Foundation of Reproach 6

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The process of decoding the encrypted problems begin with asking questions of “why,” why do great men with great visions and intentions fall into web of challenges that hastily make them lose focus or zeal to pursue their intentions? Note that an average African man is an idolater or has an idolatry background atrocities are usually being committed in order to fulfil their necessary rituals and these had indirectly sold us out legally to the one we professed to serve, but many only claim not to be following the paths again, whereas, we refused to repent of the evil we’ve done. You cannot fight the devil with his weapon and conquer him.

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The first process of deliverance from and foundation of reproach is absolute repentance. Go for a genuine repentance (confess and forsake) and cry for mercy. If you hold on to your right by saying that I never committed sin, therefore, I cannot be punished for it, you will linger in reproach. Note that it was David that directly wronged king Saul but the song of the people of Israel after the battle made David became king Saul’s target.

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In order to obtain absolute forgiveness, you need to forget your right and do what is right- repentance process begins with acknowledging that you’re wrong. The reason devil could cheaply deal with many believers and go unpunished is sin and this usually makes man unprotected. The moment you repent of your sin, you automatically acquire God’s backing which makes it easy yo fight the devil. Note that the reason devil could deal with you is as a result of your self-acclaimed righteousness and unrepentant heart which has outrightly caused division between you and God.

The greatest weapon in the armour of the enemy is fear to render a warrior incapacitated and to cheaply submit their authority and this is usually caused by sin. It is an aberration from norms to bite the fingers that feed you and if you survive by the channel created for you by the devil or the ones adopted by your predecessors which was actually from the devil, then, it will be difficult if not impossible, to confront the devil.

Devil has no authority upon any creature of the lord but many cheaply submitted the authority over them to him out of fear and deceits. If you are not after the devil, he is after you.

After a genuine repentance had been done, it’s high time you confronted your mountain but you cannot confront your mountain naked but with armour. The one you are about to confront also releases deadly missiles. Confronting your mountain is not tantamount to being rude to authorities, for we wrestled not against flesh and blood (physical confrontation is not the first stage of taking authority) but bringing to obedience every power or ordinance that is contrary to the manifestation of the knowledge of God.

Paul confronted Elymas the sorcerer; Moses confronted Pharaoh; Gideon confronted the idols of the land; Elijah confronted the prophets of Bald but all was done with God assurance of support.

No warrior dares turn his back at his enemy and end up being declared a victor; he will utterly be destroyed. Everyday on earth manifests the fiery darts of the wickedness in the darkness and high places of the world and the only way to quench it is to put on the whole armour of the lord. Note that every instrument of war given by the lord is not situated at the back of a warrior but the front, therefore, if you turn your back at your enemy, despite the weapon of war with you, you are liable to be destroyed. These instrument of war are:

Belt of truth

If any life seems disorganized, it is because the truth is yet to be known. Until a man knows the truth, nothing will seem to work for him. The only difference between a failure and a success is the amount of truth they have even though they pursue the same goal. Note that little exploit will you be able to do in your quarter until you know the hidden truth- truth puts life in shape and order. A soldier cannot go to war without wearing his belt except he wants to cheaply sacrifice his life.

You cannot fight the devil ignorantly and win. Belt will hold your attire of war tight and firmly. Truth empowers man and gives him the audacity to confront his long range fiends that operate as friends with him but when the truth remains hidden, everything will seem to be normal. When you do know what you’re worth, it will be very easy to settle for anything that comes your way. If the devil had been accusing you wrongly, then you must know what is right in order to stand for your right (what belongs to you). You don’t beg the devil for your right, you are to fight him but align yourself with God. If you do not know your right, you will be automatically subjected to a lesser version of what belongs to you



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