Go all out!

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Written by: Olorunfemi Gbenga

The reason why so many have not reached their destinations, get the result, pass the exam, win a medal, become a celebrity, or make name is because they have not gone all out. What is go-all-out?

Go-all-out is a decision to go for a particular thing (business, project, task etc) until you get it. When you go all out, you have no reservation for other things. You just go for that single thing. As a matter of fact, you are known for what you go all out for. Jesus was known for preaching, teaching and healing; Paul was known for preaching the gospel (little wonder he said in Phil 3:11-14”… this one thing I do… “), that was what he concentrated all his energy on. Pastor Kumuyi is known to be holiness preacher, Bishop Oyedepo is known to be faith preacher, pastor Olukoya is a violent preacher, pastor Oyakilohme is known to be Holy Ghost preacher, Martin Luther King Jr was known to be an activist and the list goes on and on. What are you known for?

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A friend of my told me what his father once told him. He said and I quote “if you want to climb the tree, climb it to the top most height and hold a branch so you will not fall; if you want to dig the ground, dig it until you get red soil; if you want to follow the devil, follow him completely let people know.” what that means is that whatever decision you want to make let it be long term or infinity. You have a task to achieve, go all out. You have a goal to attain, go all out. It is better not to go at all than go and stop halfway or change focus.

There is this film called Goonies. In this film, there were some children that read about a pirate that had a ship with many treasures. When he was about to die, he kept the ship beside a rock and went into the ship to protect his treasures. Alas! He died in the ship. When the children — Goonies saw this, they decided to get the treasure. On their way, they were faced with many difficulties, but they kept pushing forward. At a point, they got to the trap set by the pirate to protect his treasure. There was the big challenge, no one had ever escaped the trap. To make matter worse, there were older men who wanted to get the treasures too, and they were after them. They were between the devil and the blue sea. What a great dilemma! But, because, they had set their mind to get the treasures, they managed to escape the trap. Eventually, they got to the treasures, and they took it home. Where there is a will there is always a way! You too can actualize that dream, you can hit that height, you can be the next Don moen, the next Ronaldo or Messi. You can be the next shoyinka or Achiebe. Your name too can command public respect. You just have to go all out.

The difference between those that get the results and those that don’t is the decision to go all out.



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