Mistakes: An exposure to criticism

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No man is perfect, nevertheless, everyone on earth is a unique creation; our imperfections never negate our uniqueness. Respect is to he earned and not to be demanded. The moment you start demanding respect from quarters where it is not earned, you will end up becoming nothing other than a mistake or an accident heading somewhere to occur.

Perfection is what every being is expected to daily work towards- our uniqueness does not exonerate us from being perfect or working towards perfection because we still operate in flesh and the ability to fall victim of unprecedented errors is dominant in flesh. God created us uniquely, he does not create us ‘perfectly’- he long us to work for it; imperfection is inherent in every mortal creation right from the time we took from the forbidden fruit.
As a result of our imperfections, we are liable to make mistakes I.e. sometimes we make some good decisions and likewise otherwise. Some decisions might be too good to be implemented but end up bringing us problems because we may not always know good decisions on the surface until they are executed.

Albert Einstein says that “Anyone who has never made any mistake has never tried anything new.” 

The most important life lessons we will ever learn will be from bad decisions (mistakes) we make. Some of our mistake are part of being human (emotional beings). Appreciate your mistake for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way.

All of us can learn from others. If nothing else, we can prepare ourselves and avoid repeating mistakes- Dr. Ben Carson.

Think big- unleashing your potential for excellence

Everything we are exposed to in life presents us with another valuable lesson. People who tend to achieve little are mostly those who make all the mistakes for themselves, they spend much time extricating themselves from their problems that they don’t have the energy or the know-how to move forward in the game of life.

It is cheaper to learn by information than to learn by experience. As a matter of fact, our errors have a way of delivering us into the hands of critics (be it professional or non-professional) and various things are bound to be said about us or the one who is to be criticized. It’s such a pity that many critics are usually those that cannot even endure a little of what the one who fall victim of being criticized had withstood- they are good mouth-architect but non-professional builders; they are spectators that score more goals than the footballers on the pitch while on sit watching.

A life without accountability is courting disaster; criticism is good of it is done with the mindset of helping the person to get a better version of himself. Note that nobody at one point in time will not be exposed to it if truly you want a better version of yourself- don’t any away from it. Heat of criticism presents to you better opportunity to shine by removing the alloy in your raw gold; the moment of criticism is either a time to shine or a time to hide.
Stop criticizing people until you cab do better than them. Sentiments have always been the motive behind many people’s criticism, many a time, not really because they have a clear view of the problem on ground or better ways of solving the problems at hand. The question here is, since you’ve noticed these glaring errors, what have you been doing or could do to be a solution bearer?

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Many people are mostly obsessed in getting their buccal cavity engaged not because they have better options or solutions but because they want to take the advantage of someone’s error to publicize their presences in order to gain recognition. The errors you have observed in people that transpired the criticism shows to you the areas in which improvement is adequately needed and that’s a better wing upon which you can ride to expose yourself to the truths needed to be better than them in that field. Businesses have been launched because someone was frustrated by inferior services from existing company. God didn’t create you to be a spectator but to be the one that others will gather to watch when they see us doing something unique and impossible.



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