30 Marriage Quotes from “Third Voice in Marriage”

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Author: Joseph Olu Olajimi

Published by: Pilgrim Staff

Compiled by: Adeyemo Tobi E.

Marriage is like a quiver where God keeps his arrow

There are different names for marriage according to fields of human endeavors. The military call it “Armoury”; the computer scientists call it “Back-up”; academia call it “Library”; institution call it “Store”; the warrior call it “Quiver”; the farmers and agriculturists call it “Silos”; manufacturers call it “Warehouse”; Law and government call it “Registry”; engineers call it “work yard.”

Marriage is also God’s training and testing ground for the man he will eventually introduce to the “World market.”

Marriage is a major threat to the darkness because of the need God designed it to meet

Marriage is a spiritual battlefield to silent the enemy of the cross.

The ability of a man to manage his marriage well determines the extent, magnitude and level of his fulfilment in life and career.

Every generation has its own giant, but only positive attitude will get us there

Your success is not dependent on your resources (financial, time, material, physical etc), but on the management of the resources

Your management and leadership skills will largely determine your success and fulfilment in marriage.

Healthy marriage attracts divine attention in crucial moments and needful hour

Parenting is not just physical responsibility but a ministry

God’s pattern to raising strong and healthy posterity to life, career and ministry is parenting

Sexuality is close to spirituality. Engaging in wrong sexual life will bring you doom

Marriage is the only place where you can see the weakness, limitations and frailty of your spouse and still retain his/her honour in your heart

The vigilance of the stakeholders or shareholders make the investment stronger and prosperous

Strategy is stronger than weapon of war and that soldiers put together

Marriage is like a war-base to recruit fighters, warriors and avengers

It is a war-base to attend to wounds and provide succour for weak soldiers

Marriage is a war-base that serves as a quiver where arrows prepared for war are kept and preserved for use when duty calls

The chistlikeness in the father and mother creates an environment for their children to know Christ and be like him

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A child who is not well parented would only know little or nothing about the pursuit or fulfilment of God’s purpose for his or her life

A quiver is the family that shields, preserves and saves the arrows for availability, readiness and relevance

A child that displays great potentials and skills are always traceable to their parents

Team work fashioned out of a correct marriage is the best

A radiant marriage will always produce not only effective man and woman, but also an efficient man and woman

Ten (10) ways team work can improve your marriage:

  1. it brings you closely together
  2. it lightens your load
  3. it increases your love
  4. you benefit from twice as many good ideas
  5. it builds up a legacy for your children and people around you
  6. it limits if not eradicates, unclued, unholy and immoral exposures
  7. Decisions are easily made and one can productively stand for the other
  8. It adds acceleration yo steps in life
  9. It helps your trustworthiness and loyalty
  10. It increases your relevance

Christianity is not a bundle of Jewish culture, it’s rather the culture of Christ

Whenever our culture collides with he culture of the Bible, ours must bow

Hardness of heart is a perfect place for the third voice to hide under for his terrible work in marriage

When you’re used to wrong things, chances be that you take them for right things

Over reliance on technology might cause misunderstanding in marriage and correcting it may be difficult.



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