Baits: Signals to Hidden Traps

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A trap is a machine or other device designed to catch (and sometimes to kill) animals, either by holding them in a container, or by catching hold of any part of their body while bait is any substance or anything, containing poison or harmful additives which allures, entices or tempts animals into a hook, snare, trap or net.

No animal can be attracted into the hook of any prepared trap without the presence of baits. Baits are usually fascinating, appealing and directly magnetizing human sense of worth and attraction.
No bait without a prepared/hidden trap — when you observe any bait around you, note that trap is close by, the bait is only prepared/strategically positioned to attract you or any target into the hook of the trap.

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Bear in mind that no animal falls into a trap and returns without injury, and there is no injury that won’t leave a scar on you. Hooks of any trap are deadly; they are mostly prepared with the mindset exterminating the life of the animal or making the animal sustain injury such that it becomes immobile till the one who set the traps arrives but the kind of injury suffered by the animal is mostly determined by the part of its body caught by the trap provided that it is able to get itself out of the trap.

Any trap set with the mindset of catching animals will never be exposed, but hidden and strategically positioned. No sensible animal will deliberately walk themselves into a prepared trap knowing full well that it is an existence-evaporating zones, therefore, the position of the trap or its presence must remain hidden to the targeted animals. The trap will never be void of bait that will attract the targeted animal into its hook.

No trap set with the purpose of catching animals will be exposed if it must catch any animal, therefore, it makes it very easy for any animal to walk majestically into such an existence-evaporating zones simply because of the attraction of baits
Traps are usually set in a place that is practically out of the covered zones of the target animals- baits are prepared to lure animals out of their covered zones in order for them to be entrapped. It is very difficult to entrap animals without bait.

Beware! Don’t allow any bait-like offer or situation take you out of your God’s-presence saturated zones to a place where the presence of God can hardly be found or where the presence of God won’t go with you. Once you leave the place God has chosen for you, your root system begins to dwarf.

Haman was the targeted prey by Esther but nothing could have attracted him to the mouth of the hook of her trap without the presence of bait. Haman sensory nerves needs to be worked upon even to the extent that it fails to discern or observe any ulterior motive in the request of Queen Esther unto the king to attend the feast prepared by her and even come along with Haman. He thought it was her pleasure to have invited him.

Any danger-marked zone is not with the motive of capturing any prey but if it is basically designed to attract prey, it will be designed like a free-zone to enable preys fall in cheaply. Many people have deliberately and majestically walked themselves into a lifetime calamity-marked zones because of its painted physical serenity.

Problems do not erupt suddenly like volcanoes but gradually with suitable signals but many falls cheaply because they mostly fail to take cognizance of warning signals. People do not fall once but gradually- their falling begin when they start dicing with attractive baits that are capable of annihilating the reasons for their existence but the fall might not be visible to everyone until it becomes groundbreaking.

Haman was so much enthused by the royal attention, preference and treatment given to him to have attended the banquet prepared by Queen Esther, such that he couldn’t discern the hidden agenda of Queen Esther. What is the bait that is gradually and seductively taking you out of the pathway of destiny to that existence-evaporating zones? Desist before you get caught by the hook of their deadly traps!
Baits can cheaply make a noble warrior become wounded and a harmless beast (a toothless dog that cannot bite)- Read also love or lust.

As mighty as Samson was, he was never caught by his enemy until the bait of Delilah was introduced; Gehazi had been a loyal servant not until the bait of wealth (material things) was introduced through the mighty warrior called Namam to pull him out of the right pathway; Man never fell not until the bait of knowledge was introduced to them by the serpent; no mighty man can easily he captured without getting hold of his strength via his weakness. Read also Enemy within

Note that enemies within you that you have deliberately left untreated or unattended to can introduce fuel needed to set your destiny ablaze by those looking for you.

How do identify baits

Baits directly appeal to the weakness of the targeted animals; it fuels their passion to increase its capability. It usually seeks the consent of the weakness of the prey to destroy its hosts, therefore, it becomes easy for a spotted victim to be entrapped. Note that when your weaknesses are still dominant in you, nobody can destroy you except you or without your consent. Baits only hire your internal agents (weaknesses) to deliver you to their prepared traps.



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