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Every finished good went through thorough production process before they become marketable to their prospective buyers demanding for it. No good can be called “finished goods” if it has successfully evaded the production process. The category of people a product presence appeals to is dependent on the stages of production process it has successfully gone through. The presence of raw materials cannot attract the users of finished goods because it does not fit into the kind of product description required by them for the satisfaction of their needs but for its presence to magnetize the attention of finished goods users, it must cooperate with the production process because any moment it jumps any of the required processes to make it fit for usage at that category, it becomes unfit.

Every human is designed for different category of people (no man is born without a purpose)- our uniqueness in species and creations determine how uniquely configured our earthly intentions are and for us to perfectly fit in, there are some stages of processes we must happily (without reluctance) go through.

Our production or making process is usually custom-made and strictly based on the class/specification of people whose need our presence/arrival is to satisfy. The moment we attempt to evade any of the processes in which we are to go in order to satisfy the needs of the people we are created for, we’ve done nothing but made a deliberate effort to short-change our relevance I.e. we have redirected the realization of our presence to the wrong set of people, yet we are expecting nothing but an absolute recognition and appreciation for being an answer to their request.

Note that your allocation is waiting for you in your location; if you miss your location, you will automatically miss your allocation- there is no honour for a king without royal identity.

No fully grown man will appreciate you for serving them with the diet meant for babies; although, they have been properly served some meals, but they will be nothing but an epitome of ingrate because right meal has been served to the wrong category of people. Bear in mind that people will only appreciate your existence when your existence perfectly establishes the reason for its creation; when a king without identity dines with the slaves, he will be treated as nothing but a member of the group

You are here on assignment. Everything God created is a solution to a problem; your eyes see. Your ears hear. Your assignment is to solve a problem for somebody, somewhere and receive reward for it. Note that you cannot do everything. You can only do what God designed you to do through your gifts, skills and intelligence. Trees do not talk, turtles cannot fly. Design determines your capabilities.

For every purpose, there is a process (purpose determines process) if it must be established. Of a truth, you were designed for a purpose but the only thing that will make you relevant for the purpose is your ability to fully stick to the process the purpose had attracted. The process is not always rosy- it is usually introduced to beat any purpose into the anticipated shape.
Every purpose is usually raw with several holes of ineffectiveness and inefficiencies but the existence of process into a purpose regularly fine-tunes the purpose that the desired goal might be fully established. Earth was created in process even thou it was done by a supreme being, therefore, whatever good that will stand the test of time must endure whatever process the purpose had attracted.

Any life without a sustainable result will definitely attract insult; the effectiveness and efficiency of every purpose is measured by its results overtime and any purpose whatsoever that evades any of its required processes will never attain its desired result. The desired taste of a prepared soup will never be achieved if any of its recipe is missing.

There is a slogan in graphics designing that “Every error is a new design”, the same way it is when the production process of a purpose is short-changed- it will redefine or reform the identity of the one that is on the mission to fulfil the purpose, commands a different taste and serve an entirely different category of people while the acceptance and appreciation of its presence is needed but also leaving the needs of the one which they were initially prepared for unattended to simply because he had evaded a/some dose(s) of lesson(s).

Samson was a prepared deliverer to the people of Jews, and he was very committed to the process his purpose had attracted right from the outset not until the one who was going to turn his heart away from going through the process appeared- Delilah. He jettisoned the processes by refusing to hearken to the instructions of his parents and end of being cut on the web of irrelevance; he was immediately removed from the pitch and replaced.
It’s such a pity that in spite of Moses’ unswerving commitment to the process right from the inception of the journey of his purpose fulfilment, the unruly and unmannered talk of people to him because of their uncontrollable thirst made him to hastily lose his mindfulness of the process he must successfully go through for his purpose fulfilment because he was heavily consumed by anger and went against God.

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Here are few things to take note in order to fulfil your reason for existence:

  • Condition: your condition must not lure you into working against God’s plan. Your condition might be a part of your completion and certification process. Note that your current condition might be the final lap to your place of manifestation. Elijah ran away from Jezebel and even justified his excuses by saying he was the only prophet left because of the tensed condition put forward by Jezebel to exterminate Elijah, but he had forgotten so soon that God kept him mainly to end the reign of the ungodly but in order not to make him a victim of the circumstances, God had to replace him with Elisha not long after the event and took him away.
  • Examine your connections regularly:
  • Everybody is not needed;everybody cannot be a part of your story, some have to be part of your history. Anybody that can seductively take you out of your purpose fulfilment process must be immediately removed from your connection. Remember that your relevance hinges on the fulfilment of your purpose and the process is the roadbeds to such fulfilment.
  • Purpose determines relevance:

Appreciate your configuration and making process- they are channelled towards making you relevant (worthwhile). Note that every human purpose of creation will determine when, how and where they will be relevant. Everybody cannot command influence the same way, at the same place and within the same group of people or place. Every man’s purpose determines their place(s) of relevance, their timing of relevance, the level of influence they command and the category of group within which they command influence.
Harvester does not command influence in the midst of a banker (despite the fact that they are high class of people) but among the farmer and not even all through the season but when the farm produce is ready for harvest- the relevance of a harvester to a farmer is outrightly determined by the purpose it is being used for and the season of the year.



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