly proportional to your investment. Rainy season is positive to the farmers (it is a moment of investment for whosoever anticipates harvests)- he that harvests what he’s not down is a thief. But, rainy season negatively affects the ants because they can’t go out to look for food (very critical problem that means they don’t have any moment to waste like others that can go out both in dry and rainy season). They invest all their time in gathering foods ahead of rainy season in the dry season so that they won’t go stranded.

The season might be common but note that the seeds in us are quite unique and the moment of its germination and production of fruits can never be the same. The problem facing your lineage might be the same as the one you’re currently facing but note that one thing makes you different- the seeds in you. If you fail to give up, you can’t fall victim of what befell others. Before a new life can be birthed forth in an incubated egg, there must be a force from within. Note that what you’re currently facing is part of the pressure you need to break forth into a new life. The seeds in you are within and it requires pressure to manifest without. No pregnant woman can bring forth a new life even though it is their due time without the effect of accurate pressure. When an arrow is drawn backwards by an archer, it means that it is about to be released to do an unusual exploit; when issues of life are pushing and pulling you backwards, you are only about to be launched into doing something unusual, indeterminable and illimitable.

A case of Isaac

Don’t be intimidated when your seeds is not germinating in the rainy season as expected as others- your seeds might found itself in a swampy environment, of which it does not require too much water to germinate successfully, the for it to successfully germinate, it might require a very harsh sun to drain some amount of water (I.e. dry season). Just don’t give up, intensify effort. Isaac, having departed from his father, found himself in a land that was engulfed by famine suddenly, and he attempted to move out of the land like others but unknown to him that the germination of the seeds within him is tied to that season of life- others might fizzles out but of you choose to move out of your thriving zone, because others are fizzling out, you will surely fizzle out faster and easier than them; when you go to the place God had not placed you, your original place of assignment will be empty.

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Ehimelech and his wife with his two children and daughters-in-law moved out of the land of Bethlehem of Judah (a place where there is constant presence of God) because of their presumed “Famine” and journeyed to a land whose current season (in the spirit) antagonizes the germination let alone the survival of the seeds of greatness within them and many of them (Ehimelech, Mahlon, and Chilion) were choked till death by the season. Lot and his family journeyed to a land that had been blacklisted by heaven, and he lost all that he had built with sweat for many years. Discover your seeds and then you can know where and when it can germinate- that blossom site you’ve sighted for the planting of your seeds might be poisonous to its survival- beware. The season might be common to us but the seeds within us will determine the relevance of the season to us. Note that the moment of harvest for some crops might be the time of farmland preparation for another crop; don’t be in a hurry to waste the potentials of seeds within you- they are deposited in their to bless generations of people.



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