The Lost Mermaid (Episode 2)

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Written by: Olaoluwa Abimbola Ms (Bimbson)
No: 08169688514,09054793589
Fb: Olaoluwa Abimbola Muh-Sodiq
I.G: bheemofyngeez

So my baby, you only loves your father Ehn! What of me? —-cuts in by madam Folarin.
Mummy! I love you too. But I love daddy than you because he always buys me toys of different type. — replied by small Sade.
You see now Folake! Your daughter claimed to love me more than you. Can you imagine? She said because I buy toys for her often. Oh! yeah! I’m a good father, I meant a qualified father precisely. —-Mr Folarin said happily while mocking his wife.

Don’t worry daughter, I would really surprised you tomorrow after church services. And I’m promising you know that I would take you to some new places in town. Even if possible, I would take you to all the fine areas in this Ibadan city. —–Madam Folarin jealously said with a wink oh her face… Mummy! Did you really promised? —questioned by Sade.
Yes! I did my love —-replied madam Folarin.

It’s okay dear, mum has promised to take you out tomorrow okay? And by next week, I would….
Popsy! Momsy! I have a party to attend to tomorrow with my big brother sir. —-Adenike cuts in. Oh! really! Whan have you been planning the party? And besides whose party among the two of you? Is it yours or Bade’s party? Because I don’t seem to understand you guys in this house again….. or are you taking your mother with you? —–Mr Folarin questioned mockingly…

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Actually Dad, my big brother girlfriend would be….
Actually Dad, my big brother girlfriend would be celebrating her birthday tomorrow. And big bro has promised me to take me along with him. Adenike sharply cuts in. So you won’t take me and your mother with you?____Mr Folarin asked jokingly. And me too dad!_____small Sade cuts in. Dad! Toyin’s birthday is just a guest together party though but because I had promised Adenike, that’s the reason why I would take her along with me. ____Uncle Debo commented… But please you would take my pretty queen along with you. Madam Folarin begged on small sade behalf.
Pumpkin! Are you sure you are in for this?Uncle Debo flattered. Yup! Yup!! Uncle.____Sade happily replied. Okay don’t worry dear, we are all going there tomorrow…. And…(His phone rang)… I would be back Dad. (He started conversation on phone) At exactly 3:30pm after the eating of lunch, the Folarin’s Family were all set on differences set of plays… Uncle Debo and Bade were playing Ps2, while Adenike and Aunt D were also there playing their Ludo game as small sade was playing naughty with her toys. And Mr Folarin and his wife were resting on their magnificent bed. Suddenly, Sade started shaking her body, sweating profusely like someone swims inside a pool, speaking uncommon languages, and destroying all everything that surrounded her…. This time is more serious than what she did the last time oh Uncle! ____Bade commented as he moved closer to Sade. Wait! Has she been doing something like this before? _____Uncle Debo questioned. Yes sir! Aunt D sharply replied.
And when was that?”Uncle Debo started panicking”
Erm! Hmm!! _____Adenike started stammering.
What is happening here? Who is that? Please talk to me….who…



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