The Lost Mermaid (episode 1)

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The time is past seven when sade woke up from bed. She seized her body in a swatted way like a fish inside the ocean. She kept on enjoying the fallacy of the new day as the cool breeze was entering from outside. Oh! no! Just leave me alone. She shouted and began to cry like a rolling crystal.
Somebody help me! Please leave me alone! I said I’m not going with you because my mummy would be mad at me if I follow you.
Please leave me!!-sade cried louder but nobody to help.
Aunt Dolapo, the house help was in the kitchen preparing the house breakfast with the ready-made time-table as the day was a shining weekend as it be always for Folarin’s family.

Haa! Today is Saturday-cried out Aunt Dolapo__”The pap and moin-moin again? — Oh my God! —she murmured. It’s okay, I think I don’t have choice because my boss and his wives will soon be here and I don’t want any problems to arise again this weekend-she rolled her fat body away from the freezer to their kitchen shelve.

Aunt D! Where is my mum and Dad? I didn’t see them before I slept off yesterday.
Oh! common my baby! You know being a young girl of age ten, when you woke up early in the morning, you will firstly greet your elders and stop frowning your face Enh!- Aunt Dolapo corrected her as she tamed the small sade at the back.

But Aunt D, I always greet my Mum and Dad everyday-Echoed by small sade.
Yeah! baby! I knew you greet them every day but not until they complain before you always do just like I did now. Okay? Now you kneel down and greet Aunt D dear.
Alright Aunt_ she did as Aunt D requested.
Wow! That’s my baby girl. You have always being a good girl my smallie.
She turned back and look at Aunt D face in a staid manner.
Aunt D__she called.
Yes dear!___she answered
I have told you I don’t like the way you always call me smallie…just try to understand I’m not small oh, I’m a big girl (sade reiterated).

Hmm! See this girl oo, big girl indeed
Aunt D snapped her with eyes and slammed the door…

Two hours later, Folarin’s family were all back from their gymnastic centre. Bade raised up the voice of their father venza car as he droved inside the compound….
My angel! How was your night? Madam Folarin questioned as she spotted small sade at the veranda.
Mum! I’m not fine–sade sharply cuts in.
Why? What happened my dear?—madam Folarin asked.
Mummy, it’s because I had the same nightmare I told you yesterday [sade replied].
Nightmare again?—-madam Folarin asked surprisingly.

Yes mum! I still saw that pretty woman in my dream, claiming herself to be my mother. She called me one kind of name but I have forgotten the name she mentioned. So, when I later followed her in that dream, she just drove me to a big river in which the river is as big as a sea. And later i……

Hey dear! I have told you to stop watching those horror films but you won’t listen.
But Dad! I love to watch those films because they are so much fun….explained by small sade.
You see daughter, those horror films are not meant for you. Especially, when going to sleep at night. I must tell you daughter that’s what is causing your nightmare. You just try to watch wrestling one day dear, I’m really sure you would love it my dear queen. Do you understand?
Yes daddy! — sade sharply replied.
I love you dear—- Mr Folarin commented as he carried sade on her neck.

I love you daddy!! —- sade joyfully said.

Written by: Olaoluwa Abimbola Ms (Bimbson)
No: 08169688514,09054793589
Fb: Olaoluwa Abimbola Muh-Sodiq
I.G: bheemofyngeez



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